If commands, inputs, or even stability were a problem for you in Lili [$0.99], you might want to give the game a second look. Late last week, creator Bit Monster pushed out a key update that addresses all of the above -- and more. On top of some much-needed better swipe and tap detection and general stability fixes, the patch notes cite "sound improvements" and better enemy balancing as points addressed.

Lili might not be your cup of tea, so it might also be in your best interest to hit up a a review or two before you dive in. In our review, we praise its writing and world-building in addition to its action hook which, if you didn't know, has you plucking flowers from stampeding giants. Also, if you have an iPhone 5 and you're looking for a showpiece, this is definitely it. Check it out:

  • Mekklesack

    I'm glad you brought this up because, even after the update I'm still experiencing bugs, mainly one in Mill Hill where the final Spirit will not spawn and the conversation with the engineer will not progress the story mode. I get the ancillary comments instead of being able to talk to the next person to have the spirit spawn, meanwhile, no matter what, the quest symbol remains over the engineer's house in Mill Hill, on the map and in game. Basically, I cannot proceed. I hope they can fix this game breaking bug in an otherwise fine game in a second update.