Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops, a new "social" Metal Gear game, was announced this morning at an event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the series. A GREE executive came out to debut some sort of sizzle trailer, showing off a 3D game built in Unity.

Here's the interesting thing: Social Ops isn't going to be your normal, blown-up Metal Gear sneaking game. Instead, it's a card-based battler that will "let players relive the stories from past entires in the series," says Andriasang. Also, word is that Social Ops is also going to have a Mother Base building component, probably similar to the one in Peace Walker.

Details keep trickling in, so we'll keep you in the loop. Famitsu seems to have scored the exclusive on this, and has some screens.

[via andriasang, images via Famitsu]

  • ImJPaul

    Cards and Metal Gear. For now, I'm reluctant. The only card game I like is Dutch Blitz. My love for Metal Gear Solid might outweigh my love for anything ever though.

  • rodgerodger

    Metal Gear Solid Acid was actually pretty cool (it also used cards), but "Social" Ops? That part concerns me more.

    • ducksFANjason

      Same here... Ac!d 1 and 2 were sick but I want no part of any "social" game. I'llkeep my social life and my gaming separate thank you...

  • pylos

    I was excited until: 'Here's the interesting thing: Social Ops isn't going to be your normal, blown-up Metal Gear sneaking game' now I don't really care

    • Mark

      Is it that hard to understand that all we want is a normal, blown-up Metal Gear sneaking game?

  • GSport70

    Sounds like it will be not so good. Give me action!

  • Andy Houghton

    Yeah I don't know what to expect from cards but I will admit I'm intrigued. It could be the best thing ever, or it could be a total flop. I guess I'll have to decide for myself.

    • bradnicholson

      yeah. for what it's worth, Peace Walker's more mobile-y mechanics were really good -- especially the mother base stuff. provided the right talent is working on this, it could be great.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    so is it metal gear acid? Or isn't it? I mean judging by the screens don't mean that much because acid had cut-scenes in it as well.

  • zornthgrt

    Post my murders to facebook? Nah

  • otakuzod

    Metal Gear Acid still had a lot of sneaking elements, even though it was a card game. This should still be interesting.

  • sekazi

    Metal gear acid was great hopefully this will be similar with multiplayer.

  • Dekon

    Snake is anything but social!

  • pauldavidmerritt

    It cracks me up! Time and time again, developers use this tactic...
    --release a new title with a hot selling name and go half way on production--

    Has anyone ever really seen Lion King 2 1/2? Whomever has seen it has been a victim of the sales tactic I speak of here: Selling a well-known, popular name so developers can cut corners on production.

    We want a fleshed out MG title here! When I see any iOS game that comes out as a serious release, full of great content, giving players what they want to pull out of their pockets to play, I will pay every penny of the well-deserved $6.99!

  • betabetamax

    Has gree been on iOS yet?

  • odi0n

    Hopefully it will be good like Assassins Creed Recollection game.

    I always wondered what a military themed card battler game would be like. Guess I'll find out.