Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with He-Man: The Most Powerful Game In The Universe. It's aside-scrolling action game that puts you in the shoes of He-Man and tasks you with killing lots (and lots) of skeletons across a variety of levels, each of which rolls with a specific theme. The end goal is to defeat Skeletor, since he's evil. Or something like that. Was there ever a reason for He-Man to beat up Skeletor?

Anyway, we've got footage of the game in action below. A note on the controls: He-Man uses, essentially, two floating d-pads. On the left-side of the screen, you control the direction He-Man walks. On the right, you tap to activate attacks.

He-Man The Video Game will be available later tonight, as the game worms its way around the rest of the world. We should add that if you dug the show, this is probably going to be your jam. It appears pretty faithful to the style and tone of it.

  • Bool Zero

    I have the POWER!!!... To buy this at midnight!

    • Greyskull

      You think you do. But what power do you have without me? I deserve a promo code, thankyouverymuch.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/7MNECFELUJOJLCEHMMBL2WKK7M Trunks

    "How retroactively can you indict your parents for child abuse?". That made me laugh SO hard. Great TA Plays video very funny, only thing missing was a reference to the fact that He-Man's brother is Deadpool's cousin. Game looks interesting though I might pick this one up.

  • ImJPaul


    • ImJPaul

      While my above comment is still true. After watching this I'm

      • ImJPaul

        (Continued from above cuz I pushed post on accident. Whoops) not so sure about this. I noted the repetitive animations and the fact that you can't go backwards on levels PLUS spikes don't hurt you?! Seems a bit too easy and a bit repetitive. Ill be too busy with NY Zombies 2 and Dodonpachi to even play this game anyways.

  • araczynski

    stopped at the store part.  graphics look bad, choppy, limited.  i'll venture to guess that all that was conveniently intentional, to give it an 80's look/feel or something.  yay.

    sorry chillingo, not even if it hits free will i give up my RL time for this.

  • Gamer_Kev

    Nice, I used to watch the cartoon when I was a kid. I wonder if there's any chance of it supporting iCade controls.

  • nonstickron

    Loved He-Man as a kid. Still hum the theme song to myself from time to time. I'll dump some time into this...When I can get it for free. 

    • Greyskull

      Despite my screen name, Many Faces was my fav. Him and the floating wizard imp thing.

      • nonstickron

        Yeah, him and cyclops were awesome. I remember getting some of the toys for christmas and being absolutely in LOVE with the way they smelled, of all things. lol

      • NeonGreenKermit

        I think it was the mildly toxic paint & chemicals they used back in the 80's. A few of the toys used to make me come out with rashes - Moss Man, in particular, who was sprayed with some weird perfume. I still loved them though, but my parents used to make me play with them in food bags so I didn't get an allergic reaction. True story bro.

        Also, Hordak & co were waaaaaaay cooler than Skeletor & gang. They were better made too. I know this because I've just found a whole bunch of them and sorting out the best ones to keep for my son, and which to give away. Hordak was mint.

  • JJE

    Yea I was a he-man fan but I'm left cold by this. His legs are too stubby for starters. Limited sprite animation. Mobs I'm quite sure never made the series. Chilingo cash in.

    • nonstickron

      Quite sure? Or kinda sure? Maybe you should go watch all the episodes and break it down point by point for us. Make sure they're not hiding in a She-ra crossover episode.

    • NeonGreenKermit

      I'm disappointed that it doesn't look exactly like the cartoon. They used to re-use the same cell animations for most of the scenes, would have been easy and so funny if they did the same for the game, giving it that authentic look.

      • nonstickron

        Read the story on Polygon about the development of it...might change your mind.

  • Rusothil

    More like the most powerful game in my pocket!

  • thesidewaystable

    When's comming tonight

  • Professionalbum

    Since I'm older I'm eagerly awaiting The Banana Splits video game...

    • Professionalbum

      Actually for .99 cents ill most likely pick this up and avoid the money hose(or is it ho's Brad?).

  • Chefbot

    Even though I never watched the TV show (being born in 92 and what have you), I'll probably pick this up when the game gets reviewed.

  • meatz666

    Does it sports the original soundtrack? Because it would be instabuy for me. But with generic songs and gameplay, I'll probably pass....

  • jitterhitter

    Remember Square was the first to make a He-Man game it was FF9 and Orco was the main character........ Oh wait that was ViVi. My bad.

  • nonstickron

    I don't understand why the guys hate on this so much in the TA Plays, and laud so much praise on Punch Quest. The stuff the guys complain about in this game also seem present in that one, primarily the limited/stiff animations. Not knocking Punch Quest, I love it. Just saying...seems inconsistant. Both games seem to grow in that regard with time and unlocks. 

    This game is obviously meant to be an 80s style side-scroll action game with cool re-imagined (often happens when a new artist is responsible for churning it out)  over the top (I love he-man's tiny legs) artwork.