Little Conquest [$2.99], the exciting super-fast RTS we spotlighted earlier last month, is now out and available across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The $2.99 asking price will get you two versions of the game, basically, as it's a Universal app.

The magic of Little Conquest is how it manages to deliver a good amount of the strategic wizardry and engagement of a blown-up, traditional RTS in a quarter of the time. In the game, you build troops, fortify buildings, and send out waves and waves of attacks in a matter of seconds, reaching and hitting strategic goals within minutes. A decent-length campaign piles on interesting scenarios to spice up the core play, while the production gives you fresh places to explore and play in.

You can read a lot more about Little Conquest here, if you'd like to get some hands-on impressions. In short, it's a cool game. We'll have more on it later.

  • Jensen_G

    This seems to be less of an RTS game and more of the type of game where there are set "bases" and whoever send more guys at each base gains control of that base and can then launch assaults from there (what's the name for that genre? there are lots of space conquest games in that mold…) 

    • Stustaff

      Yeh like Galcon.
      Which Is great but does get a little samey quite quickly. Hopefully this has more to it.

      • Aaron Sullivan

        The other article mentions an economy and different buildings to take/build. I think it goes a bit deeper for sure.

      • battlebit

        You also have magic (i.e. Block enemy's buildings), Siege weapons, heroes, different missions and a couple of variations in the game play (for instance in one level you must tap very quickly all incoming enemies to kill them), so hopefully you won't get bored during the game 🙂

  • B30

    Played the first few levels, I really like it. It's fun to play.

  • Theron Daniel Huffman

    Besides Galcon I can name at least two more games, (Civilization / Supremacy Wars, Castle Warriors),  like this for iOS already. I think the 'Gods' of  nerds decreed that this game will be successful so somehow TA must stay inline with the heavens and give this game a good rating. Sometimes I think there is a 'tech' Illuminati' consisiting of a good ole boy type of elite insiders who band together to push games and apps: e.g. Card Hunter over Minion Masters, Tweetbot over many other more fully featured Twitter clients. And once it is decreed everyone piles on the bandwagon.

    • battlebit

      But i thought you liked Little Conquest :S

  • Theron Daniel Huffman

    It's a cool little game. But it is really very similar to the other games I mentioned, which I think should be noted in the review. Instead one would be led to think that this game is completely unique and original.

    • battlebit

      🙂 Cool Theron, we want to make it as original as we can and we don't forget the gameplay is very old (preceding even galcon at al) 

  • Jason Lozano

    This game could be great if it had a solid multiplayer mode(with ranking, stats or something), but you can't even see your opponent's name or choose your civilization... The whole campaign felt like a tutorial(very short), the penultimate mission was completely pointless.I liked the game and it has a lot of potential, if they could update it. But honestly I think its an expensive little game as it is right now.

    • battlebit

      We're taking every bit of feedback and already working on an update (both in form and content). As for the civ choosing, we want it to be random as initially wouldn't be a lot of players, so it could restrict your playing options.