This is neat: Pocket Planes [Free] is coming to the Mac App Store this Thursday, NimbleBit just announced, and it'll launch with cross-platform syncing. So, no matter what platform you play the game on, you'll always be able to resume right where you left off.

If you're into bonuses, there's at least one in the upcoming desktop version of Pocket Planes. NimbleBit tells us that the Mac version rocks an exclusive plane called the X10 Mapple Pro. It's a class 1 plane that can carry two passengers and two cargo. NimbleBit says it's a bit faster and has a little bit more range than the Mohawk.

In celebration, NimbeBit is launching a video series called "Pocket Planes Shorts," the first of which we've included below. A Tiny Tower series is planned as well.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Nice, but can we get a more tablet like iPad view?

    Edit: omg, that video was hilarious!:)

  • Gamer_Kev

    This game is one of the very few freemium titles that I actually like. Nice to see it expanding to other systems. The only Mac that I currently have is an LCII that I occasionally use for classic Mac gaming, but I have been playing around with the idea of getting a mini Mac for some time. If I do, I'll have to grab this one. I can't help wishing that this game wasn't freemium though. Can you imagine how good this game would be if it was a full game like the ones Kairosoft put out?

    • Ceedog48

      Agreed. If this were a paid game with little cutscenes like the one in the video, I'd pay $20 for it in a heartbeat. Also, I'll have to make sure my old 2007 iMac makes the cut for this (it almost definitely won't, seeing as it will probably require something newer than Snow Leopard). Oh well, guess I'm off to spend $59 on RAM so I can boot up a freemium game once for a free plane! Or I could just go to the Apple Store and play with a demo unit...

  • Michél

    OMG yay I'm so excited o/ 

  • Stephen

    Unfortunately it doesn't appear to be actual 'cross-platform syncing' - when I read that, I thought that I would be able to continue the game I'm playing on Android... on my Mac... unfortunately it appears to rely on Game Center/iCloud - so it's cross-platform.... on apple devices only - hopefully that will change in time though!

    • Nils Keesmekers

      Exactly my thought. It really sucks to have different savegames on both my Mac and Android phone...

      I really hope it'll change!