Wild Blood is a video game and it's coming soon to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and even a few Android devices. That's all we really know about the Unreal Engine 3-powered title, but a new trailer has teased some interesting details. For instance, this might be more of a straight-up hack-and-slash, as opposed to adventure game.

Just take a look. Notice that the world is nicely divided up into areas, each of which is gated until your dude eliminates a mob of demon-things. Loot seems to be a big deal, too, as evidenced by the rotation of wardrobe in the teaser.

Provided that the game actually does release "soon," we should be able to give you some meaningful hands-on details in the near future. Hold on to your butts.

  • http://www.facebook.com/paulo.amistad.961 Paulo Amistad

    OMG!!!!!Loooookkkksss amazing!!!!!!I want it!!!hehehehe...Alot of doubters maybe in for a shock....With horn and this,the new era of ios gaming is at hand...:)

  • http://twitter.com/ithinkimalion DeMarcus

    This looks great.

  • Rusothil

    Just what I was hoping for, a god of war kind of game

  • TheSceptic

    Added to watch list. I like the cut of that trailers jib.

  • RunnyGnome

    Eh. Prolly gonna skip this one, I mean, ANOTHER Hack N' Slash? Really?

    • MrNagasaki

      Sorry, but Fruit Ninja doesn't count as a Hack and Slash.

      • RunnyGnome

        Did I say that Fruit Ninja was a hack N' slash?

      • KoRoV

        Dude please, how can you say another? name good hach'n'slash on iphone till now? Except hero of sparta 1&2?

  • wingz

    Guys ive got a big problem i have an ipod touch 4g and ive bought many of gamelofts games but there games just dont work as well as they usually would on an iphone 4s so my problem is weather i should by this game or not because ive really been thinking about not buying there games anymore.

    • chamuscao

      I would say no, but it's better to wait for actual impressions about the game running in older devices.
      Anyway, I'm not impressed with the trailer. Looks boring, I hope I'm wrong though.

    • regkilla

      You need to upgrade to at least an iPhone 4.

      • Michael Rueckert

        No the iPhone 4 uses the exact same processor as the iPod touch 4g. The iPhone 4s has a better processor which will run the game much better.

  • Gwet17

    Looks impressive for a mobile device, yet still as soulless as ever.  Gameloft really needs to focus on stronger artistic visions in future titles.

  • extol4000

    It looks great. I'll more than likely pick it up. However, it seems too similar to the Hero of Sparta series. (I really like the HoS games mind you.) I can't shake the feeling that Gameloft could have done something really original here but played it safe. I'll still buy it though.

  • LM10

    lol looks so lame...

  • ImJPaul

    Looks like another IB:Dungeons clone. There are already games cloning a game that's cloning games. But I'll pick it up. Cuz it does look sick. Hoping that video was very low bandwidth though cuz it looked like a game that looked good behind the crap quality of the video. Officially excited despite the complaints.

    • dmyers722

      How so? IB:Dungeons is an isometric dungeon crawler, this looks to be a third-person hack-n-slash, more akin to God of War.

      • ImJPaul

        Different armors, oversized weapons, unreal engine, hacking and slashing, same mood. I understand the slight difference in genres but besides that can you name any other defining characteristics?! I was hoping this would come out tonight. 🙁

    • 1Fcm

      I really don't think this qualifies as a game cloning a game thats cloning other games. I would say that its just another dungeon crawler like most games in this particular genre. It does look pretty generic though. Maybe it will be a surprise and actually have something new to offer in terms of mechanics or gameplay. Will have to wait and see.

      • ImJPaul

        Fingers crossed bro.

  • The#1

    Looks great. I honestly didn't like horn though.

  • Himmat Singh

    Well, I thought this would be more adventure-ish with a cracking storyline and realistic combat (i.e. blood since the name is Wild Blood). But it turns out to be a mindless hacknslash with crap like mages...why call it Wild Blood when there ain't no blood being spilled?

  • Vtec51O

    Interested in trying out an unreal game from gameloft. Some of the stuff they try to do seems cool but the engine they use for their games is a janky mess.

  • Saqerbeast

    It's more of a kingdom amular clone then anything. The only thing that's stopping Me from picking this up is that it's a gameloft game. Which means clunky controls, and in apps everywhere.

  • Firetruck94

    Another generic gameloft game. *sigh*

  • john360

    No shit new trail....oh its gameloft nevenmind.

  • GSJ1977

    Funny how despite the engine change it still looks exactly like every other GL game. Just goes to show its the artists and animators that make good (or bad) graphics, not the tech.

    • JBRUU

      Animations are awful compared to Gameloft's in engine, however textures and character models are superior, and polygon count seems higher, too. The environments also look like a step up, and the particles floating in the air are a nice touch. No, my friend, this does not look identical to Gameloft's own engine.

      • GSJ1977

        Actually, "my friend", I didn't say that UE3 looked the same as GL's engine. I said this game looks the same as their previous games. Is the difference between those two statements lost on you, or did you intentionally misconstrue what I said?

      • JBRUU


        Your defensive (and somewhat obnoxious) attitude is totally uncalled for. I politely disagreed with your statement that Wild Blood looks "exactly like every other GL game". No, it doesn't, and if you look carefully you can tell that the textures seem better than most of their previous games, and the environments really stand out. The particles floating in the air are reminicent of IB: Dungeon's. The animations, however, are totally unacceptable even by Gameloft's standards. I really hope those are cleaned up before release.

  • NPeart

    I am already bored of it.

  • korkidog

    I'll take a wait and see attitude on this, but it is Gameloft, so I am not too optimistic.

  • Furtin

    I hardly can see what the hype is about. It looks generic and soulless like most Gameloft games. It has technical issues such as screen tearing and low framerates, could be fixed for launch though.

    But really, I expect something way better from UE and I am shure that Epic will deliver with their next title. I'll pass on this. And I'm mostly done with Gameloft titles. No heart and soul in their games, just shove the games out to the masses...

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    looks more badass then God of war to me, but that's to say after 3 gow games I have played I don't particularly like the series. Something about having two huge spectral hammers just looks too amazing to pass up though

  • KoRoV

    Looks great, like all good gameloft games! You all can say what you want about gameloft, but i think they are the best iphone game company, along with ea and madfinger and epic/chair and phospor games! If there wasnt them you will be still playing fruit ninja, angry birds an other chieldish games! And stop bitchin about cloning! That means every fps is cod/doom clone, every zombi game re/l4d clone, every h'n's gow clone, every race nfs clone, every rpg diablo clone and so on and on.... Realy... Be happy that there is someone who develops games like this for PHONE and for 7$ or less.

  • KoRoV

    Oh yea, hope that sound track will be like this m/

  • WarMachine

    This took me a little longer. Kingdoms of Amalur.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/rekzkarz#a0df5 REkzkaRZ

    Wow, great!
    Another 'zero IQ needed' game where I become a super-powered axe-wielding muscle head who runs around slaughtering hordes of faceless nothings to heavy metal music that has no lyrics!
    Na na nana na na na!!!!  (Head banging!)  SLAUGHTER  KILL  KILL!

    Another game that might actually lower IQ points!


  • jclard56

    Ladies and gentlemen. I have heard the release date for wild blood and it comes this Thursday the 6th of September