Today at the Eurogamer Expo in in London, UK-based Stainless Games is demonstrating their upcoming iOS version of Carmageddon, the exquisitely grotesque automotive blood-on-the-pavement title that started doing its job as a rage-sink for gamers way back in 1997.

One of Stainless' first titles, Carmageddon is a sandbox 3D driving game that puts you behind the wheel of one of several available Mad Max-style rugged racing vehicles with a hint of the post-apocalyptic. It's a timed race against AI competitors through checkpoints spread through various environments, such as cities, mines, snowfields, etc. Extra time can be earned by running down hapless pedestrians, wrecking competitors' cars, or gathering bonuses. It's a race -- yes -- but the gameplay is really about the carnage more than the finish line. Happily, one need not actually cross that finish line ahead of the pack to win; victory can also be achieved by grinding every pedestrian on the map into a red, chunky paste or by completely destroying every competing vehicle. Is it a classy title? Not at all, but many of us have spent countless hours in front of the game, wreaking virtual gore with smiles on our faces (like the one there, just below).

Carmageddon for iOS is a universal app that will feature 28 opponents, 36 levels across 11 different environments, 30 playable cars that can be unlocked by victory or IAP, and an action-replay system that will allow you to savor your own bone-crushing savvy and share it directly to YouTube. The game utilizes touchscreen controls in the form of left / right, accelerator / brake buttons along the bottom of the display, with taps to reset and repair the vehicle and swipes to bring up a map and the replay system.

I've bloodied my tires quite a bit in the past day or so in the limited, free version of Carmageddon that will be launched along with the full, $1.99 title. Watching the hale of limbs and organs raining down upon vehicles engaged in flaming, head-on collisions on my iPad's screen really takes me back to the fun of the original. And, despite the iPad's lovely Retina display, the 3D visuals also evoke the feel of 1997 gaming, as the in-game textures appear to be pretty close to what was used 15 years ago, as does the poly count of the environment. Don't get me wrong -- the polys are sharp and the framerate is very high, but this is not a port that involved a completely new set of regenerated assets, as some were surely hoping it would be.

Having access only to the limited version of the game (just one car, just one map), I am obviously unable to fully assess Carmageddon for iOS right now, but I've had a lot of fun with this version, so far. While no date has been set, the full release is coming soon at a price of $1.99, and in keeping with their Kickstarter promise, Stainless Games will be offering Carmageddon for free for the first 24 hours of release. Stay tuned for a heads up when it lands.

  • nonstickron

    So excited. I spent so many hours playing the original

    • Greyskull

      Me too...and the Splat Pack!

  • LA4k


  • Deamon34

    Freakin Sweet!

  • famousringo

    I'm fine with original graphics. Adds to the nostalgia. Fun and 60fps are the important bits.

  • Faeryan

    Awesome! Just.. Awesome! One of the few driving games I've ever enjoyed playing.

  • bigrand1

    Man, I've been waiting so long for this! SO excited to see this finally coming to our favorite hand-held devices! Wooo-Hooo!!!!!

  • pileofnearmisses

    OH GOD YES PLEASE. This might be my favorite game of all time. Looks like they put a lot of thought into the controls but I'm really curious to see whether this will be as much fun as the keyboard-mashing original.

  • Ondřej Pošta

    Very nice!

  • Gord Lacey

    I'm pretty sure they're making the paid version free on day 1, at least that was mentioned as part of their Kickstarter campaign.

  • awp69

    This was one of the first games I ever bought for my PC (not a big PC gamer to begin with) and, even though I haven't reinstalled it since the various Windows updates (and am not sure it even works now), I remember cracking up at how insanely violent it was at the time (of course, it looks like kids play compared to some games today). Looking forward to checking it out again on the iOS.

  • Blodia

    OK Stimpson returns! Or is it Juicy Jones?

  • Googlyhead

    'Win by elimination of opponents' was always my strategy.

  • oliath

    I hope if you get it free in the 24 hour window there is still an option to pay.
    I want the game at launch but I also want to pay for the happy memories.
    I also hope they put in some premium content or skins for those who want to support the devs. Much like Junk Jacks golden menu screen etc.
    I love the support iOS gets and without devs we would have nothing so I feel it's important to show them my support.

    • Dephin

      You could always pick up a few cars via iap to show your support. I know what you mean though, I'm day one'ing this game but would like to support the devs. Especially as Stainless have mentioned there is potential for the Splat Pack, and maybe C2 to come to mobile if this (carmageddon) does well enough.

  • MrReeee

    Fantastic! I wasted massive chunks of time playing the original. Can't wait!

    I'd still love to see some classic Mac games come to iOS, like the Hellcats series!

    • blakespot
    • oliath

      Hellcats would work so well. I had so much fun playing that game with my grandfather looking over my shoulder telling me how to accurately land a bomb on my target 🙂 good memories.

  • Showmelater

    Carmageddon goes live on October 17th. Yeah!!!!