The four brothers that comprise Foursaken Media didn’t pop up on my radar until January of 2011 when they released Bug Heroes [Free / $4.99], a brilliant amalgamation of tower defense, dual-stick shooting, and RPG elements. They followed that up strong with the spinoff action game Bug Heroes Quest [$0.99], the silly and fun arcade game Food Ninja [Free] (formerly Mad Chef), and the competitive tournament racer Sky Gnomes [Free].

However, many people know the talented studio from their very first iOS release called N.Y.Zombies [$0.99]. It came out way back in April of 2010, well before zombie games were flooding the App Store on a weekly basis, and although it slipped under my radar back then N.Y.Zombies amassed a cult-like following in our forums and elsewhere for its creepy atmosphere and intense zombie shooting.

Foursaken has teased that a sequel is something they’ve wanted to do for a long time, and it seems with all other current projects completed that’s exactly what they’re working on now. Today they released the very first gameplay teaser trailer for N.Y.Zombies 2, and although it’s still in the middle of development, it already blows the original out of the water in terms of visuals.

The list of new features in N.Y.Zombies 2 includes co-op multiplayer, free-roaming ability, improved visuals and larger environments, RPG elements, and a story to tie it all together. N.Y.Zombies 2 is slated to hit sometime this year, which Foursaken narrows down to “soon”, so kick back in our forums to pass the time until we can all get our hands on this promising looking sequel.

  • Maniacfive

    A quality studio. Took the time to update NYZ1 to retina even though it predates the 4 by some time, released many quality updates to big heros, and sky gnomes was pretty fun.

    NYZ1 remains my favourite game of theres though. And Co-op multiplayer, I am extremely excited by that. And I will incessantly talk about it until release that my mrs will have no choice but to also be excited. It's so much easier to get game time when the mrs can shoot stuff too.


  • h_A_Z

    Been waiting for a sequel for ages!! Bring it on!

  • tim240

    Can't wait for this game!

  • Dark Knight

    Looks great!

  • Wikilix

    First game I EVER bought from the AppStore
    First game I EVER have beat on my iPhone.
    First game that opened up my eyes to Apple.

    Can't wait for this sequel, it looks so fun, and honestly innovative... At least to me.

  • Josh F

    The first was great and I cannot wait for the second. It looks amazing.

  • Firetruck94

    In stoked.

    • Firetruck94


  • Slender Man

    finally....some movement keys........ not just stuck there

  • dmarcoot

    Instant buy. NY zombie is not only the best iOS zombie game , its one of the best games period. It is intense and I loved the story. Cant wait!

  • Broli95

    Online co-op??? "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!"

  • fastbridge

    Take my money as well

  • DecafTable

    I want nowwwww!


    I think someone got the "Make a trailer like Prometheus" idea a little off the mark

  • Austin Riddle

    Since when does "RPG" mean hitting someone in the face with an axe?

    • Foursaken_Media

      Haha. Unfortunately RPG elements are hard to actually show without showing a menu screen or stats - which we didn't want to do in a 40 second trailer. The RPG elements come from an in depth skill system, somewhat of a rock paper scissors strategy with certain weapons vs different enemies, and a real - in depth - story 😉

  • BIG.E.

    Yeaaaa buddy!!!

  • dmarcoot

    Hope they keep the creepy music. it really set the mood