Today Brad and I get busy on a high-profile port of Square Enix’s critically acclaimed RPG The World Ends With You. It first hit the US on the Nintendo DS in 2008, and was praised for its unique art style, accurate portrayal of Japanese youth culture, and an interesting dual-screen battle system that had you controlling two characters simultaneously, one using the touch screen and one using the d-pad and buttons.

It’s this dual-combat system that received the most radical reworking bringing the game to iOS, hence the new title The World Ends With You: Solo Remix [$17.99 / $19.99 (HD)]. That second character you’d normally be controlling on the top screen of your DS has been worked into the main character’s repertoire of offensive moves, and it seems to work out just fine in my short time with the game.

The rest of the game should seem mostly how you remember it if you played the DS original. The comic book-like presentation and art style is fantastic, and the story and characters are all sharp enough that I’ve been having no trouble being engaged in what’s happening and wanting to push on. If you can look past some of our off-topic discussion about Brad cutting his hair and possibly waxing his chest, you should get a good look at what the entire first chapter of The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is like on iOS in the video below.

  • Kevin Roberts

    I was disappointed that the first iPad was left out as this game doesn't seem like anything it couldn't handle. I thought I'd see if it would be possible to run the iPhone version on my iPad, but for some reason it wont come up in the app store. Was it taken down?

    • VeganTnT

      Unfortunately Square Enix made the Flash a requirement for the iPhone version to restrict it to iPhone hardware only.

      That means that not only will it not run on an iPad but you won't even see it on the AppStore.

      If you want to play it on an iPad you'll have to pay extra for the non-retina HD version :/

      • Kevin Roberts

        Thanks for the info, I didn't even know that the app store did that since most games just won't let you buy it on a device that it doesn't support. I guess it's just an underhand trick to force iPad owners to get the more exspensive one. Still, since this game would also apeal to a lot of older kids, who's parents may have gotten them iPod touches instead of iPhones, you have to wonder what they were thinking.

    • Fawks

      I'm having that problem but with my iPod touch 4th gen...

  • DocBox

    Ouch, that price hurts my wallet!

    • Sanuku

      NZ $47,98 The World Ends with You: Solo Remix + ... for iPad
      NZ $33,00 Final Fantasy Dimensions

      No Call of Duty Black Ops 2 + Premium this Year for Me. Being a Square Enix Fanboy does hurt sometimes...

      • ConceptNormal

        Actually being an adult with a full time job and my own place pays off cuz I'm able to get both 😉 and anything else my heart desires.

  • wingz

    Wish i had a iphone.…

  • Nuno Lourenço

    Bad price

    • CzarBrain


    • Alex13111

      I disagree. It is a port that was actually worked on to support iOS, unlike FF1-FF3 (Although there was some work done on FF3). I think it is a good price.

    • mclifford82

      Yeah!  It should be $0.99!!!!  I can't believe I'm being asked to pay more than $0.99 this is an outrage.

      • swatbot

        I'm sure there's a happy medium out there somewhere beyond charging a price for a game that looks like it's maybe worth $10 compared to other games on the app store (which have more competitive and reasonable features like universal support), and giving it away for 99 cents, which is an argument nobody here has made.
        Fanboys and their false dichotomies..

      • Nick

        No one is here saying it should be a dollar!!

        And even if there are those who believe it should be, they're still not in the majority.

        The biggest farce of this game, though, is that SQENIX has added a flash requirement to the game, restricting its purchase to not just the iPhone, but specifically NOT the iPad. It's a smarmy way of handling a pricing structure. There's no excuse for them to release the game on the iPhone and NOT allow it to be played on the iPad. No, Sq did not want us only purchasing 1 version of the game to run on both devices. It's shady, no ifs, and buts.

        As to the TA Plays, I listened to my first one today, The Simpsons game, and all I could notice was how unprepared the play sessions were. No back story on the game, and Eli sounded like he was going to pass out, he had zero enery and was just.... Bored

  • Gridr

    (Mispost, please disregard 🙂 )

  • Gridr

    Really bad price and app strategy for a really amazing game. When the average cost of a game is $1.04, this really looks like someone doesn't know what they're doing.

    I would have easily shelled out $10 (which is really quite high for a game on the app store) if the app cost that much, was Universal, and utilized iCloud. With those features at $5 I likely would have purchased several copies for friends.

    A commenter on the other article even claimed that trying to play the iPhone version on an iPad netted a "requires device with camera flash" error. It seems like Square-Enix is either entirely out of touch, greedy, or both.

    • DotComCTO

      I disagree. SE has priced the game based on how they want to define its value, and *not* on how iOS/App Store buyers have been trained by "race to the bottom" pricing. What SE is saying is that for high quality gaming to live on iOS, they must be priced as high quality games on other gaming devices would be priced; otherwise, it just isn't worth it to them.

      So, your choices are to either buy it...or wait until Christmas for some nominal sale price (e.g., $5 drop at most)...or just don't buy it.

      • Gridr

        I think there's definitely a place for higher-priced, premium games on the app store. Carcassone is $10, and—although one of the spendier games on the app store—is certainly worth the price (and sports universality, as well as other features).

        $18 for an iPhone game and $20 for that same game on the iPad (and making it so you can't play the iPhone version on the iPad), is absurd.

      • World Citizen

        I love the pricing policy of SE because you get a full game and not some crippleware where on top of the $7.49 as in HORN, you have to buy IAP to upgrade your weapons/armor etc

        I wrote to the company and they replied that if you don't want to grind then buy upgrades from IAP. So they charge you $7.49 and then upgrading is going to cost you another $15 on top and the game's not 100th as good as this.

      • Niclas Johansson

        Wasn't The IAPs in Infinity Blade 1 and 2 the same as in Horn? Crippleware, you're saying?

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        Never played horn but played IB 1/2.

        the only real issue is when either grinding to anything takes entirely way too much time or if grinding is entirely boring.

      • swatbot

        I'm quite a ways into Horn and I haven't made one single IAP nor have I needed to. What are you talking about?

      • swatbot

        It's pretty obvious that Square is pricing their games by how they 'want to define their value'. Compared to what you can get these days for $20 to $30, their pricing is simply over the top. But hey, if somebody wants to blow that amount of cash on games that are non universal and don't really have all that comparatively high production values for the price, it's a free country!

      • DotComCTO

        Swatbot, you're 100% right. People vote with their dollars/euros/pounds/yen..oh, you get the idea!  😛

        I'm not sure this game appeals to me, so I'd probably hold off on buying for quite some time. On the other hand, a WW2 TBS game like Battle Academy was something I had been looking for on the iPad since day 1 of the iPad release. So, I was totally willing to plunk down the $20 for that game. For me, that has been an excellent purchase, and I am absolutely getting my money's worth. As for TWEWY, it's probably a game I'd never really play, but there are plenty of fans out there that want it, right?  🙂

      • swatbot

        For sure. I don't mind spending $20 either (I've bought a couple SE titles for iPad that were pushing that price point, CRII and FFT) and I'd be willing to spend even more on iOS games for quality products.
        In my experience having spent a good chunk of my college years steeped in Japanese pop culture, as soon as you have anything remotely related to Japanese RPGs or anime in any way you can charge a premium price and fans will shell out.

    • mclifford82

      A game's value is not determined by the price of it's peers, but by the quality of the experience.  

      AppStore entitlement makes me sick.

  • InfectiousRed

    Not universal? 2 huge prices?
    I'd say "ouch", but this is typical SquareEnix. That makes it sadly just "expected".

  • lecti

    Is this all in English?  Does it have any other language option?

    • Alex13111

      Everyone always hating on the dubbed version of a game. Tsk tsk.

  • Bruce Snell

    Be forewarned: the iPad version is very much NOT in HD. It looks like a bad double pixel blow up. Really disappointed in that given the price.

    • Onikage725

      A non-HD "HD" version from Squenix? Surely you jest!

  • Armaan Khan

    There are $0.99 games that I regret buying, because they were so poor. I paid $20 for the iPad version of TWEWY and do not regret it one bit. It's a fantastic game and a great example of getting what you paid for, which in this case is a lot.

    • nekros

      Second the above. I hovered fir a while at the price, but since I bit, I have no regretted it in the least. Worth every penny IMO.

  • JJE McManus

    I don't have a problem with the pricing. SqEnix has a loyal fanbase. Biggest fan complaint I've heard is this is a remake not a sequel. 
    Not being a fan of JRPGs, I don't care. The writing is the caliber of Cartoon Network, that's some sort of complement I guess. The soundtrack is first rate, the game gets in the way of it sometimes. Art is stylized graffiti modern, striking but not remarkable. 
    But the new controls concern me and fans alike. It's a deep story from what I've been told. Are the controls going to hold up?
    So for now I'm holding off. In the unlikely event they ever hold a sale for a sawbuck I'll give it another look. 

    • MrAlbum

      Considering that Cartoon Network gave us Samurai Jack, I consider that a compliment 😉

      I understand if JRPGs aren't your thing. However, I'd like to point something out:

      In most (if not all) JRPGs, you play as a hero/group of heroes out to save the world.

      In The World Ends With You (TWEWY for short), the fleshed-out human characters are fighting for their own lives, not for anyone else's sake.

      In most (if not all) JRPGs, the setting is some permutation of high fantasy.

      In TWEWY, the setting is an alternate pseudo-true-to-life version of an existing city block from Tokyo (the Shibuya district).

      In most (if not all) JRPGs, the battles are turn-based and require very little skill and/or action, just a command of basic tactics for the most part. Also, random battles. *shiver*

      In TWEWY, the controls are action-oriented and require BOTH a command of tactics AND physical tapping/swiping skill and accuracy. AND, no random battles 8D

      So, purely from the perspective of these differences, it looks like TWEWY not only differs from traditional JRPGs, it radically departs from all the tired gameplay tropes that, if I comprehended your post correctly, make JRPGs not your thing. If you haven't given the game a try yet, and you're willing to risk about $20 depending on your device, then I'd recommend you try it. You can always ask for a refund if it doesn't live up to my recommendation ^_^

      I do know that whether or not an aesthetic is pleasing depends heavily on an individual's preferences, so I won't discuss those specifics. However, as long as these aspects are unified under a solid theme, whether subtle or not, then I would say that such a game has succeeded at showing gamers a specific experience, which has artistic merit.

      After all, what is more artistic: a flawed, poorly-set painting that exemplifies the specific trials and travails of human life and how there is no end to the suffering, or a bland, accessible yet competently composed painting of some random person?

      I bring up this analogy to say that, as far as I can tell, TWEWY succeeds at a unified aesthetic, and succeeds at expressing a deeper theme to gamers that play it:

      The paradoxical alienation and disconnect from the majority of humanity that the current generation has undergone as a result of advanced technology, extreme commercialism and a drifting away from the "traditional" knowledge of the past. As a result, life is composed of apathy, one's peers, and meaningless noise that needs to be "erased" from view so that life can continue as it is; never changing, and never wanting to change.

      So take that however you will. Do whatever you wish to do. Just be aware that TWEWY does something few games (compared to the near-endless tide of, well, every other game) ever come even close to doing: approaching true artistic merit, without sacrificing the elements that make the video gaming medium so unique, which is player interaction.

      Those are my thoughts, in regards to your post.


      Mr. Album

      • MrNagasaki

        What about Mario? 🙁

      • JJE McManus

        I can't really disagree with you. As I said fans of SqE are really loyal to this form. It just really leaves me cold. I have plenty of friends who swear by the FF series, 80% of the games I play are RPGs yet I just could not get into it. But my opinion is nothing when compared to the series success. I really wanted to like Xenoblade Chronicles, the reviews hit all my buttons. Yet somewhere around the hundredth iteration of of one of the characters attack phrases I was done. The failure, dear Brutus, is in our souls not our games. 
        But I digress we were talking about TWEWY. I assume in later stages you'll be controlling more than just the two characters. How that will turn out remains to be seen. Team based play will eventually find its place on mobile devices and this is a step in that direction. For that matter so was Tiny Troopers albeit nowhere near as polished or deep or whathaveyou. I applaud taking chances with how the action is controlled. Must I pay so much for a scheme that may prove to be unworkable?
        It's the motifs of this form, the long suffering emo lead character, characters who say "...", the constantly repeated stereotypes; that's what I can't get past.   Lord knows I've tried and learned to hate Kagome in the process. 
        It's not the same caliber as SJack, no way. It is as well written and as competently produced as Code Geass, Bleach, or Kekkaishi. But that is damning with faint praise because for every Beebop or Trigun theres a dozen pre-teens in short skirts who can suddenly talk to Death. 
        Maybe it's a cultural thing, I could accept that. What kills me is the amount of polish that went into TWEWY and it's the same characters from a half a dozen anime series and the same "why don't I fit in" storyline. The tank Beat with a broken heart and weak mind, aargh! Is there an annoying female with glasses later on?
        Love it by all means. It can only help but make mobile gaming better for all of us. Just don't ask me to pay a premium to a company whose biggest hits, FF, KH & DQ held no interest for me.
        With respect,
        The OFAP
        (Old Fart At Play)

      • MrAlbum

        Well, I'd like to say something:

        Most "emo" characters brood because they WANT to communicate, BUT THEY DON'T, for some half-baked reason. The main character (Neku) doesn't want to communicate AT ALL. He's remarkably cold-hearted, when all is said and done. Sure, there's the POTENTIAL for angst. But it's never realized.

        Essentially, Neku goes "......" not because he's "upset" or "angry". He does that because he has nothing he wants to say. The game, as you may have noticed, shows Neku's thoughts. And those thoughts show how inwardly frustrated he is with the people he's forced to interact with.

        Sure, later on Neku starts to relax his guarded, distant persona. But he still doesn't say much. Because he just doesn't want to deal with people, because he doesn't understand them. He never has; and, if he gets what he wants, he never will.

        If that sounds "emo" to you, then so be it. The character never felt "emo" to me because of what I explained above. If that fits your definition, tho, to each their own ^_^

        As to your reference to Anime tropes: This came from Japan. Anime came from Japan, and Anime has several clearly-defined tropes both cliche AND original. I do see some of them in TWEWY. However, it still doesn't FEEL cliche or tired at all to me, and I've seen all sorts of Anime.

        As to the combat: I can say that it is frantic and fun as hell. Managing cross combos with your partner character (you can only bring one to battle, never a full team) is juxtaposed with avoiding enemy attacks. The difficulty of the combat is also insanely customizable, from the AI to the health you have to the micromanagement of gear. The thing is, you can make the combat as difficult as you want, and always feel challenged.

        It controls through taps and swipes. You do have to be somewhat accurate; this may be a time where an iPad/iPhone stylus may be preferred, but it's not necessary. I do find it hard to imagine other games using the combat system in TWEWY better than how TWEWY did. Considering that the game has had insane amounts of praise lavished on the combat system, both from the original DS and this re-worked version (I played both versions, and I actually prefer the iOS combat better ^_^), then I would put my foot where my mouth is and say the combat is well-designed, and it is hard to see other games improving on the method, in the near or distant future.

        As for whether or not the game is worth its price point: Basing your opinion on just one aspect of the game ignores the afore-mentioned polish that the other areas of the game received, whereas those elements are integral to the game experience. The fact that the game does SO WELL at all areas to be judged, means that it can satisfy most anyone who picks it up.

        So, the combat, or the story, or the art, or the music may not be worth it on their own. HOWEVER, with all those elements combined into one package, I would definitely say the game is "worth it". If you don't feel like the whole package is worth it, then that's your decision.

        But, well, seriously: THE GAME IS A GOOD GAME. You can always get a refund if you're not satisfied... unless there is something about how Apple handles refunds that I'm unaware of.

      • swatbot

        See, this is exactly why I've gradually lost interest in the whole jRPG and anime scene. And no disrespect to you, because I've heard these lines so many times before. But it gets tiring when jpop entertainment sets itself up to be profoundly philosophical and in the end all I get is a shallow date with Doctor Obvious (not you, but the game or anime narrative), making old and tired statements that were done better decades ago in classic science fiction, better because they were done with far more nuance. The whole alienation/technology is such an old and easy cop out, it ignores so many other far more potent social causes of alienation (try watching some classic samurai films for tales of cultural coersion leading to extreme alienation), and it of course always conveniently skips over the instances where technology reduces alienation. What I'm saying is basically, I find so many of these things set themselves up to be really 'deep' and they just come off sophistic and pretentious, with enough fallacies and omissions to empty a swiss cheese. Maybe this game doesn't, if it actually has something new and interesting to say, sign me up. /rant

      • MrAlbum

        And well-made art has the capacity to explore a specific subject and come to its own conclusions in a logical and well-explained manner. While science fiction has explored the above themes I brought up with more nuance in the past, IT WAS ALMOST NEVER EFFECTIVELY EXPLORED IN A GAME. The System Shock/Deus Ex games come close... but I just can't think of anything else that explores those themes through the lens of interpersonal/interpersonal actions/reactions. Anime is defined by how well it shows these themes from the eye of another person, NOT some Almighty Entity observing the goings-on from afar (I.e. the reader of the sci-go story), and thusly making conclusions. Anime is decidedly driven by its characters, and uses those characters as vehicles to explore the themes I described. And this aspect was fused into TWEWY, and I heavily enjoy it as a result.

        Now, for a tangent!

        If you want an anime that abandons the tropes and travails of other anime and showcases the artistic strengths of the medium PROPERLY, then I'd like to make a suggestion:


        Check it out. It's like nothing you've ever seen in an anime.


        Now, back to TWEWY:

        True, the characters appear to match many anime tropes. However, I'd like to point something out:

        The characters are Japanese.

        Anime comes from Japan.

        Therefore, to allow people to identify these characters as modern Japanese teenagers, aspects of the Anime tropes were used to help foreigners connect the characters with the Japanese culture they belong to. And from this base, greater character traits independent of those tropes are used to help give them personality and identities beyond the base level of their tropic origins.

        If Final Fantasy is how Japanese folklore is adapted to video games, then TWEWY is how modern and urban Japanese life is adapted to video games.

        As a result, I fail to see how the issues you brought up are serious enough to cripple this game from a story standpoint.

        I understand that you're angry at Anime for not being classic sci-fi. But the genres are different, and the mediums they use are different. Therefore, they must be judged by themselves, independent of comparison to each other, BECAUSE THEY ARE FUNDAMENTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES AND FORMS OF ART. It's like comparing a Braeburn to a Granny Smith; they may both be apples, but they taste, look and feel different from each other. It's the same difference in comparing sci-fi to Anime; both are genres of art, but they radically differ in terms of delivery and tropic bases.

        Need I bring up "all-powerful" poorly-explained aliens? Need I bring up "robots turning evil"? Need I bring up malicious and omniscient "Big Brother"? These are tropes of classic sci-fi. The genre isn't immune from its own cliches. Therefore, to bash another genre's tropes is... well... hypocritical.

        I'd recommend you think about that.

      • swatbot

        Hey there thanks for the response, and I agree with your recommendations (I've seen mushi-shi, and Deus Ex and System Shock 2 both dazzled me when they came out way back when). 

        I'm not angry at anime for not being classic sci fi (I didn't say that anywhere). The reasons I listed boredom with anime were the same reasons I'm also equally bored with hollywood sci fi--so much of it is predictable.  Your bringing up overused sci fi tropes is exactly what I mean.  Robots always turning evil, think of the I Robot movie, the story was so predicatable.  Compare it to the _classic_ original Isaac Asimov series where instead of the robots turning evil, they simply were used to explore human nature and interaction with technology and went on all kinds of elaborate tangents in the process.

        I don't mind tropes, I just don't like it when they turn what could have been an interesting story into something where you know the ending from the start.  I loved Xenogears when it came out even though it had Japanese anime tropes throughout, it still went to interesting places and had an interesting sci fi story that actually made sense in the end somehow (wonder how this game has fared with age).   And yes there's still some great anime out there, but it's getting hard to find IME. 

        (Lastly I've studied Japanese for years, hacked my way through the joyo and some classic lit, met many Japanese kids and had my stereotypes dashed, all in all just enough to learn how little I know of Japan and how little of it one learns from anime, because anime and games reference very particular Japanese subcultures which are stigmatized in Japan.  Which doesn't lessen their value, just pointing out, they come from Japan.. in the same way that Comic Con or Star Trek conventions come from the US.  Comics can have excellent stories too of course.  But they are hardly representative of real Japanese or American teenagers, other than through the lens of hyperbole and caricature).

        Not criticizing the game, I haven't played it, but when you talked about the game in your post, I wanted more information to see if it really was interesting.  Anyhoo, since I think you have good taste in anime and games, this raises my interest in the game a notch 😀 

        (How long is it, does it progress, does it recycle a lot of content or keep things going till the end?  If it's interesting enough, maybe I'll wait for the $5 off sale, as I am always dying for a good jRPG)

      • MrAlbum

        It's about 15-30 hours from the reviews I've seen, and that depends on if you want to spend time mastering the various pins and fashion trends. While the core combat mechanics stay the same once you get into them, new attacks and pins do switch things up somewhat. This game is heavily driven by its story, and the story moves along at a good clip, with great pacing so things don't feel like they get stale.

      • swatbot

        Cool, thanks for the info.

  • Ponycakes

    Can someone who's played TWEWY on the DS please describe the differences in control scheme/response? Top screen or not, if the touches, slides, and taps aren't done as smoothly as the DS version, I'm out.

    • ducksFANjason

      I've played both and while the iOS port isn't quite as responsive as the DS, it still gets the job done spectacularly well IMO. One way to make it better is to stop using your thumbs, and play with your index finger. Since I switched to that method, I've had no issues whatsoever! I thought the dumbed down partner control would seriously hinder the game, but I've got to say that I still VERY much enjoy the combat here on iOS and I'm very happy with the purchase (other than Square's huge middle finger by disabling the iphone version from running on my ipad 3).

    • MrAlbum

      The touches/swipes are even smoother/more precise from the DS version, and combat is just as frantic ^_^. The game made a graceful transition to iOS, which very few ports manage to accomplish.

  • Fawks

    Ok guys. Think that it was originally for ds for $30+. Same with ff3.

  • Tresu

    Listening to you guys talk and play games is absolutely awful and cringe inducing. Please stop and let us just check out the games, I had to stop watching after the first 30 seconds because the gooniness was killing me.

    • doctapeppa

      I come here to watch these guys play the games and give their opinions on the games. If you simply want to see gameplay action there's YouTube.

      • Tresu

        If they added anything of benefit via their discussion it would be fine, but instead we get to listen to awful attempts at humor/irony/sarcasm.

    • Alex Caldwell

      Are you seriously going to call someone Goony outside of SA, you neckbearded loser? I'm with you though, these videos are like listening to Beavis and Butthead review games without the benefit of writing jokes beforehand.

      • Tresu

        At least a couple of the dudes that run this site are goons so it was p. much warranted.

    • Micah Peterson

      I 100% disagree.

      I look forward to the TA Plays videos and while certainly some can get long winded, I feel like I get an actual preview, not just a mashup of the best moments of the entire game to make it look amazing. 

      I MUCH prefer this type of reviewing (with tangents) to the laser focused "serious" reviews that don't seem to have any fun with it.

  • Hi.Ka.Ri

     Why do you add the tag "iPod touch games" when iPods are not supported by this game?

    • MrAlbum

      That's a good point. I move to eradicate the tag from this thread! Do I have a second to my motion?

      • MrAlbum

        *article, not thread (darn forum mentality >_<

  • spyro20


    • ducksFANjason

      *Professor Quirrell bursts in*

      "Troll in the dungeon!!! Thought you ought to know..."

  • Kevin Andrada

    God I hate SE for not releasing this on iPod Touch 4G! 🙁

  • NPeart

    I would have liked a sequel, as now they had to dilute the experience. With the sequel they could have come up with some thing that used iPhone/Pads stregths. Perhaps the sequel is coming to 3DS.

  • Klas Segeljakt

    So it's basically about killing frogs with pogs.

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      haha in a sense huh. still i'd say it's at  the very least it's more amusing.

    • MrAlbum

      I'm not sure what pogs are. If they involve pyrokinesis, then maybe.

      Then again you also kill wolves, wolf-men, porcupines, bats, kangaroos....

      This game is WEIRD, huh? weirdly AWESOME!!!!

  • Rothgarr

    I was on the fence about downloading this. Two things in the description made me purchase it 1) At 589MB it would fit on my iPad 3, and 2) Retina graphics.

    Well guess what... the app is actually 2.3 GB (!) and it's not retina optimized for iPad 3. It took 4 or 5 attempts to download, each time with me deleting more and more apps off my device. How can they be so far off in the description? It's 4x larger than advertised...

    • ducksFANjason

      Most apps are compressed at download and need to decompress when being installed... The good news is that this game is worth EVERY DAMN KILOBYTE...

  • FreezeFrozen

    a 3 years ( DS!!!)  old portage at this price will never worth it.

    A lot of legendary portages have been done, but most are at a correct price ( from 0.99 $ to up..)
    I will not buy it. And I encourage warned gamers to do so. 

    • Gabriel.Voyager

      And who you are? The supreme Judge of the correct price?
      And where are the legendary portages that cost only .99? LOL 😀

      • FreezeFrozen

        I speak in my humble name thats all 🙂 I know who I am , that is a good start to talk about what i like or not... Nevermind
        One of the portage I was thinking about is Another World

      • MrAlbum

        I never did play that game; I never had a brain capable of solving classic adventure games. Considering that Another World was lauded as being one of the best games of its kind, I'm glad to hear they must have done a good job with that port ^_^

    • MrAlbum

      If SE had simply ported the DS version at the DS resolution with virtual buttons where needed, ala Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright, then I would agree.

      But they didn't.

      The artwork was re-done from the ground up to look amazing on iDevices. There's a forum post in the iPhone version thread that shows just how drastically different the resolution is compared to the DS version, as well as how the original DS graphics were not simply kept and upscaled. There is no upscaling, because this was re-worked specifically for the platform it was ported to.

      How does this make the iOS TWEWY a "watered-down port"? It was hand-crafted to work and play well on iOS. That means that it isn't "watered down" and it is a great port.

      Therefore, you should support it! We NEED good ports of critically acclaimed games that never quite reached the audience it should have in their original run. A port like this breathes new life into the TWEWY IP, and gives hope for future games in the series.

      If you let this die due to misinformation, then you will have forfeited your geek card.


      Well, that was more intense than I had planned! Didn't mean to sound condescending; I was just upset at the misinformation, is all.

      • FreezeFrozen

        Sorry i knew went to far .... 🙂
        I didnt want to offense any fan.
        Have fun with this game.

  • geminifox13

    I encourage gamers to purchase a great game

  • skrillmau5

    You guys are idiots all you people expect is a 99 Cent game when a lot of them are crap. This is a REAL game not no 5 minute app you touch and never play again! Do any of you actually play a console or pc ???? Those games are 60$ plus!!
    This is just 20 for a great game , an ACTUAL game for once. It just makes me sick that people asking for a 99 cent game, those people are the ones that havent even played the game on the ds.

    • FreezeFrozen

      From 99 to up..
      I got a lot of title bought at 99 , or free or up ! I recently bought walking dead for,example... It is not a matter of bank account. It is a matter of good balance and marketing. when i see this offeri just do a u turn.

  • grits

    Hey bro's, maybe next time start on the second chapter or so so we can see some more of the actual game. Too many cut scenes!

  • Coachflaps

    Need to add more money to my iTunes, was saving what is in my account for Baldurs Gate. I played this, but don't recall finishing on my DS. I really don't think the price is unreasonable, but then again I own other game systems and pay much more than this for games. I don't mind paying for ports if they're good games. I gladly paid $40 for Zelda: Ocarina of Time for my 3DS and I still own the original game and have a working GameCube. I'd gladly pay more, and already have, for fully fleshed out games comparable to other platforms rather than spending money on casual games. I still buy some casual games, but not near as often as i did when I purchased the original iPhone.

  • pajman sarafzadeh

    hi Guys,

    no offence intended, but your video review is darn near un-watchable.

    You need to iterate and edit much better.
    TA is such a good professional website, but your videos are really terrible. This one being the worst I have watched. 

    It is very long but with nothing to say. , the two speakers-narrators are very confused, they have a lot of trouble starting and their ideas do not get across to the audience.. They are also constantly jumping back and forth and they obviously did not spend any time choosing gameplay footage.

    Better not to do it than to do it so poorly,
    Your better than that.

    Again, no offence intended, only constructive criticism from a long time fan

  • korkidog

    I bought and didn't like the DS version, so I will skip this version.

  • ConceptNormal

    Welcome to Consule-like Video Games. This dude always seems to hate on the games he's not playin but then just because he's playin that zombie endless runner trash where you shoot back, the game is godly? Stop hating on games where it not only requires your hands but your brain and patience and characters with names that we don't call "cats"

  • XarethTitan

    I think I'm getting the original version(nds) and this version to get the hang of this game. This is also a great game thanks to its interesting plot which I find very unique from other games.

  • XarethTitan

    Will be getting the iOS Version soon

  • Kurosupairu

    I think that it was a good idea for square enix to port this game to the ios because it allows people who aren't able to buy the original game to play it wherever they go with improved graphics. However, having to buy two separate versions to play it on both your iphone and your ipad, especially with the high price tag, was not a good idea. I'd love to play it but unfortunately I only have an ipod touch. I don't really understand why you cant play it on an ipod touch though since i have ios 5 on it and on the app store it says it only requires ios 4.3. hopefully they'll release and ipod touch version or something like that eventually.