Almost a year ago to the day, at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix announced a card battling game called Demon’s Score. Well, at least that’s what we thought at the time, but thanks to some sketchy translation issues that wasn’t actually the case. Square Enix WAS working on a card-battling game, and in fact it launched just last week. It’s not called Demon’s Score, though, it’s called Guardian Cross [Free] and it’s free to download and check out for yourself, or you can see what people have been saying about it in our forums.

Now, Demon’s Score [$4.99] is actually a thing, too. In fact, back at E3 in June we got our hands on an early version of Demon’s Score, and thought it was pretty cool in our brief time with it. Visually, the game plays out like an on-rails shooter type of thing, but the gameplay is based mostly around rhythm-tapping, similar to Elite Beat Agents and many other titles. Demon’s Score is also built using the Unreal Engine, so it looks pretty darn good. You can check it out in this trailer, though I’ll leave no comment about the music.

So hey, just a head’s up that Square Enix has been on a roll as of late. First they released a brand new RPG called Drakerider [Free / Free (HD)] earlier this month, then it was Guardian Cross last week, and now Demon’s Score this week. What’ll it be next week? I don’t know, but I’m hoping it’s something. At any rate, we’re tearing through these games as we speak, but you can check out our forums for even more impressions and discussion on Demon’s Score.

  • Paul Hopper

    Everything about this game is excellent. Downside is the iap system and no doubt folks here will destroy it with opinion for how it works heh. To me it seems like sony isnt quite sure what pricing model they want to use. We've seen full 20+ tollar premium titles. We've seen by-chapter pricing models that went upwards of 30 dollars. And now this one which if a person were so inclined will take them over 20 dollars as well.

    The good news is that this game is fully playable without spending beyond the initial investment. The bad news is that such a playstyle will mean not using 90% of the cool outfits in the game.

    You have your initial look and when you defeat the first boss you get his look with bonuses for free. After that, 2.99 a outfit.

  • Vince

    SE:"kukuku ..damn Gaijins are easy to exploit!"

  • swarmster

    A Square Enix game that's Universal AND supports iCloud?! There's even Game Center! Old dogs learning old tricks, at last?

  • ImJPaul

    I want to buy this game. But not knowing exactly how much it's gonna cost me is a bit nerve wrecking. I would much rather do what I did with chaos rings 2 and go into it knowing that I'm paying $20 for this game. This system obviously isn't working for them as the game has a 2.5 star rating in the AppStore as I type this. The game looks killer though. I love squares commitment to quality. I just wish I could have the price up front so it's not a mystery charge. That's all. I'm sure ill give in, to this and drakerider.

    • ImJPaul

      I've been watching more and more about this game and it looks extremely interesting. The story seems to follow something that Suda 51 would do. The gameplay looks interesting enough. It looks like a truly unique experience on the AppStore. I REALLY wanna give it a try. HOWEVER, it's $37 if you wanna play the game in its entirety and if you include the hard mode it'll run you $47. This is absurd. I could almost buy a brand new Xbox 360 game for this money and I'm sure this game doesn't have near the content that a console game has. I would've paid $20 for this game easy but $47 is just insane for an iOS game. Guess I'm not hardcore enough...or maybe I just have too much common sense?! Idk. A shame either way.

  • Inaba-kun

    Inis did great work on the Ouendan games but if the music in this trailer is anything to go by I'll be giving this one the miss.  

  • Jonas Lum

    You guys should review Drakerider... it's surprisingly good.

    • ImJPaul

      Yes. It is. Playing through it now.

  • Michael Matzat

    How many weeks in a row did we have new square enix games now?

    Final Fantasy Legends
    Guardian Cross
    Demons Score

    In the past four or five weeks?

    I want elit beat agents on iPad.

  • DecafTable

    Square used to be so good 20 years ago. I can't stand even watching the trailer to this garbage. Secret of Evermore was a fantastic game! Those are the ones I will buy, not this!

  • SephiTrax

    Or Terranigma. Why did everybody forget to Terranigma?

  • Brady

    Errr. Is the music in-game better than the music in the trailer?

  • killy

    Next week diffusion million arthur XD

  • alyfantis

    Wow. It's like they calculated perfectly the exact soundtrack and voiceover to make me NOT want to buy the game.

    JRPG + white boy rap metal = points for originality, I guess.

    • Vince

      You must not have played Persona 3,4, twewy ...etc etc. Apparently Engrish rap isn't that rare on JRPGs!