Back in August we caught the first glimpse of Foursaken Media's N.Y.Zombies 2, the upcoming sequel to their original 2010 zombie survival shooter N.Y.Zombies [$0.99]. Now, there's no shortage of zombie games currently in the App Store, but Foursaken was able to create an exceptionally moody and tense experience with the first N.Y.Zombies, which garnered a pretty dedicated fan-base. The sequel looks to improve on that first game in practically every regard.

First off it'll feature larger environments and the ability to roam freely, rather than the guided experience of the first N.Y.Zombies. The game takes place across a variety of iconic New York environments, like Times Square, Central Park, and the Holland Tunnel, and the graphics look to be improved a great deal over the original. You'll also get a whole slew of interesting upgradeable weapons, like auto turrets, grenades and bear traps. Freaking bear traps, you guys.

Perhaps most intriguing is the inclusion of online cooperative play for up to 3 players over Game Center. As you can see in the video below, which shows the endless survival mode in the latter two segments, it would be pretty awesome to have a couple of buddies at your back helping you pick off the endless onslaught of zombies.

N.Y.Zombies 2 will also feature a full story-driven campaign, and it'll come prepared for all the latest technical bells and whistles including iPhone 5 widescreen support and Retina Display support for both the iPhone and iPad. I'm very interested in getting my hands on N.Y.Zombies 2, and so our plenty of eager gamers in our forums, so look for it to hit later this month on October 25th.

  • Firetruck94

    Freaking bear traps

  • pavarotti2007

    Looking forward to this.

  • readysetretro

    Three zombies with one shotgun shot? Ya this one will get my money

  • ImJPaul

    It's everything dead trigger could never be.

    • evilsearch

      Yea right.. Suck animation, terrible tree design, zombies looks like shit, shot impact animation looks like a ten year old game, gun design is so bad makes feel like i want to kill the designer, no ragdoll? People are really blind , how can this game is better than DT? Even cod waw is thousand times better than this shit. Im sorry for all fanboy, but please give me one or two good reason why this game is good.

      • chamuscao

        It has actual gameplay.

      • chimpman252

        Hmm let's see...
        An actual storyline
        RPG elements
        Free roam
        Tactical, strategic gameplay
        Many different kinds of zombies
        Co-op (WAW Zombies had that but DT didn't)

        Games aren't all about the graphics and special effects...

      • evilsearch

        thank you for the reply and im really sorry for my previous statement here if its feels like offended for some people. ok lets try to see whats inside this new "gems"
        1. an actual storyline----lets see when the game is out, how strong the "story" element that you talking about. dt also had a story even its just shown as a writing.
        2. rpg elements---what does it mean? is this a zombie shooter game or a rpg games?
        3. free roam---really? if DT is not a free roam then what you call IB or rage?
        4. tactical, startegic----please enlighten me on this one, i dont know if we ever need a tactical and strategic to face a zombie horde. its all about shooting and running as far as i know.
        4. different kind of zombies----as far as i can tell from the trailer, there's only one type of zombie - YES, a walking zombie! not a swat zombie, fat, woman, spitting, zombie runner, etc
        5. co-op----yes im bow to this one, mfg is suck when talking bout delivering co-op features on time.

        and last but not least, true that games isnt all about graphics and special effect but how can we experience the best gameplay when there is no rag doll and good animation. we talking about zombies game here and not some mario or tetris game.

      • Foursaken Media

        Just a few responses πŸ˜‰

        2. 30 skills to learn, with passive abilities and different specialties such as survivor (healing and tanking), close combat, or marksman (shooting abilities). In other words, developing your character matters here, and you have a lot of flexibility in how to do that, and therefor choosing how you want to play πŸ˜‰
        4. You need strategy bc in NYZ 2 enemies are actually different. Different environments and objectives all force you to think differently. Some have you defending survivors, others sniping from rooftops, others fighting in close proximity, to others still fighting out in the wide open. Some enemies you might want to wear a gas mask to block poison, or equip the riot shield and melee when in cramped environments. We wanted to do away with the notion that there is just "running and shooting", so we tried hard to bring a much deeper gameplay experience.
        5. There are 18 zombie types... from running zombies, poison spitting fat zombies, to giants that are 15 feet tall, to huge fat zombies that wield stop signs, to zombies with giant tumor heads that resurrect others, to mutant dogs, to fat zombies, tall zombies, cop zombies, firefighter zombies, plague zombies that have poison aura and flies all around them and more πŸ˜‰ The video actually shows at 4-5 enemy types (including runners and girls, which you must've missed :p)

      • chimpman252

        And just to fill in the gaps:

        1. Honestly I doubt this game will have a deep, engaging storyline (no offense devs) but its really hard to find that in zombie games, but DT's was utterly and completely uninteresting. It nearly had no correlation to the gameplay and was clearly just tacked on to explain why to get this package, or kill this many zombies, etc.

        3. I would never call DT a free roam game. Yes, you are free to move about the environments, but they were small, repetitive, and very constricting. IB and RAGE were "on rails" games, and DT was not. That doesn't mean that DT is a free roam game, a free roam game has large, expansive dynamic environments that you can explore freely, usually whenever you want.

        Now will you get over the ragdoll bit? ;P
        MOST mobile games don't have it. As far as graphics, DT is the best there is, and it's impossible to set that as the standard.

      • JohnnyJ301

        seriously, ny zombies isn't about graphics. Most games can't even compare to the graphics in Dead Trigger. I am a big fan of that game but as far as gameplay, NYzombies2 has a campaign with real missions/co-op. Many different types of zombies " a la left for dead" This game is about finding the right equipment/strategy to succeed. Something that zombie games are missing on iOS.

      • Bool Zero

        I understand where you can call others fanboys for not liking Dead Trigger... Actually, no, I can't understand that, but I respect your defense of the game. Realize though that for some, Dead Trigger has many shortcomings despite having a snazzy game engine going for it, that leave many wanting more from the attempt than what they have given. The need for IAP to feel like you can fully enjoy the game (two separate in game currencies) and poor level design do not help either. If graphics is all that makes or breaks a game, then sure, Dead Trigger gets a pass... Fortunately it takes more than graphics to make an enjoyable game. I can be forgiving of some dated graphics so long as the level design and gameplay seems fun... Not that this game is even on my radar as honestly, it is not, really, but I can already see how I could enjoy this over Dead Trigger personally! Also, lets not be disrespectful and name call just because we don't agree with opinions in the future... We are (assuredly) all adults or at least old enough to be behave mature here without name calling for dissenting opinions.

      • oscar123967

        I have yet to play any New York zombies, but this actually looks good. I can care less for the graphics and animation, but if you don't like it... Don't buy it... Easy as that lol

  • mudd

    Why do zombies wear the same clothes in every game? Why can't we have a zombie in a tuxedo? Do these outbreaks ever hit weddings or Vegas?

  • scdude

    Imagine if gameloft made a zombies game

    • chimpman252

      ...they did o__o

    • Bool Zero

      How forgetful people are... They made Zombie Infection (HD), which was decent...

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Waited til the end of September ... Didn't come out. Now the end of October. So fantastic !!

  • ConceptNormal

    Is it just me or does this trailer look like they really havnt done anything new with this game? I mean from a graphic standpoint to the guns and awkward game play he seems to be experiencing (or so the gameplay seems). But when you have witnessed something that's been out for like a year with dead trigger visually and then you see this that's not even out yet? Wowzzers. Giant keep back for video game kind. IMO

    • ConceptNormal

      O sorry forgot to mention. No blood? And you can't even see the end of the sniper shot, like if you hit the zombie or not. Lol. The story line better win an Emmy.

  • Sam Pepper

    This with dead trigger graphics = game that is better then most console zombie games!
    Looks amazing guys you get my money. Multiplayer? Game is definitely bought! πŸ™‚

  • Joseph Jones

    Nyz3: sandbox game? Random events(zombie-uninfected related), carsshop, gun store? Please <3

  • GetLitTonite

    Cant wait:) how much will it cost ?

  • Manisha Kaur

    Is this out yet?

    • dariusjr98

      Is it the 25th yet? No. Learn to read, we still got 4 more days.

      • vesp67