As expected, Rovio's Bad Piggies [Free / Free (HD)] popped up on the App Store in the middle of the night last night and early impressions on our forums seem remarkably positive aside from the somewhat expected complaints regarding separate iPad and iPhone versions of the game. Bad Piggies takes place in the Angry Birds universe, but you play as the pigs assembling various contraptions in a sandbox-feeling physics puzzler trying to reassemble your grand plans to steal the birds' eggs once and for all. (They blew away in the wind.)

If you want to see the game in action, check out the TA Plays video we put up yesterday.

I've been having a load of fun with Bad Piggies so far, and am getting close to completing the currently available content for a review which should be up on the site later today. Of course, like all Rovio games, there's a nebulous "coming soon" section indicating that Bad Piggies likely will also be the target of constant updates and bonus levels.

  • Faeryan

    Definitely worth it! Ever gotten sick and tired of trying to figure out how you shot your birds tha last time you tried? Not anymore, as your contraption will stay there for you to customize it further to achieve your goal.
    Also gaining stars in the game has a twist, no more point collecting but different goals to get stars, like getting to the goal without using certain item or breaking the time limit etc.

    I gotta say if Angry Birds was 5 then this is 6.

  • 11liker99

    I don't get it

    • Schuyler

       I did.

  • toxiccheese

    I really like it. Nice challenging fun. I'm impressed with the fact that it isn't always easy to get the three star rating like in a lot of other games. I'll be coming back to it often.

  • xmike17

    Just waiting for Rovio to update all their games for the iPhone 5 screen

  • Scape3d

    I'm curious to hear from those who have played this. How is it? Worth getting?

    • skeletonlord

      It's challenging for sure. There is a 3 star system used like in Angry Birds, and to get the 3 stars, you need to get the contraption exactly right. The graphics are good, and I think it's worth it. 69p is a bargain for Rovio games, you won't be disappointed.

    • MarkyMarc

      Definitely worth $0.99. Will be downloading on my iPad later. It's a game I'll spend some time on for sure. I really liked each of the Angry Birds games, but think I'm enjoying this much more than AB as far as first impressions goes. Basically I LOVE IT, excellent pick up & play for burning time real quick.

  • Charles Albert

    Waaaay better than Angry Birds in my opinion.