Getting lost to Arkane Studios' Dishonored is a problem. For example, instead of writing up this post immediately, we've been playing Dishonored. But getting lost in the game will never be a problem; Its official map app, which displays just about anything you could want, has us covered pretty well.

After grabbing it earlier this morning, Dishonored Official Map App [$2.99] is proving to be a solid companion piece. It has layouts for every level in the game and lists everything that can be collected. As the user, you can also cross off what items you've picked up, so things don't get too messy.

Dishonored, in case you've been hiding in a cave, is a gritty first-person stealth-action game set in a gorgeous steampunk world. It's out now across Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

  • Bool Zero

    Will have to grab this! It's an awesome game!

  • aaronsullivan

    So does it just give everything away or is there some sort of control that makes it so you can't find things unless you've seen them first? I'm guessing it's just a total cheat sheet right?

    • bradnicholson

      cheat sheet. it just pops everything.

  • ducksFANjason

    My god this game (not this app) looks f-ing sick. I want it now! I think I feel a case of I'm-too-sick-to-stay-here-at-work coming on!

  • michaelfields

    I always feel like these map apps should be cheaper. I understand it's an official map and all but why would I spend 3 bucks on the maps when there are plenty of sites that have them for free?

    I'd still like to get it because it looks nice but not unless it drops (which I doubt will happen)

  • Axonometri

    Can any users of this map app give their opinion and some details as to why or why not I should buy and use this?


    • michaelfields

      If I were you I'd play through the game at least once and try to find things yourself. Especially when the whole point of Dishonored is to figure things out on your own. Using any kind of guide (especially a walk through) kind of defeats the purpose of the game which is to be as creative as possible and figure out your own way of doing things.

  • ConceptNormal

    I'll never understand why people buy the game and then something like this? This game is made to explore and the fun is not having your chaperone map with you. You ruin surprises and miss out on the environment itself as it passes by cuz' your just lookin' for where this symbol that represents the item is. Your missing out on a really great environment, tons of surprises and a IMO a really great game you lessen to merely good.

    • michaelfields

      Definitely agreed. If I look at any map it won't be until I've played through the game a few times if there's something I still can't manage to find on my own. I'm definitely taking my time with my first playthrough pouring over every area to try to find anything hidden.

      That's one of the most fun parts of a game like this to me.

      • albinosalad

        These days, who plays through a game more than once?

  • Daniel

    Such Apps, especially when they come from the official game developer, should be free. A companion app for your game (like a Wii U) that you paid for with your game purchase. No extra money milking please. Console games are expensive enough. Advertise it on the game box "download map app" whatever, make your game more attractive, not more expensive.
    Looking forward to the game though, looks awesome.

  • grits

    Dont buy, explore!

  • Doug

    The app is pretty good.  I downloaded it for my iPhone.  As others have already commented, though, I find I don't use it because I would rather explore myself.

  • Jason Vanauken

    drag is there is no in game map, i have no phone at all for personal obsec reasons and i cant find my way around or find anything.