This afternoon, Eli and I checked out Shardlands [$0.99]. It's billed as an atmospheric puzzle game and that seems pretty on point. In the game, play as a person who wakes up in some sort of magical cave and is tasked by a talking spirit with collecting shards that, for some reason, have the power to transport you to other caves. Shards can also give you magical powers, like say, telekinesis, which comes in pretty handy whenever you need to construct makeshift bridges out of platforms.

One of the coolest things we've observed in Shardlands so far is that you can't attack enemies. You have to run from them. It'll be interesting to see as we continue to play if the non-violence continues. Not many games explore this.

Anyway, we've got a chunk of game available for viewing below. See if it clicks with you. It has certainly grabbed us, at least.

  • Words of Ivory

    This is honestly one of the most refreshing games I've seen on the mobile format in a while. Definitely buying it.

  • runliketurtles

    Not sure how good a game can be if they can't be bothered to discuss the game and instead spend much of the time talking about Dishonored instead.

    • defred34

      Welcome to TouchArcade my friend! They're known to be like this. There was a game a month ago (God of Blades) where they kept on talking about other things...turned out the game got a 5 star rating here!

    • metalsquid

      They do that in most of the TA Plays videos. Kinda annoying but, it's their show. Even when a game is amazing, they spend most of the video rambling on about something else, eg. TA Plays Polara. So don't let their ADD-like musings affect your judgement of how engaging a game is or isn't. In their defense though, I don't think these are meant to be gameplay review videos, rather it's them just shooting the breeze with a video game playing in the background.

  • Tropxe

    Well it just looks like endlessly doing the same non-puzzle of moving a metal platform to form a bridge, and sometimes having to tread on highlighted blocks to make them drop so you can keep on moving the bridge. Incredibly tedious looking.

    • Tropxe

      Oh, and it appears to be equally repetitive graphically. The same rectangles laid out to form linear walkways, like a world made out of generically bump mapped Dominoes. "Atmospheric" makes me think of something like ICO or Silent Hill, not a repetitive, bland, 1-tone walkway.