Yesterday evening, Eli and I spent some time with the iPhone and iPad version of Burrito Bison [$0.99]. If you're not familiar, this is a slingshot game that tasks you with slinging a bull across a colorful, endless 2D level filled with gummy bears. The point is to get him as far as you can before he losses speed. Bouncing on gummy bears and the floor, getting caught by the gummy cops, and gravity all slow you down, but through in-game upgrades you can power up your bison and get him deeper into the level.

Burrito Bison feels pretty good on iPhone and iPad. The iPad version in particular is super sharp on the visual front, so definitely give that one a spin if you've got both devices it's available on. Anyway, here's our video:

  • ImJPaul

    This game has consumed all my time. I too love these types of games. There really is something fantastic about barely getting anywhere when flinging at the beginning. Then through work and dedication flying past everything and showing those tummies who's boss. Almost maxed out all my stats then ill probably reset it and do it again. Or move on to tentacle, which is surprising good too.

  • jcifrit

    Looks like Earn to Die; another stupid app that barely qualifies as a 'game'.
    Press a button, watch, upgrade, repeat.

    • Toasty_Cat

      No, I plate this originally as the flash and I ADORED it. The video is kind of lame. Once you're getting upgrades and going miles, it's addictive, pushing yourself to get further, faster, and the special gummies make it so fun...

  • xrm0

    There's no endless level as the article says, it has three different levels which can be finished.
    I had fun with this game, although I've found out it almost plays by itself. Twice I've finished the game and my only interaction with it was the initial launch of the player.