True Skate from Jet Car Stunts [$1.99 / Free] developer True Axis first popped onto our radar back in February with some early rendered screens. Then in June they released an extremely teaser-y trailer on their Facebook page, but we hadn't really heard much since. Today a new gameplay video was released that finally really shows what True Skate is all about.

Similar to Touchgrind [$4.99 / $7.99 (HD)], you manipulate a little virtual board with your fingers, but True Skate has a more authentic feel to actual skateboarding than Touchgind did. You actually smack down on the tail and then level off the front of your board to get airborn, exactly how you'd do a real ollie, and it feels really satisfying.

Every trick comes from there, with various flicks and swipes performing different tricks in the air. Pushing down in the right position over rails or ledges allows you to perform a number of different grinds or slides, and everything is executed pretty much how you would expect on a real skateboard. Ollie 90 degrees and push your tail down over a rail to tailslide, for example. Give the gameplay video a watch.

We've been playing around with a build of True Skate this past week, and will have more on it soon, but I've got to say it's one of the most unique experiences I've had on iOS, and feels like what this type of platform was made for. An incredible amount of interactivity. Once the mechanics start to click the game just opens up as you get lost skating around the park and trying whatever pops into your mind.

True Skate is really close to submission now, so keep your eye out for more from it in the very near future and be sure to hit up our forums too.

  • jeffyg3

    Looks like a better looking, but less skilled based version of Touchgrind HD. Looks pretty fun.

    • True Axis

      I'm not sure if it is less skill based, but it is certainly a lot closer to real skateboarding then Touchgrind.

  • xDyNaMiiCx

    Ha, this looks pretty fun.

  • MidianGTX

    Will this be released on iPad?

    • True Axis

      It will be universal

  • The Mad Mule

    It really does looks like fun, but it just isn't the same when there isn't a skater on the board.

    • MidianGTX

      Putting a skater on would kinda destroy the premise that your fingers are doing the skating.

  • mguniverse

    It isn't going to be easy to compete with not only the polish but the gameplay that Illusion Labs packs into the Touchgrind series.

    • riggysmalls

      Touchgrind hasn't had a content update in years and the community has been pleading for one. However, I feel that the two finger control method is closer to actually skating as both feet do different things. I don't see how using one finger could possibly mimic that better.

      • True Axis

        You can play True Skate with 2 fingers, it was just hard to record the video that way with out a hand getting in the way. 

        It can actually be easier to do many tricks with two fingers. Just flick down on the back of the board, with the back finger, then after it pops up swipe across the board  to rotate it and make it kick flip. You have full control. How hard you flick down, will affect the amount of momentum, and the angle and position will control how it spins.

        True Skate is much closer to real skateboarding. If you want to do a trick, it would be how you would guess to do it. The board will be knocked in the direction your fingers knock it.

      • GSJ1977

        Oh god, you bastards are going to make me learn another ridiculously accurate and finessed control scheme aren't you? And then you're going to make levels that demand increasingly insane levels of mastery of said control scheme, aren't you! You bastards I HATE YOU :-p

      • dylanmannen

        Is it only late flips? All flips in the vid was late flips, thats why i think Touchgrind is closer to real skating. But this game looks lika a much better game then touchgrind ever was 😉 really excited for it. Cant stop watching the vid, looks so awesome! 😀

      • True Axis

        If you use two fingers, you can do the flip earlier, but you always need two separate motions, like a real skate board, first you hit down on the tail, then when it rises enough, you flick with the front foot.

        There are also late tricks where you and do a pop-shov it, followed by a late kick flip. But you can also do a hard flip, or a varial kick flip, and heaps of others.

      • farnsworth_pro

         You guys are doing a great job bringing a great looking, playing, and ACCESSIBLE skating game to the iOS. I can't deal with touchgrind's incredibly limited perspective.

      • dylanmannen

        Just saw the ta plays vid, and omfg xD yep, i trust you. This is real skating, looks like the best ios game ever. So fucking excited for this game man xD

  • gemacx

    The physics look amazingly accurate, good job.

  • Akiratech

    Glad to see that the game is fully together / oh and for the people complaining and comparing it to illusions' game, this game true skate is a skateboarding game the other is based on fingerboard physics and yes there is a difference

  • Adam Gibson

    First day purchase for me.  I have never liked any skating game before seeing this one.  I am looking forward to a 2 finger control video.

    Just one request... Can you put a jet on the back of the skateboard as a power up when you complete the levels so that we can have JSS (Jet Skateboarding Stunts :).

    • True Axis

      Good idea;)

  • fastbridge

    Looks slick! Can't wait. Controls look good as well. Game seems to be running well to. Insta buy!

  • Eegah

    oh wonderful, now my knuckles can suffer the same fate as my knees 🙁

  • Spamstic

    looks good i hope the levels are as big as possible, lots of open environments. carparks shopping arcades etc. not just skateparks.

    • True Axis

      True Skate is just one skate park, the focus for now has been on getting beautiful graphics, and nailing the skateboard physics, rather then heaps of content. The good news is that we can keep the price reasonable.

  • Austin Riddle

    This game looks beyond awesome and is the only title in the last couple months that not only will I download Day 1, but it has restored my faith in the app store.

  • awwwww

    This game looks dope as hell!! It looks way better then touch grind but will it be optimized for the iphone5?

    • True Axis


      • GetLitTonite

        Will their be board customization? If so to what extent? Trucks, wheels, deck?

      • True Axis

        Customization is something we will consider for an update.

  • grits

    This looks awesome. Kind of like skate.