This afternoon, Eli and I sat down with Wimp: Who Stole My Panties [Free / Free / $2.99 / Free]. It's a 2D, physics-based puzzle platforming game, emphasis on the latter. In the game, you play as Wimp, a weird little mutant person thing stuck in a ball of slime. Across the game's dozens and dozens of levels, you'll be tasked with collecting rolls of toilet paper and what apparently is a pair of panties but totally looks more like a diaper. Most of the puzzles in the early game revolve around finding levers and pushing buttons, but there's also a lot of box moving and scaling. And sticking -- Wimp can also stick to surfaces.

We'll continue digging into Wimp for a review, but we've got this if you want to see what's up with the game now:

POST-VID UPDATE: hey, apparently you can customize the controls. How about that?

  • Battlebotscott

    Great preview. But is this a video game?

  • Nestor Fenoy

    Hey guys, just FYI, this game actually lets you fully customize the controls in the settings. You can put the arrows and action buttons wherever you want. *cough* Brad *cough*... 😛

  • Gatada

    Diving into settings and the entire menu system is a good prelude when making these videos.. Call it "doing your homework" ;^)

  • Kolobok Flexiline

    hey  Brad Nicholson you fully customize the controls in the settings.
    You are not objective!

  • The Yo

    This is a great fun game. Everyone give it a try!

  • The Yo

    This review is very unfair. The controls are totally moveable. Why bash on the game for that???

  • toxiccheese

    I like this game a lot. I also liked finding a hidden achievement on the main menu screen!

  • Max Curtner

    Your personal opinions have no place in a professional preview. The controls are movable, the game looks gorgeous, and it's a unique take on the platformer genre.

    Take notes from Appspy...

    • Chris Gonzales

      What a stupid statement. People have feelings about things outside of "reviews," sorry you're an emotionless husk.

      • Max Curtner

        Maybe you need to re-read what I said. Their personal opinion has no place "in" a professional preview. 

      • Chris Gonzales

        Nah, you're the one who didn't read what I said. I specifically used the word "review" instead of "preview." Previews, no matter how "professional" (whatever the hell that means) are just as valid a place as any other for personal opinions.

      • Max Curtner

        Professional means that they are being paid for it.

        This is the quality that any random YouTube reviewer can deliver. This review is amateur, and it undermines the quality of the game.

        Go defend TA in a discussion that doesn't make you look like a fool.

      • Chris Gonzales

        Whoops, didn't know being paid for something meant you had to give up all opinions on the subject, and don't even THINK about sharing any lingering opinions that once existed before the money hit your bank account. Wouldn't want some moron in the comments section to get all offended.

      • iqSoup

        I don't know if all TA plays are paid for--but even then I think its all the more impressive if they can stay objective and point out things they don't like.  If people didn't like and respond to TA plays videos then I doubt devs would pay them any more in the first place.

    • HelperMonkey

      This is not intended as a "professional preview" or a review. Familiarize yourself with the "TA plays" postings. These are just real-time first impressions.

    • iqSoup

      Appspy uses a very different format and style.  I personally like Touch Arcade's youtube videos better because its much more casual.  They feel like real people that I can relate to.  I'd much rather watch them genuinely play through 10 minutes of a game then a polished review made up of short clips of gameplay.  I get a sense of how they really feel about the game and why; and whether or not I'd share their feelings.  Clips of gameplay only give you a skin deep feel for a game--you can't always tell what's annoying, well thought out, tedious, or fun about a game.  If you want that wall of professionalism then by all means go with Appspy--they do a good job for their particular style.  But don't come here and complain about Touch Arcade's unique way of doing reviews.  Appspy is what it is and Touch Arcade is what it is--both do a great job and doing things their own unique way.

  • anada

    This game rules

  • GSJ1977

    Blue phallic thrusting enemies wearing pink helmets? Well, it's different I suppose.

  • iqSoup

    I dunno--Brad especially hates virtual controls and makes no secret of it.  In the video admits he's being totally subjective about the controls.

    • Max Curtner

      That's my whole point. This preview is utterly useless. Why would you have some moron who has an auto bias against something, preview a product that has what they are biased against?

      This is a very unique take on the platformer genre, and TA makes it look like nothing special. This review is terrible, and anybody who doesn't see that is either ignorant, or TA tuggers.