Stainless Games has updated its free-roam murder simulator Carmageddon [Free / Free] with an actual technical fix for the save data loss issue, presumably making it safe to play again.

Earlier the other week, users started complaining about losing all their save data in Carmageddon. Stainless quickly identified the issue as a Game Center bug and offered a doozy of a fix that involved having the game's users doing Airplane Mode and task bar voodoo.

This update theoretically has just solved the problem straight-up, but we're not so sure if people are getting their lost data back as they update. Signs seem to point to "no," which is probably a bummer for anyone that really attacked the game in the wee hours of its release. At least you had fun, though, right?

  • Andy Poes

    too bad the game's not that much fun :/

    • Santiago Ontanon

      WHAT?! It is actually even more fun that I remembered! I have been playing almost constantly since it came out, and it is unbelievably fun. 

    • kazikian

      How dare you talk ill of Carmageddon? 😉

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Actually i missed this game before, but now i found it really enjoyable.
    The only problem is the "kill all peds" win condition, there are faar too much ped, it cost half an hour tomkill them all, and if you have bad luck, you cant reach the last ped (they were in a loop in the island map) and you waste all 30minutes ina single map what is 99.9% done, but failed. Its annoying

  • Nicholas Pollender

    Even if I lost my savegame, I don't mind playing it again. I love the first level so much and I'm glad that I can still abuse the stadium for easy money: I slowly get in the stadium without killing any peds. I drive left to the top corner of the stadium. In this corner there is an electro-bastard thing. I make sure to collect that powerup while drving backwards so I can start going forward as soon as I get the powerup. I then drive near the entire football teams and then the supporters outside the stadium. If there's any time left for the powerup, I go down the road in front of the stadium electrifying peds on the sidewalk. This normally nets enough money to buy 2 of the first upgrades!

    • riChchestMat

      In the PC version I think there was a car you can steal with a permanent electro bastard ray. I'm saving my kill all peds runs for that.

      • kazikian

        According to my friend, it's in this version too.