The iPhone and iPad version of Snuggle Truck [Free / Free (HD)] has added "Brony Mode" via DLC. For $1.99, you can transform all of the snuggly, warm creatures in the game into Little Pony style plushie characters. Yes, this is an actual thing that's happening.

“We love the brony community,” Owlchemy Labs' Alex Schwartz said in a statement, “we began design on Brony Mode in response to fan requests. We wanted to make something to give back to the community. Snuggle Truck’s 'cuddly-with-a-hint-of-badass' humor lends itself well to the stories and characters of the brony universe," he explained. Picture of the mode in action below:

This isn't the first DLC pack for Snuggle Truck, if you're wondering. For the same price as Brony Mode, you can transform all of the game's characters into Pandas. You can also buy different styles of trucks, level packs, and boosts.

We've had Snuggle Truck on iPhone and iPad for a while, but a Steam version of the game is also available, too, if you'd like to Snuggle it up on your computer. This version of the game, by the way, gets Brony Mode for free.

  • sjc1138

    I don't want to live on this planet any more!

  • Schuyler

    Wow- maybe some day, they'll make a licensed skin of my very favorite-est franchised character property and then I can give them my $1.99, too! 

  • Firetruck94

    Im proud to be a normal person

    • rybred96

      I'm proud to be someone who doesn't call people with different views as me "abnormal".

      • Firetruck94

        Dammit your good

  • oooooomonkey

    Pah I bought this on day one and then it switched to freemium, the only way they'll get anymore of my cash is if they make a switch everything to G1 Transformers DLC 🙂

  • runliketurtles

    "We wanted to make something to give back to the community."

    Usually when people say that they give it away for free. This DLC is to make money off a popular kids cartoon, plain and simple. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't give me any of this charitable bull.

    • Schuyler

       Yeah, they seem to have misplaced the "give" part of "give".

  • PonyFeathers

    Tried this game out on iPod, and found it to be pretty entertaining. I think I'll just buy the Steam version, though.

  • witedahlia

    The Steam version is great, btw. Really fun. Looks great, too.

  • WonderingIf

    I never understand these types of criticisms (against this particular skin pack and such related things). If you don't like the "My Little Pony" thing, then don't buy it. Simple as that. There is no need to criticize a community of fans that like it just because you don't. I've heard lots of people criticize me for being an adult and playing video games, even though my gaming never hurts them. That new skin's existence won't hurt anyone either. So buy or ignore.

    • Bridget

      Part of it is because of how some of the fans act.

      It's OK to like something, and it's OK even to be a really obsessive fan of it.  Lots of people are like that with stuff that they are into.

      But it gets annoying when, say, you have a forum, could be any kind of forum, but usually gaming forums is where I see this, and you get fans of that series jumping into utterly unrelated topic, and doing things like sticking pony pics up and yammering about it for like 3 pages and FLIPPING THE HELL OUT at anyone that even slightly maybe sorta almost kinda possibly disagrees with them on stuff related to the show, and such as that.   It just gets worse from there.

      And this, I've seen it REALLY often.  It gets old, fast.

      That's not to say that ALL fans of the show act like that of course.  But enough of them do for them to get a bit of a reputation for it (and of course the ones that act like that are EXTREMELY vocal, it can make a couple of loud fans seem like MANY loud fans).

  • lobsterbox

    still no directors cut (smuggle truck) ?