We have been riding high on our recent coverage of True Axis's upcoming skateboarding game True Skate, and without many similar games to compare to naturally we've been drawing parallels between it and the original fingerboarding iOS game Touchgrind [$4.99 / $7.99 (HD)] from Illusion Labs.

While Touchgrind is one of my all-time favorites, its strictly top-down viewpoint made it tough to really see what you were doing, something they rectified with a more 3rd-person perspective in their follow-up Touchgrind BMX [$4.99], and that's something True Skate also employs to great effect.

Well, Illusion Labs isn't content with letting other skating games horn in on their territory, as they announced on their Twitter account today that Touchgrind 2 is a thing that's currently in the works at their studio.

What I'm curious about is if this new Touchgrind will use the same perspective as the first game, pull things back for a 3rd-person perspective, or try something entirely new. One thing's for sure, and that's that Illusion Labs makes excellent games, and the first Touchgrind is an App Store classic, so I'm more than a little excited to hear more about the sequel.

Unfortunately there's literally no other details except for that tweet, but we'll be sure to follow-up and bring you any more news on Touchgrind 2 as we get it.

  • swarmster

    I'm sure that after Touchgrind BMX worked out they started back in on a more behind-the-back Touchgrind follow-up. Probably a little annoyance there that they're getting beaten to the punch.

    Either way, I'll personally probably be waiting on these until one implements a little more of a Tony Hawk style levels/goals/exploration/gaps/challenges system. I'm not sure I'm so into skating that the whole sandbox thing would hook me for long.

  • lr1919

    I'm sure True Axis is thrilled to read this a week before their release...

    • http://twitter.com/trueaxis True Axis

      Nah, I feel sorry for illusions laps, because they have to compete with True Skate now, and we are only charging $1.99. I'll be interested to see what illusion labs do different this time and whether any ideas from True Skate come across;) Either way  I expect they will do well.

      • agentblank

        Your game looks awesome, but I loved touchgrind. So the obvious solution, get both!

      • jar0d

        Good answer. Can't wait for true skate. Keep up the good work!!

      • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

        Actually Touchgrind was too hard to be enjoyable for me. So i don't even bought them for iOS. But your True Skate will be an instant buy for me.

        But please, don't forget to add game center support for Jet Car Stunts 🙂
        And MAYBE an iCloud, it it not too much work.

  • Matthew Rossman

    You have GOT to be kidding me... it's like a battle of the finger-board games, and the concept's gonna get old if it gets overused...

    • riggysmalls

      There is a huge amount of room for growth in this category. Touchgrind is missing so much and I hope True Skate capitalizes on this. This genre hasn't even been scratched yet and you say it's going to be overdone? Have you seen the number of Endless Runners out there? How about Tower Defenses? Racing Games? Now name the physics based skateboarding games: Touchgrind, True Skate (soon), EA Skate It (terrible).

      I am excited for both of these and can't wait to see how the gameplay compares. If either of them can pull off transition skating halfway decently it will soon be my most played game.

      • Matthew Rossman

        Well yeah, I find all of those genres to be way overdone, but I was just in utter shock that a game of such an obscure genre would have direct competition so nearly to its release. It'd be like if some company came out with a really strange looking, single-finger bus driving game where you played as a polar bear, and when it was almost released Blinkbat games announced Enviro-bear 2012 or something. Really bizarre.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Well, Touchgrind came out 4 year ago, and it was a big success. So I imagine a proper sequel was already a plan for some time now. I just wonder if the impending release of True Skate spurred Illusion Labs to officially mention there was a sequel in the works. Also, for all we know Touchgrind 2 could be a long ways off.

        I do think it's strange it took this long for a real competitor to Touchgrind to come along, though.

  • ImJPaul

    Illusion labs probably saw true axis' plans to invade their territory and were looking to do something else so there game probably pretty much chose itself. Both look great. You just know that illusion labs' version of the genre is gonna be so much more stylish and entertaining though. However, True Skate looks pretty good itself.

  • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

    First: Upgrade the Touchgrind mac version with the same improvements what iOS version wad in the last update. Also add gamecenter support to it.

    Second: Blash A Way will be the iPhone's portal game if u guys make it Co-op multiplayer. Just think of it...

  • abodi

    One thing I know about illusion labs is that they barely update there apps. Whatever you see in the initial release is pretty much all you will see.

    • riggysmalls

      This is really true. They almost never add content especially.

    • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

      Really? I count 12 updates for Touchgrind since it came out. Sure some of those are maintenance/bug fix type updates, but they added customizable boards, Game Center, Retina and iPhone 5 support, and a bunch of other things.

      Same thing with Labyrinth 2, Touchgrind BMX, and they aded a ton of levels to Sway after it came out. Not sure where you're coming from with that comment.

      • abodi

        I bought touch grind like 2 years ago and they have not added any sort of content In that time, certainly nothing of any significant value.

        Touch BMX added a level or 2 but then that ls it.

        I've never played any of those other games, so maybe I'm talking out my ass. But it's certainly true from my experience with their apps and at least one other person agrees.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Well, I wouldn't really expect any game to be getting significant content updates 2 years after release 🙂

        Don't get me wrong, I love this digital gaming age and get super excited when games I like get updated with cool new things. But I feel lucky to get it, not entitled to get it. When I buy a game I buy it for the game it is at that time, not what I hope it MIGHT become with updates.

        Anyway, Illusion Labs is one of those companies that take their time with making games, and typically there's very little issues when they do release something. Unlike some games that get released as buggy messes just because they know they can always update it to fix things.

        Seems like most people are always begging devs to "release a full-featured game for one single fair price!" in response to the freemium craze, and Illusion Labs does just that, so it seemed weird to see them getting picked on.

      • riggysmalls

        These seem more like maintenances than update to me. At least for touchgrind. There has been no content that changed or added to the gameplay in any way.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        I don't agree, adding Game Center totally changed how I played this game and pretty much reignited my love for it as I competed for high scores.

        But anyway that's not even my point. The point is, what were you expecting when you bought it? Do you feel that every game should be updated with free content years after its release? Or at all? Was it not a complete game when you bought it?

        I'm not trying to pick on you guys, I'm honestly curious.

      • riggysmalls

        I hear you and appreciate that view. In today's iOS gaming market I have grown accustomed to developers listening to feedback and implementing updates. My favorite game examples being Bike Baron and all of Rocketcat's games. They consistently listen to feedback, implement changes, and occasionally offer IAP for *mostly cosmetic addons.

        In the case of Touchgrind, I bought it because gameplay videos hooked me and I've been skating for over 10 years. The physics of this game are solid, but the depth of the game is terribly limited. One park, one game mode, one camera angle. It is a $5 non-universal game that has had very little support, other than Game Center (which adds no value to me) or retina (which I do give them kudos for).

        I like the gameplay and I like the concept, but $5 in this market goes a ton further than this game has. It especially irks me that it has so much potential and had so many downloads that they did not do something extraordinary with it. I feel like True Skate will, and I for one cannot wait. If they do have as much with True Skate as has been done with Mountain Sheep's Bike Baron then I am willing to pay $10 easily.

      • http://twitter.com/JaredTA Jared Nelson

        Yeah I see your point. Touchgrind is pretty limited and awkward to play compared to most games. Still love it though 🙂 And I still think Illusion is one of the best iOS developers out there, but yeah we tend to get spoiled with constant free updates to games, so I can see where you're thinking was at.

        On the bright side, if you are a skater I can just about guarantee you'll fall in love with True Skate. I've put hours into it already. Not much to do as far as goals or story but if you like just skating around and trying to do cool looking tricks you'll have limitless fun with it. It isn't perfect, but it's awesome all the same and is really what I always wanted Touchgrind to be.

  • postmodernpilot

    While I really enjoy Illusion Labs games I have found myself playing JCS more than any of them combined. If the same is true with "True Skate" I have my money on True Axis. Both will probably be really cool and hopefully push both developers to push the boundaries! 

  • E=mc2

    Just hope it's 3d this time,true skate is IMO the best most addictive game on the entire store so illusion labs have stiff competition,looking forward to c what they come up with