Look through my game collection and you'll find at least five copies of Mortal Kombat, Doom on assorted media, and more copies of Street Fighter II than Ryu players spam fireballs in a single round. Some games are so nice I've just got to buy them twice. Or more. The iPhone release of Crazy Taxi [Free] marks my fourth foray through the boulevards of Sega's imitation San Francisco, and it's still a pretty good game. Granted, the fun is still somewhat hampered by old design decisions, but Crazy Taxi feels good and whole on mobile.

If you somehow missed the arcade original or one of the multitude of ports over the last 13 years, Crazy Taxi puts you in the driver's seat of a yellow cab. Your job is to whisk your customers away to their intended destinations as speedily as possible to collect the highest fare possible, and you do that by cutting through parks, juking between cars, daring to drive left of center, and breaking every conceivable traffic law -- all to the tune of the original head-banging soundtrack.

You can boost your income in a number of ways as you smash and crash across the city. Performing stunts such as zipping between cars without so much as scuffing their paint and launching your cab off inexplicably placed ramps and buildings earns you extra cash. Some customers request closer destinations than others. The city never changes, so a few rounds of practice (and 13 years of buying the same game numerous times, in my case) should be enough to memorize profitable routes.

Crazy Taxi on iOS packs in all the content found in every other port of the game, ever. You can play arcade or original mode for specified amounts of time, or man up and earn more play time by dumping off more customers. Crazy Box mode offers sets of stunt challenges, and online leaderboards give testament to the world's most suicidal cabbies.

You control your cab using either tilt or touch controls. The touch controls are as good as virtual buttons can be. Sega pared the game down to four buttons: steer left, steer right, drive, and reverse, which doubles as the brake. I only needed a round or two to warm-up before I was swerving around trolleys with relative ease and driving into park benches -- on purpose. The tilt controls, on the other hand, are either too touchy or not touchy enough to give you the precision you need to whip around turns and slip in between traffic to earn stunt bucks.

Crazy Taxi's biggest problem is a recurring one. The navigation arrow claims to point you in the direction of your customer's destination but often mutinies, directing you down one road only to pull a 180 once you comply. The finicky arrow has plagued Crazy Taxi since its quarter-gobbling debut back in 1999, and it will leave a dent in your score until you learn to work around it.

Five bucks is a bit steep for yet another re-release, but Crazy Taxi's iPhone-sized package presents the perfect time-killer while you're waiting for a table, bustling along on the commute to work, or looking for a fun pass-and-play style game with friends. Check it out.

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  • Jawzpro

    Keeps crashing on me

    • http://www.facebook.com/dlcraddock David Craddock

      What platform are you using? I played on my iphone 4 updated to iOS 6 and didn't encounter any problems.

    • Hoggy110

      It crashes whenever I'm try to do arcade, or original, or credits, or the final challenge in Crazy Box.

      I think this bug has something to do with the city loading, and I only know it effects some iPad 1st Gens and iPod Touch 4th Gens..I'm unsure about firmware, I'm running 5.0.1, but I know others that can run in perfectly

      I'm really confused about this and I can't check iTunes reviews (thanks for stuffing up again iTunes)..I'm just eagerly waiting for a bug fix 

    • Jawzpro

      iPod touch 4G iOS 6 I don't see why the game should crash seeing as it does have an A4 chip which should be sufficient to power it.

  • iJoashFoo

    Not released in Singapore for some reason. This is annoying.

    • dubaurora

      It's got people in the game chewing gum

  • raveelement

    not having iphone 5 support is a big WTF, refuse to pay 5$ for this crap. So much better quality content for less out there. I rememer when i paid 10$ for sonic ep1 ios and then it was 1.99 a month later

    • MrAlbum

      Sooooo... Because it isn't slightly wider on the iPhone 5, it is the crappy essence of crappity crap crap that makes E.T. on the Atari 2600 look like a Rembrandt?

      That's a terrible thing to imply, and your tone implied it. So what if it has black borders? PC gamers have had to deal with that in the past, before multiple resolution support became a thing and monitor technology got better. Not to mention Android... they had this a thousand times worse (not sure if they still do). Therefore, even though you do point out a problem that is annoying, I must still verbosically slap you for saying something supremely jerk-ish for no other reason than your apparent angry spite.

      Does the game run fine, otherwise? Yes, apparently. Can the game be fun? Apparently, yes. Therefore, it is up to the customer whether or not to put down a few bucks for some decent entertainment. Yes, knowing if it has iPhone 5 support is important to those who have that device, but there is no need to go off on a tirade about it.

      You see, by communicating your anger, you clouded your own point. You see, if there is emotion present, then that emotion is what people react to first, not your points.

      Or, maybe people act just like idiots and imply emotion where none exists. Either way, it is hella distracting and kills efficient communication.

      I think I've said my piece. I apologize for how strong I sound; I got a little pissed X(

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WPMZXGUE4MJYAKW47IRGWIPIL4 Sam Crown

      This is the most stupid thing I've read! What if the iPhone 5 wasn't a bigger screen? It'd still be crap to you?

    • ltcommander_data

      While it doesn't take much time and effort for you to complain about lack of iPhone 5 support, I imagine it does take time and effort for a developer to add iPhone 5 support. First they have to move their code to the latest XCode 4.5 and updated compilers and do bug testing to make sure that doesn't break their code. Then they have to move from the iOS 5.x SDK to the iOS 6 SDK and do bug testing to make sure that doesn't break things. And then they have to add support for the wider iPhone 5 resolution and bug test to make sure that doesn't cause anomalies. It's not just flipping a switch and uploading it to the App Store. Now if they don't release a patch to add iPhone 5 support within a few weeks I'd be very annoyed.

  • http://twitter.com/pocketpcandgeek Masa

    Are there Original soundtrack of The Offspring like the original version ?

    • http://www.facebook.com/dlcraddock David Craddock

      Yep! The original soundtrack is intact.

  • Daniel

    I'm enjoying the game on my iPad 2 and iPhone 5. Really love the original soundtrack. Kinda sad that there are already cheaters on Gamecenter. Would love iPhone 5 wide screen support and iCloud save game sync. A great quality port. Reward the developers by buying this game.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I'm sorta broke right now, so, I'll have to put this one on my to get list. I've been stuck with only the PS2 version and it's crummy steering since my Dreamcast finally gave up the ghost last year. Glad to hear the virtual controls are tight on this one. Wish they'd add iCade controls though as it would be fun to be able to play this one in the "arcades" again.

  • dasker

    Crazy taxy is brilliant i have amused myself very much with for so that it unloads the bad only thing it is that he needs from internet to be able to use ir.

    • 1Fcm

      wait.... what?

      • rpgmind


  • dasker

    In iphone 4s it traverses perfectly alone that demands coneccion internet

    • 1Fcm

      Im curious, is English your first language? I'm not trying to sound rude by any means, I am truly curious as to what you are trying to say. Have a good day!

      • Zemar

        It looks like some Google translate 🙂

      • ducksFANjason

        Lol seems like you're right. Don't worry, I speak Google Translate, I got this guys:

        Affirmative, the entertain traverse very good as you say. The creations of entertain hopefully again change connection to the online in revision.

      • 1Fcm

        Ok, I gathered that he likes the game, and apparently he hopes the devs will make a change to the online connection thats required to play? Is this right? Does it require an online connection?

        dasker may have actually convinced me to pick this game up.... (having played this before) i wasn't completely sold on diving in yet again.

      • Gamer_Kev

        This has caught my attention too. Maybe I'm confused by what he said but this game doesn't really require a constant Internet connection does it? If it does, it just got removed from my to get list. I have no intention of buying a 13yr old single player game that requires a constant connection.

      • 1Fcm

        That was my first thought too.

  • iJoe85

    I got an iphone 5 and it doesn't work WAAH WAAH WAAAH! 

    My iPad 3 laughs in your face! mwuahaha! 

  • dasker

    Si escribo en español es malo si escribo en ingles también entonces que pretenden?

  • dasker

    1fcm : the game costs a sorrow so acquire it without fear is not going to repent

    • Ernesto

      Hola! Dasker te recomiendo que no uses mucho google translate ya que no es la mejor manera para aprender ingles. Aunque aprecio tu esfuerzo.
      Una traduccion de lo que yo entendi que tu querías decir en ese comentario en ingles es:

      "The game only costs a few dollars so buy it without fear, you won't regret it"

  • lr1919

    Five dollars a bit steep for another reissue, but Crazy Taxi iPhone packet size is a perfect time killer while you wait for a table, along with strong moves.

  • Juan Francisco Roco

    Doesn't work im my IPoud Touch... asked for redund.. I really wanted to play it, so now I will have to find where I left my PSP, Xbox, GC or Dreamcast to play it 🙁

  • dasker

    Gracias ernesto que forma me recomiendas?

  • zebramatt

    This game works great on my iPhone 5!

Crazy Taxi Reviewed by David Craddock on . Rating: 4