It’s always nice to break the Wednesday night release routine, and today Wandake’s Apocalypse Max [$3.99] does just that. It’s a side-scrolling action platformer with a really sharp look and great presentation, and an especially nice control scheme. Brad and Eli kicked the tires a bit in a TA Plays video, and liked what they saw.

If you like your gameplay videos with a hot dose of off-topic discussion about early nineties television programming, give the TA Plays a look. Or you can check out the official Apocalypse Max trailer below.

I’ve played Apocalypse Max a bit as well, and it’s a really stylish game. It employs an auto-aiming feature to keep things simple for the touch screen, which I think was the right move, and I’m enjoying the balance between the swipe-based melee attacks and the gunplay.

We’ll continue to plug away at Apocalypse Max and see how it holds up in the long haul, but if you’re the spontaneous type you can check out our forums for more impressions or just live on the wild side and take that $3 leap of faith that it’s up your alley.

  • Donald Ronald

    I know dubstep is the cool thing these days but damn it seems out of place in this trailer. Game does look rad though. 

    • ducksFANjason

      Really? I liked it, I thought it was a great fit...

    • subshell001

      that isn't dubstep. it's some awful mishmash of drum'n'bass, nuskool breaks and a pinch of dubstep. i don't like it, that's for certain.

  • Paul Hopper

    The trailer plus achievements in its description, sold 🙂 Downloading now 🙂

  • GSJ1977

    Hmm, undecided on this one. The art and animation does look great...

    Added to Watch List.

    • scdude

      Hello again

      • GSJ1977

        Er... hello. Again?

      • rpgmind


    • REkzkaRZ

      Decided -- NO WAY.  Just doesn't look like fun to me.  Meh

  • InfectiousRed

    Bought. Pretty awesome starting out.

  • B30

    Really a great game, precise controls, great art style, and a shitload of zombies.

    • REkzkaRZ

      More zombies?  Wow!  Clearly zombies makes a great game!!
      (Can't help but wonder if game devs are making all these zombie games as a joke on buyers who are eager to shell out $1+ to look into little screens for hours...?)

  • Deamon34

    Platformers and touch controls usually do not mix well but the art style alone might sway me.

  • InfectiousRed

    Okay, I've played some more now.
    I've played all 4 stages of the first section. I'm playing on an iPhone 3GS. first off, the game runs great so far. Very responsive, and ive only seen it chug once for just a sec. I've played those levels on both sissy and suicidal.
    The game is very generous with health, grenades, ammo, and "sort of" money.

    It seems generous with money until you realize you can't grind levels for extra cash. Let's say you play a level and get $500. You'll have $500. You play again and get $600. You'll only add $100 to your bank. If you play again and get $600 or less, you won't add any money to the amount you can spend. Seems to be a way to push IAPs, sadly.

    $3 is a good price for the game, but I personally won't spend more on IAPs. I'm not far in enough to know if all weapons and upgrades will be able to be bought without it. So far, I've bought the shotgun and upgraded it once.

    • InfectiousRed

      I forgot to mention, I played this with my Ultrasone HFI-580s plugged in, and the sound is great (both music and sound effects). I love the rumble sounds the harder zombies make.

    • ducksFANjason

      Interesting note about the grinding for money, thanks for that info!

    • jcifrit

      Thanks for the heads up about cash - looks like I'll pass on this one

      • InfectiousRed

        If you're reluctant, I'd say put it on the watch list and grab it after a price drop. It's a pretty great game, just a little odd how they decided to do that.

        You do get a lot of money going through the levels. The grinding is just very limited by not being able to get anything above your top score so to speak.

        Personally really digging the game on whole.

  • jeffyg3

    Looks awesome, but I'm always weary of buying games with coin-based IAP. This kind of system usually promotes upgrade systems that are normally unbalanced and would have been different without it, and the thought you can cheat your way out of it by paying more money seems to dumb down the experience for me. Usually these games go free quickly at some point anyways. Game looks good though, but for me the coin-based IAP in a game has a huge "don't buy" label nowadays

    • REkzkaRZ

      Buying a game AND getting hit up constantly to pay more = SUCK.

      Getting a free game & being constantly hit up to pay more = very annoying, most likely to get deleted, but most of us can understand why a dev would want to get paid.

  • gunshot24

    This game rocks and better then metal slug lol

  • Hehateme78

    The gameplay and graphics are amazing! This game is so smooth and controls are perfectly responsive! Prob my second favorite game behind Bastion!

    However, as one of the aforementioned comments alluded too, replaying the levels will not help you get those expensive guns! I havent beat this yet but very afraid that once I do, there will be very little replay value unless I dish out some real cash! I hope the developers fix this cause everyone will delete as soon as you beat this once!! Damn shame, cause this game plays so freaking good! Maybe TA guys could hint this problem to them so they can either add more levels or make it possible to get more cash even if you need to grind!

    • jwm2

      You simply reset the game and you keep your weapons as cash. Just ramp up the difficulty one level and play through it again. Then do this one last time and you'll have all the weapons fully upgraded by the time you make it through the third time. Do not spend coins on health, ammo, or grenades. Only use coins to upgrade weapons. You can replay levels for health, ammo and grenades. Doing it this way promises you will be rewarded with upgraded weapons when you need them and you'll have no fewer than three playthroughs. By the time you finish it for the third time you'll be set to move on to another game or go back and try to beat your level scores and get higher on the leader board.

      • Hehateme78

        Thanks! When I reset it, I will get all the money I have spent, including my iap's? I have already upgraded a bunch of guns too, so do I get every cent back that I purchased?