Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with Jumping Finn Turbo [$0.99], an Adventure Time-themed "fling" game that stars the cast and crew of the show. In the game, you'll be tasked with flinging Finn across a vaguely arctic environment. As Finn flies, he'll collect points that can used to level up his speed and jump. Later, you'll be able to unlock characters that'll juggle Finn, keeping him in the air for longer.

Unlike, say, Burrito Bison, there's no ground game in Jumping Finn Turbo. Once you smash the ground, that's just about it. On the other hand, there's much more player agency in Jumping Finn. With a press of a button, you can summon Jake to blast you higher in the air or, at the last second, give you a slight boost before you smash the ground. It's a neat touch.

Anyway, here's a look if you want to see it in action. Maybe it'll click with you.

  • Stustaff

    Been enjoying this MUCH better than burrito bison IMO.
    I like the different abilities and the fact that some require you to do certain things, the penguins that you have to kill with a tap are a good idea and make each play much more interesting.

    The progression is also done very well.

    My favourite game of this type by far.

  • ducksFANjason

    These games always remind me of an app called A Christmas Santa. That game is awesome. It plays similarly but you actually control your glide which really adds another layer of depth. I play it every Christmas!

  • Stustaff

    Ok now listened and the guys are a little hard on it IMO I hope they do a review!

    It does have an end which i like. It is THEN endless there seem a lot of upgrades and there are but the progression is great and just right.

    The nice touch is different objects need different reactions as a player! Eg rapid tap when catch a comet to jump up and ride it which takes you higher, if you grab the birds you have to individually tap all 5 to get the maximum lift.

    If reviewed this SHOULD get a better score than bison thing.

    I do agree that sound could be better but again maybe the same quotes repeated would get annoying quickly.

    I'd recommend this game if you like this game type! But if your just an AT fan and not particularly liking this game type don't bother.

  • jeffyg3

    Kind of interested in this game, at least there's no cash based IAP, so it looks safe for now. Guess ill wait for some more reviews on this.

    Also, just watched my first episode of Adventure Time today and now I want to work for the studio that makes the cartoons. Imagine being high all the time and drawing cartoons for a living, what a life 😀

  • Benegesserit

    It's very fun but very short. Considering the amount of content and polish you can get from some 99c apps I expected a lot more. I don't regret my purchase but I'm only going to recommend it to fans of the show.

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    Another TA Plays???  My life has meaning again!

  • moshgra

    The dogs name is Jake! The Internet is mad!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aaron.marroquin.106 Aaron Marroquin

    If you are a fan of the show, I recommend it highly. Or of the genre. I am enjoying it very much. I like the sense of progression and the luck factor.