Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I spent some actual hands-on time with God of Blades, a 2D side-scrolling hack-and-slash game with some amazing artistry and world-building. In it, you play as a nameless king tasked with saving a delightfully bent, unusual fantasy world from a doom cult.

Developer White Whale Games says God of Blades is inspired by a mix of pulp fantasy and 1970s "synth-prog-landscape oddities," and you can tell. It's got an out-of-this-world art style and captures that weird "Are 'Friends' Electric" synth-pop vibe so well.

God of Blades is scheduled to hit "soon" still across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We will have more on these specific details in the coming days.

  • bigrand1

    I'm all in for this, looks cool! Just hope you can change the blood from green to red! Will I be able to?

  • jack stutz

    Bad ass. Reminds of Shadow Beast. Love the visuals too. Will buy this even *gasp* if it's more than .99.

  • Matthew Keogh

    That was hilarious. Love the wacky conversations. Game looks pretty cool too. 

    • Nicholas Yu

      Agreed. The side conversations make these videos.  [5 minute conversation about the ghosts in Return of the King] with Brad finally breaking it up with, "Just to get back to God of Blades here real quick" before Eli comes back with the Wikipedia entry on the ghosts.

  • GSJ1977

    Really cool music. Listening to that tune and watching the distant background battle put me in a sort of zen state.

  • http://twitter.com/Beards2 Beards_Game

    The background battle is an excellent touch.

  • JJE

    The side conversation, while entertaining, strikes me as the two of you are bored with the game. Three out of five, if you will. Kind of a waste of pre release assets. Don't really believe you at the end when you call it fantastic. If an app can't hold your attention in it's first minutes it's probably a problem with the app.

  • http://twitter.com/Rage_boi Vince

    Pretty good aesthetics and erm...gameplay that looks like it can be fun. This even has a story?! Awesome! 

    Say goodbye to most of the black bars on the side of these 'TA plays' videos when the iPhone 5 arrives!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003243271 Matúš Šimkovič

    Its totally Demon's Souls. Everything reminds me of it. The enemies, somehow the storytelling does too. The king is like old king Allant. I like it, if they can fix the sliding it could be awesome...

  • http://twitter.com/stooneyoriginal Stooney

    Not my kind of game, but I absolutely love how everything and everyone in every game ist just a "Dude" for you  😉
    I watch every TA plays just because in itself its so much fun, even if I am not at all interested in the game you are playing!

  • Lomyr

    Love these videos dude.

  • {SQUEEK}

    Bored now

  • http://whackylabs.com chunkyguy

    Looks pretty awesome to me!