Sega has revealed a refresh of their classic 1982 isometric arcade shooter Zaxxon is heading to mobile devices, Joystiq has learned. Either titled Zaxxon Escape or Escape From Zaxxon, depending on which wording you believe on Sega's Community Blog, it appears to be a pretty big departure from the arcade original. Rather than an isometric shooter, this new Zaxxon will be a behind-the-ship tunnel flying game, as you can see a quick glimpse of in the following teaser trailer.

Not much more is known about Zaxxon Escape (I'm settling on that title, I've decided), but given its emphasis on "escaping" I'm not even totally sure if there will be any shooting in this rebirth or just lots of flying and dodging. And escaping, of course. We'll find out when Zaxxon Escape launches "soon", whenever that is, on iOS and Android devices.

[Sega via Joystiq]

  • ImJPaul

    Ugh! So close to getting a glimpse of the angle you'll be playing in. That's gonna make or break this game, for me at least.

  • Blodia

    Would anyone look at the game twice if Sega didn't slap on the name of a much-beloved retro title? It's like creating an FPS and then saying it's a sequel to "Pengo".

  • JJE

    Like Temple Run meets bullet storm? How can you not see the new phone and the tablets are ideal for the original with all new polish? Oh yea, Sega. I forgot.

  • 1Fcm

    I LOVE ZAXXON! I remember playing this in the arcade over and over and over. I really hope they don't screw this up. It should definitely have a maze like flying mechanic as per the original. PLEASE do not make this an endless tunnel runner!

  • WonderingIf

    They should just make the original (but with updated graphics and sound), and then include a "classic" mode so that we could play the original if we wanted to. THERE'S where the nostalgia and sales are, not in yet another tunnel racer. I could be wrong, but... *sigh*

  • dadtimestwo

    If it doesn't use an isometric viewpoint, it's not a Zaxxon game. I stunk at Zaxxon because I couldn't wrap my head around perspective.

  • bigrand1

    Regardless if this is good or bad, I can still play the original on imame! All that matters to me.....

  • Ondřej Pošta

    Oh yeaah. We played Zaxxon on Commodore 128..long times ago.:) Very nice memories..

  • DeInit

    What can we "glimpse" from that trailer? I don't think we can glimpse the perspective that will be used, so if the assumption that it'll be from behind the ship came from the trailer, I'd say it's tenuous at best. And let's face it, the brand itself, the aesthetics of the details of the game, were far too lo-fi at the time to become iconic (unlike Mario's salopette and hat, for example), so what made Zaxxon what it was remains the axonometric perspective, and that's what Sega should reproduce. 

    • nomster

      Yeah true. It all hints at a simplified tunnel run game though.

      Hopefully they're not that dumb to waste such great IP.

      Dear Mr & Mrs Sega; Zaxxon in style of the original game - I buy. In style temple run - I don't.

  • Jay Alan Babcock

    I was hoping for a port of the classic arcade game. Was that glimpse of the 3D ship "escaping" what it really will look like? Drag.

  • W4TSON

    They better include the original otherwise this'll be a pass!