It's Wednesday again and we're back with a whole load of new iOS releases. This week there's even some iPad-exclusive stuff, which for better or for worse seems to have gotten more and more rare these days. Like usual, all of these games should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern on the US App Store barring any sort of release funny business.

Activision Anthology, Free - Forum Thread - What do you know, it's the actual O.G. Pitfall along with 45 other Activision and Imagic games. I'm excited to see what sort of crazy in app purchase mechanics they're employing here. If nothing else, you get Kaboom for free.

Bastion for iPad, $4.99 - Forum Thread - A super-slick XBLA/PC game ported to the iPad with virtual controls and a lower price point than (I think?) it has ever had before. Definitely look into this if you've got an iPad.

Blast-a-Way, $4.99 - Forum Thread - Illusion Labs' new game! They've got a killer library on the App Store already and it's safe to assume Blast-a-Way is going to be just as great as their previous titles.

Crazy Bikers 2, Free - Forum Thread - Hey it's another one of those 2D side scrolling racing games. I always seem to have a good time busting out triple backflips in these.

Dragon Island Blue, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Brad and I weren't that crazy about this game in our TA Plays video, but if you're looking to scratch that Pokemon itch, this might do the trick.

Draw and Roll, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A physics puzzler with a control mechanic that hinges on familiar line drawing stuff. Sure, it's not the most innovative game of the week but these titles tend to be pretty fun.

FireJumpers, $1.99 - Forum Thread - A pixel-y firefighting game, and judging by the video it both looks fairly unique and delightfully complicated.

The Golden Years: Way Out West, 99¢ - Forum Thread - This western-themed town building game seems like it could be pretty cool, but that all hinges on whether or not it's an actual tycoon-style management game or if it leans heavily on time sinks and IAP. Fingers crossed.

Granny Smith, 99¢ - Forum Thread - An ...endless Grandma skater? Well, it's from the guys behind Sprinkle [$1.99] so it could be pretty awesome after all.

The Last Driver, Free - Forum Thread - An endless driver set in the apocalypse. Seems like TheEndApp [Free] but with cars and way more stuff going on.

MiniGlider, 99¢ - Forum Thread - It's been a while since we've seen one of these "see how far you can fly" sort of games, and it always seems like I have fun with them.

Music Master Chopin: Rock, $4.99 - Forum Thread - A Guitar Hero-style game with Chopin music? Well, alright.

Qwak HD for iPad, $1.99 - Forum Thread - A HD version of Qwak [$1.99], what's interesting about this release is that it supports multiplayer via Joypad [Free]. Neat.

Splice: Tree of Life for iPad, $3.99 - Forum Thread - We previewed this game earlier this week, and it's safe to say if you've got an iPad and have enjoyed the other Cipher Prime games, you need this one.

Time Geeks Friends, $2.99/Free - Forum Thread - The original Time Geeks [$0.99] was awesome, and the idea of turn-based Where's Waldo style gameplay seems really appealing in this pseudo-sequel.

  • Himmat Singh

    Wow, that's a lot of games this week. Bastion seems good...I can only hope it comes to Android soon enough. 

    • ImJPaul

      Why are you on an iOS site if you want android news?! Just curious.

      • Metroview

        Where does it say that anyone without an iDevice are not allowed on an iOS based site?! Just curious.

      • bluspacecow

        Probably saw something retorted on twitter or something similar

      • ImJPaul

        I never said he wasn't aloud. It just seems silly to read news that isn't applicable to your device. About as productive as window shopping.

      • ImJPaul

        If we can convert another android user over to iOS with our plethora of amazing games then I say, browse away!

      • Joharn Orkslayer

        Does it ever occur to you he could have both devices? He just prefers to play Bastion on an Android phone or something?

      • Himmat Singh

        Ah man, thanks very much. Indeed, I have an iPad 2 as well. I prefer my Tegra 3 Android tablet though, because it has greater functionality. The iPad 2 is way smoother, but just too plain for me. 

        Thing is, I play games on both tablets, but on my iPad, I only play the free ones. I have limited my paid games to Android (Google Play) as it's better to invest in one platform (everything is there). Plus I got an Android tablet before the iPad, so yea I went down that path.

      • Kevin Roberts

        I can see where you're coming from, I have both an Andriod tablet and an iPad too, but I'm kind of the opposite, as I tend to prefer to play games on the iPad instead. But my Andriod tablet is a 7" one so I use it more on the go where I prefer to use my bigger iPad at home.

      • Himmat Singh

        Well, that's like saying PS3 users shouldn't go about reading news on Xbox 360 game sites, when in true fact there's a great chance the game will end up on both platforms. I'm just a mobile gaming enthusiast who wants to keep abreast with the latest happenings, and I happen to have an iPad 2 as well, just that I don't pay for apps/games on iTunes (I do that on Google Play).

      • Himmat Singh

        Come on dude. Most games are cross-platform these days. Sooner or later, they'd come to Android. I was merely stating my hope after seeing the list. No wrong in that. Plus, I have an iPad 2, just that I don't invest in the ecosystem so I won't buy Bastion on it. 

    • bluspacecow

      That would depend on lot on the crew that makes Bastion feeling passionate enough about it to do it.

      From what I've read Bastion appears to be written using Mono which as far as I can tell is a technology for cross platform game dev.

      So they could possibly fully do it , it would have to be for a _device_ they feel passionate about if the feeling I get from their blog is correct.

      So maybe not all Android devices maybe the higher end ones.

    • Danny Perski

      Don't hold your breath, good games are on iOS.

  • kiggle

    Dear Eli,


  • 1@N

    Did star command miss another deadline? Didn't they say july or August?

  • Scott

    If I had an iPad I would immediately jump on Bastion (even though I've beaten it twice - it's that good!) but nothing else really looks that promising.  Just the same game over and over with different skins.

  • rodgerodger

    Bastion was on sale before at $3.75 a couple times already. While a good game, I'm skeptical this will translate well to a touch screen unless they redesigned a few aspects of the game and levels. Its dual-stick mechanics rely on too many buttons having to move, shoot, and shield all at once.

    What I am excited to see is Splice. I've been meaning to pick that up, and it looks perfect for iPad.

    • bluspacecow

      The Bastion guys have an FAQ up on their blog about the controls and the differences between the ipad version and the other versions.

      I think they thought of that and maybe addresses

  • metalcasket

    Aw here we go again. Pitfall? Come on!!! You are kidding me right? this sh..t for free with IAP??? All these devs seem like they are bored and nowadays Appstore is full of retro games and i can only guess that this happens cause the graphics are much easier. All i hear and see is retro retro retro retro retro. Well i am a retro lover but this goes too much. Just make a game of your own and stop making a sh..tty game with green or blue dots naming it retro and searching for idiots who would buy IAP to play it. I would not buy it even if it was the only game ever made.

    EDIT: Ugh... Disclaimer: Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch...this (*points upwards*) is for Brad.

  • ImJPaul

    Do u know I'd they sped up the walking in Dragon Island Blue or if they made an actual battle sequence yet?! Once they add those I'll be all over it. A suprisingly good week. Great week to own an iPad. I just wish they made more exclusives for this 3rd gen iPad of mine.

  • Jared Nelson

    Granny Smith where have you been all my life?!

    • ImJPaul

      I am 100% with you. Just watched the gameplay video and for a dollar I couldn't even come up with an excuse NOT to get it. I'm gonna catch that damned apple thief.

  • jeffyg3

    Ok list, Bastion though is a AAA Xbox 360 game which I loved...only one on that list I think is worthy of being an early adopter for 

  • Deixa

    Same old, same old! This is going to be a cheap week for me. Absolutely nothing here worth getting!

    • JBRUU

      Except Bastion

      • Deixa

        If I owned an iPad then yeah

      • subshell001

        this should be an expensive week then, not cheap, since you really should go buy an iPad so you can play Bastion. 😉

      • Deixa

        Good one 😉

  • Optic-9

    Looks like a weak lineup this week, but with The World Ends With You and Final Fantasy Dimensions I can't really complain. Bastion is a cool game but I'll wait to see how the controls are.

  • Ataris8327

    Still waiting for jet set radio.

  • Paddy Grant Sullivan

    Blast away looks awesome.

  • Shinsaku

    Anyone hear anything if Madden 13 comes out tonight as well? Just curious for all those football fiends!

    • ImJPaul

      Probably next week. They're always a little late with the iOS port of Madden and the Internet is surprisingly empty of any information.

  • DecafTable

    Skipped over Bastion when I had my XBox. If it turns out ok on iPad I just may give it a try!

  • REkzkaRZ

    Was gonna gripe about all the iPad only games -- until I saw what they were.  Meh!
    I'd pass on these sad game imposters even if they paid me to play 'em!

  • Kevin Roberts

    I purchased the entire collection of the Activision collection and I can say it's a wonderful collection of golden oldies. Add this to the Elite Speccy and C64 collections and the Midway Arcade collections, the iPad is starting to become my main go to for my Retro fix. Having been a gamer since the start of the 80's, I'm really enjoying be able to play these older games again in a convenient, affordable and legal mannor.

  • Lomyr

    Darn... I need to get myself an iPad.