The Game Bakers have just released a new update for their underwater turn-based strategy title Squids Wild West [$3.99]. You probably remember just how much we enjoyed Squids Wild West in our review, but if not you should give it a read as the game really nails the turn-based strategy formula while still keeping things accessible and well-suited to the touch screen.

This latest update adds an entire new Chapter to play through, along with a new squid to recruit into your stable. There's also a new secret quest that involves finding 4 hidden helmets. Perhaps the biggest change is your squids' ability to level up to 30 now, so you can be extra beefy to tackle the new Pro mode. Pro mode sounds like a New Game+ type of thing where you can replay through the game at a much higher difficulty and with different enemy setups. If you've played Squids Wild West to death already, this could be just the kind of refresh you need.

Also in this update is support for the wider screen on the iPhone 5, and the requisite slew of bug fixes and optimizations. Squids Wild West is one of the better strategy titles on the platform, for experts in the genre and beginners alike, so check out the new update which improves the entire package.

  • Adams Immersive

    Love this series! But I’d consider it less a strategy game than an action or skill or arcade game. Each turn has more in common with Angry Birds or billiards than with chess, say, or a stats-based strategy scenario. Not sure what to call it... maybe turn-based tactics instead of TBS?