Good news: the wait for Fireproof Studios' super atmospheric 3D puzzle game, The Room, is almost over. The game has cleared certification and it'll be out this September 19 across the App Store for iPad 2 and the new iPad. The price? An agreeable $4.99.

We're pretty stoked about this. We took a gander at a pre-release version of the game earlier last month, and came away surprised with its ability to dish out mystery and intrigue while also giving us the chills. The experience was pretty powerful.

In addition to word pictures, we've got some moving ones just below. If you've had a bit of trouble visualizing how The Room rolls, this should help:

  • Metroview

    Damn I thought it was going to be a Tommy Wiseau game based on the movie "The Room" 🙁

    • Tim House


      There is a really good flash game based on "The Room" already though.

    • Peter Cooper

      "You don't understand anything man. Leave your stupid comments in your pocket!"

      (Quote from the movie for anyone who may misinterpret ;-))

    • alyfantis

      Ha! You beat me to it.

      "Oh hai, iPad!"

  • ducksFANjason

    Awesome, been waiting for this! Insta-buy tomorrow 😀

  • kgelner

    Not based on the Hudson Bay high end fashion shopping area?   Well it still looks good anyway I guess.

  • ImJPaul

    Idc what this is based on. It looks awesome and I'm all over it. Hopefully Curiosity and IB:D come out tmrw as well. That would complete my life.

  • RobD6

    Had some trouble finding it on the store. Here's a link if you need it...

  • JaysUsernam

    Ipad 2 and up....nooooo! One more game and I skip the iphone 5 and spend the money on a new ipad!

    • ImJPaul

      Buy a new iPad anyways. New iPhones seriously underwhelming.

  • DecafTable

    Finally, an actual spooky puzzler! I can't wait!

  • GSJ1977

    It's out! Here in the UK at least. Downloading now. Been looking forward to this one...

  • Colten Moore

    Yeah, us iPhone users are really hurtin' here... Between this, Bastion, Baldur's Gate, and the slew of other recent and future releases that just seem irresistible to me, I feel like dropping $700+ I don't have to spend even more money on these choice games.

    • Pete Morris

      Ha yea, same here. Apart from the money, it's getting the time to play all the awesome games that have come out recently. My list is getting longer and longer! Super excited about The Room though  - exactly the kind of thing I like

  • Pete Morris

    I'm a total sucker for Myst, no matter how frustrating and difficult it gets. Can't wait for this!

  • GSJ1977

    Damn, I finished it already. It was good though. A bits short.

    • John Dickerson

      I was thinking it might be short, I think I'll hold off for a sale.

  • readysetretro

    This was incredibly well done. Well worth the money. I didn't find it too short for an iPad puzzle of this genre. The iPad is undoubtably the best platform this game could be experienced on. Best I've played in a while