Last month Konami announced a new mobile title set in the Metal Gear universe called Metal Gear Solid Social Ops. It’s a pretty nice looking 3D game built in Unity that looks similar to other games in the series, but here the gameplay will be based around card-battling rather than the traditional sneaking around, stealth espionage stuff. Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima recently tweeted the first look at what some of those cards will look like in Social Ops.

To be honest I think Metal Gear Solid Social Ops could go either way. The word “social” has taken on a negative connotation amongst most traditional gamers the past few years, but it could just really point to the act of playing with other people rather than in-game currencies and Facebook spamming.

Plus, throwing a different kind of core gameplay into Metal Gear has worked before with the Metal Gear Acid games, so I’m hoping for something similar from Social Ops. We should be getting more details on Metal Gear Solid Social Ops when the Tokyo Game Show kicks off later this week.


  • exosyn

    Very interested in this, cant wait to get some more details. Like the look of the cards so far and really hope they nail this. We can only hope for the best and expect the worst.

  • Firetruck94

    Yah, it could go either way. It could end up like something from zynga (God forbid) or it could end up awesome like most of the other Konami games.

  • bbsky


    Oh, just a box...

  • ImJPaul

    I'm sorry. No. My favorite series of all time has gotten massacred on iOS. This is no different.

  • Invold


  • Richard Sanchez

    as soon as I read, "here the gameplay will be based around card-battling rather than the traditional sneaking around, stealth espionage stuff," I tuned out.  YAWN.  What a complete waste of an awesome IP.

    • Greyskull

      Metal Gear Acid 1 and 2 successfully combined both stealth-oriented gameplay and collectable card-based combat.

      • ducksFANjason

        Those games were fantastic! It's only the term "social" that worries me here, and not just for the timers and facebook/twitter spamming mentioned in the article. I don't know anyone with an iphone who plays games like I do so I won't have anyone to play with. And even if there is the ability to connect with random opponents online, I'm just not interested in trading cards or battling random strangers... I have yet to play a single Tin Pin Slammer game in TWEWY online even though I find it very fun.

  • Charles Albert

    Probably a huge disappointment, just like that virtua-copish metal gear solid for iOS. Goddamit Konami, how about launching an actual GAME for iOS?

  • Sanuku

     After watching the Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes Trailer every other upcoming Metal Gear Solid Game seem to be unworthy the Licence...

  • otakuzod

    If it's made like Metal Gear Acid (the 2nd one), you can definitely count me in. Heck, I enjoyed BOTH Acid games. Hopefully the cards have those cutscenes in them.

  • SuperMario7

    Anyone remember Metal Gear mobile which came out for Nokia phones circa 2008, it was part of the revamped N-gage platform? That was a seriously awesome game, I remember playing that on my N95, finished it in 45 minutes but that probably is the best Metal Gear game released for mobile phones, similar to the PS1 Metal Gear game.

    Konami have been very disappointing on iOS, the only decent thing from Konami on the AppStore is Gesundheit,  Ash 2 is pretty good but I'm sure it's made by another developer and only published by Konami, actually this might be the case for Gesundheit too, in which case Konami have done nothing of worth on iOS

  • iqSoup

    I only need to know one thing: can you run around with a cardboard box on your head?

  • Danny Perski

    I want a new game like that Metal Gear Solid Touch game that came out a long time ago.

  • MatthewCollier

    if it plays like the ACID games count me in even at a $20 price tag, social worries me though

  • Marius Savant

    If this game is BETTER than Metal Gear Acid, I am totally throwing my money at the screen right now!

    Metal Gear Acid and Monster Hunter are the only reasons I even kept my PSP.
    And, considering Sony will never place the Ac!d Series on PSN for the Vita, my Ipad is totally replacing my Vita at this point. A sad but true reality.