So, Wild Blood is finally coming out. The 3D, character action game should see a release later tonight, as the app slowly worms its way around the world. In our hour or so with it, we've noticed that it doesn't have any shocking mechanics or systems. It's a pretty straight-forward brawler filled with tons of demonic fodder to brutalize, broken cities, and bosses to fight. But, it is an original game -- a notable quality since its creator Gameloft rarely stretches its creative legs.

In the game, you control a bizarro version of Lancelot who journeys to a Camelot that is being besieged by demons. As Lancelot, you'll be tasked with destroying these demons and saving people from the attack.

Functionally, Wild Blood is a simple hack-and-slash affair with a focus on combo and one-on-one mechanics and systems. Quick taps on the normal attack activate a three hit combo. Later, you'll be able to roll in evade and magic abilities that build even bigger combos, allowing you to "juggle" enemies that pop out from all over the fighting area, including behind your character.

Being able to prioritize foes like, say, archers that spawn from behind, is a big deal. Because Lancelot doesn't seem like he's the King of Crowd Control, so is staying out of situations where you might get surrounded. To this end, Wild Blood has a glide mechanic and a sharp auto-lock system, which lets you evade but roll right back into a foe from a surprising amount of distance. Getting the feel of this is kinda rough at first.

Situational awareness and then identification of the biggest threats is sorta what Wild Blood is all about. Investigating the broken fantasy world of Camelot isn't. Each level is broken into corridors that are gated by demon doors that only disappear if you kill every monster in the area -- a simple enough task, for the most part, since these areas are really more like mini-arenas than any other sort of complex level construct.

As you defeat enemies, gold sprays from their bodies. You can use this gold to buy skins for your weapons and armor, buy potions or upgrade aspects of your sword, jacking up its damage, quickness or even special abilities, like fire damage. Later in the game, you'll get access to a heavier weapon and bow. These can be upgraded, too -- via in-game coin, or if you'd like, a real money exchange for in-game coin.

Anyway, what's interesting about Wild Blood is that you can't call it a rip-off. Sure, its systems and mechanics are immediately familiar and done to death in a billion other games, but it's not an homage to a popular video game. This is an important aspect, we think, and it'll be interesting to see if Gameloft continues doing its own thing moving forward with its future Unreal Engine 3 games.

Wild Blood should appear tonight. We'll have more later, including something on its online component.

  • Awesomenessprime

    I think it's gonna be a big night for releases tonight.

  • Vince

    Plot: Adultery destroyed their world now take up your sword and keel demons.

    lol...the game does look pretty decent but the premise is totally silly(even for a game from this genre).

  • ducksFANjason

    Hmmm it looks fairly generic... And with no loot system, I don't know how much incentive there is to grind and keep battling.

  • sakara214ever

    How is it with iaps? Is Gameloft still trying to get 100$ from us to finish the game?

  • Donald Ronald

    Another half-assed, dense GL game that everyone will gush over. How people are so easily amused by trite linear gameplay is mindboggling. Couldn't even be bothered to add loot? I'll save my money for devs that put personality and life into games. 

  • jeffyg3

    Meh, looks like it might be fun at first, but to me the gameplay looks fairly stale. I have a strange feeling this game is going to be overrated do to hype and graphics, but Gameloft tends to surprise once in a great great great while :/

  • korkidog

    I think I will give this game a pass. I already have Horn, so I will play that instead.

  • Spamstic

    So..what else is released tonight?

  • jamarohn

    When there's a game like Bastion that's $2 cheaper, sure make this look like a hard sell.

  • LonerATO

    The Darksiders 2 loot system sucks so hard. I wish Vigil had just used the same loot/weapon system from the first game. 

  • JJE

    Very generic looking but kudos to GL for making up their own story for a change. $10 and IAP? That will give me pause.
    Is it me or is "lunkheads with an oversized sword" becoming as over saturated as zombie games?
    Luckily GL does like to do sales. I'll give this game another look when that happens.

  • GSJ1977

    News flash: GL attempts original thought. Fails.

  • GiHubb

    Looks dull and repetitive to me. I'll pass. Doesn't look like I'll even bother when it drops to $1 around Xmas!

  • Hehateme78

    Actually looks like a decent hack n slash rpg but I hesitate because it's by Gameloft! Thus far, they have proven to me that their sole concern is that the game looks good. Every game they produce has amazing graphics but lacks substance. After Bastion, I think people won't settle for mediocrity so gameloft might be screwed!

  • Game Gent

    How Gameloft manages to stay in business boggles my mind.

    • Hehateme78

      Preteens who love pretty graphics and mashing one button over and over! Apparantly, there are more of these preteens than we thought!

  • angel841

    The first trailer looked too good. But the gameplay looks kind of boring. I will buy it when its .99

  • nekuru

    No loot? Bye bye!

  • yellowchilli

    certainly does remind me of Devil May Cry..

    • Vince

      cos of the bad VA? >.>

      • yellowchilli

        well the voice acting (that what you mean?) never really stuck out to be particularly bad (relative to say, Resi) or anything. what I mean is...the gameplay looks like DMC (more than GoW).
        i still haven't tried out the game yet though...still waiting for the android version to land.