Earlier this morning, Eli and I checked out Blade Guardian [$0.99]. It's a Mistwalker-designed tower defense game with what theoretically should be a hot hook: a randomly spawning roving tower that can morph into a ball and roll through creeps. In practice, it's not so cool. In addition to wrecking enemies, these balls also demolish your towers, setting you up to get rocked by anything that spawns after the initial destruction.

On a macro-level, we're pretty surprised by just how uninspired Blade Guardian is. Tower defense is a crowded genre that's full of games with cooler hooks, scenario design, and way better art and sound production values all clawing for our attention. Blade Guardian strikes us as a game that isn't informed by the titles before it, and it suffers for not taking any notes.

We might have more on this in the future, but if you're looking for some video of the game in action, we've got some right here:

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    Finally another TA Plays!  Thanks--keep 'em coming!

  • Remote_

    Uninspired is the word. I'm really expecting Mistwalker to come up with something a little less generic than this. It's slow and tired feeling with a couple of new ideas - such as tapping enemies to destroy them - that just seem to get in the way of the gameplay.

    I went back to Fieldrunners 2 with half an hour and there's really no comparison at all.

    Sorry Mistwalker, but you're going to have to be more imaginative than this to captivate the iOS crowd.

  • araczynski

    i liked everything i saw in the trailers, except for that blade that destroys your own work. that alone was more than enough to not want to waste time or even a buck.  sounds like something a korean shop would do to get you to buy IAP junk.