Yesterday Gamesmold unexpectedly released their newest iOS title called Blood Roofs [Free], and it’s always nice to have a random Sunday game release. It’s a – get this – behind-the-back running game built using the Unreal Engine. Despite being another entry in a near-endless genre of these running games, Blood Roofs is actually a pretty neat departure from the norm so far.

You play as heroic, shirtless, Brad Nicholson-esque character who takes it upon himself to rescue a lady in distress. For whatever reason, you’re both hanging out on the rooftops high above the city during an intense rainstorm. All around you horrific monsters are invading, so you swoop in and grab your girl, whose name is Catherine, and carry her in your arms as you leap from roof to roof to evade the evil beings.

Catherine is wounded and cannot run on her own, but she can still assist by firing her weapon. She’s not the only one in need of help, either, as there are several unlockable characters to take the place of Catherine like an escaped convict, a mermaid, and for whatever reason a grandfather clock. Sometimes clocks need rescuing too, I guess. Check out the trailer.

The people in our forums seem to be really liking Blood Roofs so far, despite a couple of drawbacks. Namely, the jumping feels kind of floaty and the viewpoint is set so low it can make oncoming hazards hard to spot. I’ve been playing a bit and agree with those criticisms, but once you’ve spent a little time with the game you get used to its feel and they’re not such a problem.

At any rate, the ability to choose your own path over the vast expanse of rooftops gives Blood Roofs a different feel than your average Temple Run-alike. Plus its got some pretty impressive visuals, and some really interesting monster designs inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. We’ll keep on plugging away at Blood Roofs and will bring you more from the game soon.

  • Sanuku

    Nothing to regret this time about the Game expect that I miss Brad as an playable Character that is carrying Eli through the Mission while he is using an Uzi to pumb every damn Monster full with Bullets and Jared in an Super Mario Fox Custome that is kicking every Monsters Ass with an Sidekick and following both closly.

    • GiHubb

      Long live Sanuku and his fantastic (and helpful) gameplay videos! Brilliant job, as always 🙂
      Although the game looks promising, the camera angle is simply painful. The floaty physics on the other hand don't seem that big of a show stopper but might actually fit the game (don't know for sure as didn't play it myself). However the biggest deal breaker for me is that it seems the levels aren't random and without persistent checkpoints (unless I missed that) this would get tedious and dull very fast.

  • ImJPaul

    Still on the fence with this one. Will decide when I see what comes out Wednesday night.

  • Professionalbum

    So since there are bosses in this game is it an "endless runner"?

    • chamuscao

      There are two modes: "story" (it's not endless) and survival (endless).
      It's a very good game, really. It just needs some fixes for the camera and for the jumps and why not?, some content updates.

  • Klas Segeljakt

    you just blew my goddamn mind

  • Himmat Singh

    Wow, that actually looks good - the fight scenes and two playable characters at once seems to add some depth to the gameplay. Surely a new spin on the endless runner. Gotta hope this comes to Android soon enough. 

  • Ondřej Pošta

    Bought and played this game all yesterday's evening and I like it very much. Nice graphics and atmosphere.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    I hate runner games, but wow, this looks like mirror's edge, time crisis like game. And that is not a bad thing.

  • Adams Immersive

    Not on rails! I don’t think I’d call it an endless runner at all! Maybe... I don’t know... but it looks awesome.

  • Dion Booth

    Quite possibly the best trailer ever

  • dylanmannen

    Wow, this looks great! 😀 will w8 for your review. 😉

  • DecafTable

    Interesting premise, but there's no way I could play this with the main character looking like a figure molded out of difficult is it to make some realistic looking character models? Hell Temple Run was ages ago and was more then adequate compared to this.

  • JJE

    Waddling beefcake in ass-less chaps carrying a buxom babe because girls can't run let alone throw a baseball.
    Runners are right up there with zombie games on how best to not get my attention or space on my iPad. It's funny how one throwaway element from Mario 3d (or was it Sonic) has become a "genre"

  • Mike

    What the fuuuu... This is drugs? Mind aspload.

  • danijel korov

    I HATE endles runners, but this is simply AMAZING GAME 😀 Great graphic, great sound/music, great atmosphere, and not endles 🙂 hope for checkpoints in future updates, beside that simply amazing 😀 

  • The#1

    I bought it. Didn't really like it though.

  • l_23mer

    I hate "runners" but this games is great I've spent a lot of time playing. I agree on needing better camera angle for jumping, also checkpoints would be nice, I was thinking and maybe throw in an assortment of guns with upgrades but, the more I think about it I'm less sure about the guns part. Anyways looking forward to seeing where this game goes with some updates and bug fixes! Thanks for a worthwhile runner. "wow a worthwhile runner almost can't believe it myself"

  • hvianna

    Gameplay looks good, but the graphics need some serious polishing.