Hey if you like internet websites and iOS first-person shooters, then Gameloft has you covered. This week they officially launched their website for the hotly anticipated upcoming FPS Modern Combat 4. If you direct your mouse to click on www.modern-combat.net, you will be treated to new information on the game, with new stuff being added leading up to and following the release of Modern Combat 4.

Right now you can get access to blog posts from people on the development staff, access to assets like the game's trailer and screenshots, as well as a breakdown of the weapons in the game. And, once the game goes live, it appears that you'll be able to track your leaderboard placement there too. If you're dying for Modern Combat 4 to hit the App Store later this year keep tabs on the official website and our previous coverage of the game.

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    Can't wait

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    • Deixa

      Gameloft don't care. As long as they get our money they don't see a problem.

      • chamuscao

        Visit the MC4 thread in "Upcoming iPhone and iPod Touch Games", just saying.

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    I've known this for a week,nexy had it up

  • Tom Melbourne

    it kind of looks like they may have put like 30% of their effort on this one. yay.

  • MikeDG00

    Compatible with ipod 4? Guess not ,_,

  • AlexsIpad

    Like if your fed up with comments starting with 'like'

  • Paul Mayer

    Wow the site is cool! for even a console game that would be a good site.  Looks like the game has got plenty of content: 8 maps, 8 game modes, 8 grenade types (!), 5 assault rifles, 3 handguns (including a 3-round burst, 93R type pistol), 3 shotguns, and 9 killstreaks.  

    I hope the game doesn't get too complicated, however. One of the things I loved about MC2 (above MC3) was that it was simple: grenades were always the same, no killstreaks-that way everyone had a fair shot even though there were some cool guns and stuff.  MC3 seemed to get jumbled with all the options: a myrad of perks, grenades, equpment seemed to distract from the actual gunplay.  If its going to have that much other stuff, might as well have added a few guns.

    • Tom Melbourne

      Im kind of drawn to it, strangely... It looks like it might be more like battlefield, I hope. :/