There are a lot of great first- and third-person shooters on the App Store, but easily my favorite pure shooter is the recently released Trigger Fist [Free] from Lake Effect. By actually stripping away some of the features that have become commonplace in shooters nowadays, Trigger Fist manages to remain more focused on the action of the firefights themselves and doesn’t get bogged down with cumbersome control issues.

Trigger Fist just feels like the perfect little shooter to have on the go, something you can play for a couple of minutes at a time or for hours on end, online or offline, and it’s always guaranteed to serve up a good time. There are more robust shooters on the App Store, and they do what they do well, but Trigger Fist is the game for those who never got quite comfortable with the others and just want some fun fragging on the go.

Yesterday, the guys at Lake Effect "pulled the trigger" on a freebie promotion for Trigger Fist, and as of right now you can grab the game for free. It launched at $4.99 less than a month ago, but some Game Center issues affecting game saves and matchmaking have caused an otherwise fantastic game to stumble out of the gate. Subsequently the online pool of players could definitely use a shot in the arm. 

This is a great opportunity for any fence sitters to jump in on the game and fill out the online lobbies. Some of the kinks in the game have been worked out with recent updates, and the team is dedicated to fixing anything else that pops up as well as adding new content to the game.

As with any sale Trigger Fist can go back up in price at any time, so definitely give the game a download for free right away if you're interested. You can also refer to our original review of Trigger Fist or our TA Plays video if you need a closer look at the game, and our forums are where you want to be for discussion and to find some online competition.


    Guess it didn't sell so well. Pity because it's actually a great game.

    • Enjoo

      Yeah I really liked it

  • xDyNaMiiCx

    Trigger fist was a big letdown for me, I really wanted lake effect to remove the bots in match making, replaced for real players that have accounts connected to Gamecenter. This game had the potential to becoming the best Shooter on iOS. Instead lake effect wants you play fake people.

    • Adams Immersive

      You mean it needs more human players? If so, a free sale may be just the solution!
      FPS is my favorite genre—and that remains true on iOS even though so many other great games take me away from it! Looking forward to trying this.

      • qsk1

        Trigger Fist a third-person shooter.

    • Jawzpro

      The bots were and are actually pretty good. The AI is quite close to a human player.

    • Dennis Đặng

       that was because of Game Center

  • Faeryan

    A good chance to get this ame now. Usually this gaming genre isn't my cup of tea but I've heard lots of good stuff about it and now it's free, so..

    • xDyNaMiiCx

      I paid full price for this game when it first got release, I really wanted and thought it would have online multiplayer mode. However, it doesn't. Only play bots, AI. For some people, that's all they need to be content. Not for me.

      • ducksFANjason

        Stop spreading misinformation just because you don't like the game. It does have online multiplayer. I've played people online multiple times. Yes there are bots as well but saying you can only play the computer is false and misleading.

        And on a tangentially related note, the computer AI in this is spectacular to the point of feeling very similar to a human opponent. It's without a doubt the best AI I've seen in any iOS shooter yet.

      • xXHardKoreXx

        I've never played a human can tell by the names. Tyrone is not a gamecenter name LMFAO.

      • ducksFANjason

        Well if you don't change the option to multiplayer you'll always play bots. Furthermore, there's no guarantee you'll connect with someone every game. I never said there were ALWAYS human players. I just clarified that saying there is no way to play against other humans is false.

      • mynameislogan

        Yeah I played for like a week thinking I was playing humans xP but then I finally turned on multiplayer and discovered the bots were better than mist of the humans anyways 😛

  • UnleashthePower

    Needs gyroscope option.

  • jar0d

    It's a really great game and this sale was necessary to increase the layer base. Since the weekend I am finally able to play against / with humans! 🙂

  • Himmat Singh

    Not bad. People in the forums said it's just about the best mobile FPS shooter. For free, I surely must get it on my secondary tablet, the iPad 2. 

    • xDyNaMiiCx

      Trigger fist is not a FPS, it's a 3rd person shooter.

      • Himmat Singh

         Ok fine. You get what I meant anyways. I don't see much of a difference betw FPS and TPS. But honestly, I like TPS more (Dead Space, Shaodwgun).

        Ok, just played one game, and it works flawlessly. No lag. 4 players max though, which is a part bummer.

      • ducksFANjason

        It should be 4 human players max, but 8 total max players BTW. Not sure if it's changed or something though, as I haven't been able to play in a while. Probably won't for a while too, thanks to TWEWY!

  • ImJPaul

    Sweet. I'll definitely try it now that it's free. The only reason I didnt buy it for $5 is I knew other people wouldn't and there wouldn't be anyone to play with but if it's in the top 25 free games then that means there will be plenty of players. Hope there servers can handle all this new traffic.

    • JBRUU

      They're using apple gamecenter servers.

  • Hex Blade

    I was holding out for a price drop as I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer shooters. I wasn't expecting it for free so that's pretty awesome.

    All I need to do now is find time to play it amongst the ocean of other ios games I need to play.

    • Enjoo

      I was also waiting for a price drop. Was close to buying it

  • yoshimitsu

    It's an alright game. Modern combat 3 best suits me but I'm not gonna lie I had some pretty epic fun moments in trigger fist.

  • l_23mer

    Thanks lake effect I paid for this game and there is nothing wrong with the game at all until now! WTF If your just gonna give the game away give me my money back! Seriously this is a dick move. Way to kick paying customers in the teeth. I could understand six months down the road or a year but, come on a month WTF! Giving away this game doesn't help in fact it pisses me off to the point where I'm ready to just delete this app!! PRICKS!!!

    • ducksFANjason

      I can understand your anger over this, but seriously, does this really shock you? I bought the game at launch as well and I'm fine with this move. This happens on the app store ALL THE TIME. Paid apps go free on a daily basis and sales occur on practically an hourly basis. The moral to this story simple: when you buy an app, expect that someone else more patient than you will get it for cheaper later. If you're not comfortable with that idea, don't pay for apps any more and wait for them to go free.

      • Georg Kevin

        Sure. Sales happen all the time, and even I'm hunting down sales of good apps - but to go "free" this early is just a bad move.

  • l_23mer

    I could understand a sale after a month but to go free.. I have to disagree with you! Usually only the worst games go free and even then it's longer then a month after releasing it. Aside from that just to get online members for a game that can only hold 4 human players is a farce. I can see how you could be okay with the move and that is okay but, settling for less when you are paying for something and deserve better is not what I believe. Passive is ignorance and just being okay with getting dealt dirt should not be allowed. Oh and FYI I could just hack everything and not pay for anything for that matter but I believe in paying developers for their work because I hate free games. If I wanted to deal with adds and partial games I would be a damn cheap skate and just hack the games not get a free to play version!

  • REkzkaRZ

    I may be one of the few folks to say this type of thing on a gamer site, but this needs a comment from an anti-war person: I don't see this type of thing as a 'game' as much as a military simulation designed to make people believe that war is fun.
    I can say that military simulations might be fun, but the real thing sucks.  The military who serve deserve respect, and to be valued by us citizens.But glorifying war and killing and violence -- it's just not a great game for me.  And this doesn't really simulate all the insanity of war (friends getting wounded, innocents being crippled or killed, and all the unnecessary violation and destruction).Chess takes the violence of war and makes it a bit less literal & more metaphoric, and by pulling back from the gore players get a chance to think strategically about winning a conflict of two identical forces -- which allows feints, sacrifices, entrapment, etc.Third-Person shooters (or FPS games) are more of a splatter fest and a 'run & gun' type of thing, generally not a ton of strategy except hide & shoot.  Anyway, tha'ts my 2 cents about it.  


    • deuces559

      You can't be cereal right now bro.

  • Gemutlichkeit

    I dig the game. Only thing that could be tweaked is the controls. Sometimes the fire button doesn't register. Also maybe a double tap on the icon to switch weapons instead of swipe.