It hasn't been hard to get into the Steam Mobile beta, but if you couldn't for some reason here's some good news: Steam Mobile [Free] is now accessible to anyone with an actual Steam account.

Word of this comes courtesy of the app's latest update notes. Which, by the way, in addition to opening up the platform, Version 1.1 of Steam Mobile sees a lot of needed stability tweaks, including better menu rendering. Also, the app now supports iPhone 5's big screen.

Steam Mobile lets you chat with your friends, buy or pre-order games, and check out the latest Steam news among other, mostly community-driven things. If you're deep in the PC scene, it's a pretty cool tool to have. Check it out.

  • Charles Albert

    so nice to control my steam downloads remotely ๐Ÿ™‚

    • KenGriffeyIII

      Woah woah back the train up can control downloads with it?! I poked around the app after reading this comment and can't figure out how to do that. I've only used the app to get summer sale games in those little 4-8 hour windows when I wasn't near my computer.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Still not universal..... ๐Ÿ™

  • ducksFANjason

    I guess I'm not in the loop on this one, but for a second I thought this was an app that was going to contain select Steam games to PLAY on iPhone. I was about to say that Apple had lost it's mind to allow Steam to just waltz into their territory... But I suppose a Steam companion app is pretty cool too!

    • Firetruck94

      That would be freakin epic

    • DA_iv

      That was my first thought, too.

    • that_guy

      Maybe they could create a "SteamPad"... That would be amazing!

      • ducksFANjason

        That would be awesome but Apple would never allow it. Why would they let consumers have access to a NEW store on their device? It would sort of be like competition to the app store. Alas, this is likely the most we'll see of Steam on iOS IMO.

    • JJE

      Until you can supply steam games on my iPad they can talk to the hand.

    • Shadowking2214

      Yeah I would love to play left 4 dead 2 on my iPod,or team fortress 2

    • araczynski

      isn't the higher end window tablet capable of running anything that's capable of running on windows 8? including steam?

  • lr1919

    I've been using splashtop 2 to play my steam games remotely on my iPad. Not seamless, but it works for point and click games like Civ 5...

  • mguniverse

    I'm pretty sure it was already open to everyone, but whatever man!

    • Hampus Jensen

      Yea I've had it on my phone for ages and it has been working for me, didn't think it was in some kind of beta?

  • Chaz Tyldsley

    Still waiting on an iPad version...