We've been chomping at the bit for Epic's Infinity Blade: Dungeons ever since it was announced at Apple's new iPad media event back in March, and based on the numbers from the upcoming game tracking built into the TouchArcade app [Free], all of you out there have been dying to get your hands on it as well.

Unfortunately, as AllThingsD has learned, Infinity Blade: Dungeons won't be hitting anytime this year, and an Epic representative won't go beyond just saying that the game will release sometime "in 2013", citing the difficulties of bringing a new development team, Impossible Studios, onto the project and the logistics of getting them up and running as reasons for the delays. Impossible Studios was formerly Epic Baltimore, which itself was initially made up of some former employees of 38 Studios after that company basically imploded earlier this year.

It's not just the logistics of bringing Impossible onto the project, but also the fact that the team has a ton of fresh ideas that they're trying to implement as well, so as much as it sucks waiting for something as highly-anticipated as Infinity Blade: Dungeons I'm confident that it will be a better game for it in the long run.

Did that positive pep talk help ease the pain? I didn't think so. I'm just as bummed as you are, but hang in there and we can get through this together. Make sure to check out our hands-on impressions of the game from E3, and of course get in on the discussion in our forums, and we'll let you know just as soon as we hear anything more about the release of Infinity Blade: Dungeons.

[AllThingsD, thanks to Jarod for the Tip!]

  • http://twitter.com/QWERTYtheBold Brandon

    This comment thread is going to explode in anger... At least I think it will..

  • Firetruck94



    I had a feeling something like this was coming.

  • agentblank

    Yes! This is the best thing to happen ever!

  • ducksFANjason

    At the risk of being exiled from the TA community, I'll admit that I haven't played IB2 yet. It's just sitting on my iphone amidst the plethora of other games in my ever-expanding "Next2Play" list. I guess I have more time to get to it now

    • Bool Zero

      It took a while for me to get around to it too, so don't feel bad! I will admit though, it does become addicting, especially how it unfolds and opens up the world the more you play it. It is a game that really makes you want to play it again and again, more so than the first which I will admit didn't grab me nearly as much as IB2!

  • Bool Zero

    Boo! Hiss! *lights pitchfork on fire and shakes torch in the air!*

    Oh, wait, I'm doing it wrong...

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    it's better to have a good game tomorrow than a crap-buggy-freemium-sh!t today.
    Or isnt it, EA?

    I will wait for it ChAIR, keep the good work up and 

  • ImJPaul

    Soooooo angry. I knew they were gonna do something like this. Welp. Glad I spent $750 on a brand new iPad to play this game. If they optimize this for the next iPad something in this world will be badly injured because of it.

    • Furtin

      Sooooo, you spent 750$ to play this game? And you are angry?

      What's wrong with this world?

  • seniorgustavo

    OH dear.. Breaks ma heart :*( LOL bloody hell

  • lr1919


  • JJE

    The fact is that IB is in my top three anticipated games but it's at #3.
    I have fears that it will look like a sweeping D3 like game but in reality will be an arena brawler like the previous IBs. In other words, move the camera back, fix the things it's breaks by doing that, rinse & repeat the IB trope.
    Don't get me wrong I fully expect to buy it on launch. I just don't care that the launch has been put off until next year.
    More excited over Star Command (talk about the agony of waiting) and Baldur's Gate.
    So fine IB, take your time. It will be a fun diversion once the madness of the holidays at the OFAP's house dies down.

    • ducksFANjason

      I'm anticipating Star Command and Baldur's Gate more than this too! This looks good, but I have a feeling that those 2 games will consume my life at launch

      • Bool Zero

        Ditto the ditto! Can't wait for either of those two and they are admittedly much higher on my want list than this game!

  • JCman7

    2013 is not too far away! Hey it's something to look forward to! (Trying to stay positive!)

    • agentblank

      After 5 months of nothing this is very dissapointing

      • ImJPaul

        7 months*

      • JCman7

         very true but like I said trying to stay positive here...its very hard though

  • Edward Vaillancourt

    The next 6 to 12 months are going to dramatically impact mobile platforms. With Win 8/RT entering the scene, Apple and Google are going to have to start stepping up their collective game to stay competitive. I'm not trying to start a "Apple is going to fail" or "Google can't compete" post, so please keep a leash on your inner fanboi. I'm simply pointing to what "will" happen when a powerful player enters the arena.

    Adding MS to the competition means serious shifts, but it more than likely will fuel rapid development and deployment of new tech (e.g., faster chips, better devices, quicker roll outs, etc.). Who knows what will be the best device in a year from now.

    Epic better hope that Apple can keep up. Personally, I think Apple has peaked. That's not to say it's going to tank quickly. It probably still has a lot more miles on the gauge. Still, the monopoly is over. Microsoft isn't going to let their tablet efforts follow in the same direction of the Zune. Even if the Surface turns out to be a lemon, it's the OS that is the real threat, not the device it's running on. Win 8 is a serious threat to iOS. Only a fool would doubt that.

    I really want to play this game, but if Win 8 pans out then I may not be here to play it.

    • IMNS

      Only a fool would make such a pointless post. No one really cares if you'll be here to play this game next year. Nor do they care about your (or anyone else's for that matters) opinion of who has peaked and who'll be the winner next year. If win8 turns out to be a winner, they'll just buy windows tabs instead of iPads or whatever is the best option for them at that time. And no, your post about how win8 will beat iOS on a blog post for an upcoming iOS game won't be the reason behind this decision.

      • Unperson

        You're entitled to your opinion and I respect that; even if you seemed to be overly hostile. The point of my comment was that Epic picked a bad time to delay a game that a great deal of people are interested in. Infinity Blade 1 & 2 are the poster children of iOS gaming. That's not to say that there aren't other equally impressive games out there on the platform, but still.. ..these two Epic titles showed the world (more than any other title) that iDevices can be taken seriously with regard to gaming. Infinity Blade: Dungeons can do that again; if released "now"

        Win 8 is going to struggle till it finds its legs, but a lot of eyes are going to be on it. It wouldn't hurt to have another jewel from Epic arrive on the scene at the same time to show all those interested in Win 8, that Apple still has a lot of gas still in the tank. If Epic waits too long to release this third offering, it's arrival will make less of a splash.

        P.S. If you're this angry while Apple is still king of the hill, I wonder how "socio" you'll be when they stumble. By the way, I don't think any one entity will cause the fall of Apple. The only thing that will bring down Apple, is Apple. It will be the decisions that they make and the directions they take that will determine their future. I've scene Apple implode before (last century) and the reasons why it happened is repeating itself. Specifically, their intense desire to create a gated community where they profit on every single hard and soft purchase.

      • IMNS

        Did you even read my reply? I said "no one cares". And you somehow concluded that it meant "I seriously care about apple/iOS performance"?
        Seriously? What are you smoking? I want some of that too.

        Also, Epic "picked" the wrong time to delay IB:D huh? Could you be any more clueless?

      • Unperson

        Somebody needs a huuuuuuug!

      • IMNS

        Clueless as ever.

      • Unperson


      • ducksFANjason

        I'm not saying I agree or disagree one way or the other, but devs rarely "choose" to delay a game just to do it. They have their reasons I'm sure so what does it matter if it's a bad time to delay it or not?

  • MarkyMarc

    I'll take this one off my Watch List. Guess I'll just be surprised when it's finally released sometime in 2013. At least it should be more of an improved game if they're spending more time working on it.

  • SystemX

    So what is the best near IB:D game that I can get my fix from until then?
    I have beat the Dungeon Hunter series through the nose. What is the next best suggestion?

    Thanks All!

    • Bliquid

      I tried it for a short time, so i'm not 100% confident, but you could try Heroes Call, it's free.
      As for the news, i expected this, since they have been a li'l too quiet about.
      Tbh, i thought they were going to cancel it, so i guess it's good news to me.

      ... I'm lying.
      Epic, i hate you.
      ( goes in the darkest corner of the house and cries himself to sleep)

    • JRaynor

      Orc vengeance

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=530321005 Yannick Lange

    This sucks.... big time... nothing less...

  • medicalbenko

    I have mixed feeling, I mean its great that the game has more time to develop and the team can implement more content into the game, but at the same time I really wanted to play this. Oh we'll, there are still plenty of awesome games out now to keep me busy well enough to the next year 🙂 keep up the hard work guys!!!!

    • medicalbenko


  • B30

    So, they will add some zombies, huh?

    • sebgo

      Omg! Best reply ever! xD

  • http://twitter.com/jaolen Alan Baldwin

    Let's hope this is more of a World of Warcraft(original) delay and less Daikatana delay.

  • guitarlife

    I am very disappointed ! I buy the new iPad just because I see this game video running on new iPad ~ I can't wait!

  • MicroByte

    In time for the new new iPad maybe?

  • Dark NRG

    Impossible Studios/ Vapor Studios...same difference. App-tly named

  • cyberpyrot

    there trying to figure out how to get the in ap purchase for level ups

  • araczynski

    good thing they took it back to the operating floor, judging by that trailer its 'meh' at best.

  • xepiczx


    • xepiczx

      Wait sorry about that epicskatenyc I have auto type on so when I type in epic that comes up so its faster to come up so I meant to say epic not epicskatenyc

      • sebgo

        "f***youautocorrect"? 🙂

  • JohnnyJ301

    What I can't play this game soon..... That means I have to actually talk to people and get outside ?????

    • E_7

      No no, don't be silly, nothing as drastic as that.

      There are still plenty of other fantastic games available to fuel all the antisocial tendencies you want.

      • JohnnyJ301


        You do know my original post was sarcastic but I'm sure yours is too.

      • sebgo

        It was so normal for me, I didn't notice the sarcasm xD

  • B3nlok

    Nice. Looking forward for another IB:D live demo on iPad 4 event.
    Seriously, Apple is the one to blame by showcasing this game so early that was nowhere close to be  finished  and they knew the game would not come out at least  till end of 2012.

  • drewpoc

    Seriously?...it's not apples problem. If you want to be part of an apple event, have your stuff together. They're we're many games launched the day of iPad 3 release. This is on the developer, hopefully they're not part of iPad 4 keynote. And maybe other developers will pay attention to this companies failure, maybe start optimizing more games for devices released and stop displaying unreleased coverage

  • wingz


    • sebgo

      C'mon! Let it all out! You'll feel better.. 🙂

      ...or angrier?

      • wingz


      • wingz

        ??wait?? Why am "I" mad this game will most likely not even support my device!?!?!?

  • NeonGreenKermit

    What a shame, I really expected better from the devs. Clearly, it's being optimised to run on upcoming hardware, and like many others here, one small reason I even upgraded to an iPad 3 was to play this game in its full glory.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      You expected better from them than to take the time to release the game at 100% when it's totally ready to ship instead of rushing it out to meet some assumed release date? Something tells me if this was a "Well, Infinity Blade: Dungeons is out but it feels totally unfinished" post you'd have things to say about that too. 😉

      • NeonGreenKermit

        You're clearly missing the point, which is that they promoted the iPad 3 specifically as the machine they've optimised their game for. Like many here, I can't afford a shiny new iDevice every year, and was hoping to the hit the crest of the next IB game with this iPad - playing this 'killer app' was a major contributing factor as to why many of us shelled out for this generation, and now we learn its not even going to optimised for it? It's difficult to jump to any other conclusion, especially now the A6 is out there. The result is that we feel somewhat cheated by Chair, or at least I do. Of course, it will undoubtedly run on A5 and A5X devices, but as anyone with an iPad 1 and has tried playing IB2 knows, every generation counts, and Chair are unkind to anything but the current gen. It would be like opening a new Disney World theme park promising a killer ride, letting people pay entry, and then when they're inside announcing its under construction 'to be the best it can be'. How would you feel? Would you say 'oh well, I'll come back in a few years when I can afford the ticket again'? You'd be annoyed, and rightfully so. Maybe IB:D isn't all that, and maybe it was playing like junk, but its not like Chair are new to games design, nor the concept of delivering in a timeframe. Torchlight 2 is a great example - Runic missed their schedule, but fought tooth and nail to get it out before the end of the year on a low budget with few staff. The fact that Chair are not bothered about getting it finished before Christmas sales clearly shows they couldn't care less about the current gen, and I'm sure Apple are happy that they'll motivate their next device's sale. It's made me wary about buying 'for' an app ever again, and certainly about Chair. They certainly didn't promise IB:D would deliver, but it's quite odious to me that they used the iPad 3 event as a platform at all. Trust has been broken.

    • NeonGreenKermit

      On the plus, I just remembered that I have Torchlight 2, which is fifty times better than IB:D and Diablo 3 will ever be combined.

  • CrAzY12StEvE

    I've been playing Infinity Blade 2 religiously to get pumped for Dungeons. I have even been playing it more than my Xbox/PC. 🙁

  • KoRoV


  • vesp67

    Hmmm..... I've been waiting forever! Just plz make the wait worth it epic!

  • MikeDG00

    Doesn't matter. Me no hav ipad, only itouch 4 :I

    • vesp67

      It'll probably be playable on the iPod touch, just not as good graphics

  • gadget593

    I bought Infinity Blade 1 & 2 on sale and have been waiting to play them until I finished Dungeons…