At Gamescom this past week, developer Nyamyam, a four-person team comprised of former Rare employees, was showing off their upcoming iPad adventure game Tengami. Its main theme is that its entire world is made up of a pop-up papercraft book with an authentic ancient Japanese look and feel. You actually interact with the world as if it really was made of paper, uncovering its secrets by pulling tabs and flipping pages.

It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever seen, though I do get a heavy Sword and Sworcery vibe from Tengami with the way you get to interact with and explore such a magical world. It’s really quite breathtaking. Polygon sat down with a member of the development team in the following video to talk about the influences behind Tengami and the difficulty of recreating complex paper worlds digitally. Seriously, you need to see this game in motion.

It doesn’t sound like Tengami has any sort of specific release window, but it will be coming out first for the iPad followed by PC and Mac versions and possibly an iPhone version. As is often the case, the iPhone version will depend on how well the game ends up scaling to the much smaller screen. Regardless, the iPad version of Tengami just cannot come soon enough and we’ll let you know when we get any new details.

[Via Polygon]

  • oooooomonkey

    No iPhone version = no love from me =)

    • Jay

      An iPad 3 is *the* best way to experience iOS games.  I know a few people that hardly touch their iPhones since buying an iPad 3.  Although, the graphics would probably look really good on a Retina iPhone screen. 

      • Mike

        Oh really? They never touched their phone again? So the iPad 3 replaces the phone?

        Let's not make silly overdrawn statements now.

      • Jay

        There's an infinite difference between the words "hardly" and "never". Please learn to read.

      • Game Gent

        I agree with Jay. I hardly touch my iPhone (except for making calls) since buying an iPad. The experience is infinitely better for games and all apps in general.

        Until you own an iPad, you probably won't understand the difference or know what you are missing.

      • Jaime Coston

        I'd have to back Jay up as well! I have owned every version of iPad yet rarely ever play games on a phone nor care to. My ipads since owning them, have become my default gaming solution when on the go. Quite frankly my phones battery is too important to waste on playing video games on the go even with a charge adaptor in the car (I have three kids in school, people calling me all the time business wise, etc. can't afford to have a dead phone when out and about all day), but I always have my iPad with me as well due to work, planning and extra duties I have. I use it for all of my on the go gaming as well as just sitting at home on the couch when wanting to game but not on a console.

        Heck, many of my friends (fellow ipad owners) are the same way come to think of it, even one who is in game development himself! Maybe it's a younger gamer/ iPhone owner thing, but my phones to important to blow the battery on the go on video games, at least not at any length of time! And this looks like a game one would want to spend time with, not play in spurts.

      • Nicole Hunter

        Well I'm in college and I'd love to have an ipad but I've taken out a loan in order to pay for college and so spending money isn't really a viable option for me.  But I have an iphone and this game looks amazing.  I wish I could play it.  And if a game's good I'll play it at home on my couch.  It suprises me actually I have a 3DS and a Vita and the hendheld I end up using the most is my phone.  And not in short bursts either.  For long periods of time.  If it's a lengthy game and not one of the stupid kind of time wasters.  So I get what you're saying, but at the same time you have to take into account if something is a viable possibility.

      • DecafTable

        I agree with Jay as well. I own an iPhone 4S and iPad 3. I pretty much stopped gaming on my phone since buying the iPad. Games look much more vibrant and rich on such a big screen. Let's not even mention battery life. One hour of Infinity Blade II on your phone and it's pretty much problem on the iPad 🙂

      • Joseph Moore

        Unfortunately, one does not simply just get an iPad 3.

      • REkzkaRZ

        To clarify -- for those who own an iPad, it's (possibly) the best way to experience iOS games.  But, if you don't own an iPad & don't plan to own one, that obv it is NOT.
        It's strange b/c Jay's statement is both condescending, obvious, and stupid all at the same time.
        Yes, a bigger screen likely make it better (obv) -- and spending $300-$500 for a device to play videogames & surf websites on is a lot more than spending $200 or so on a phone which can also play videogames.Meh.

      • Jay

        An iPad 3 costs $600, whereas an iPhone will cost you nearly $2000 over two years. That's about $900 more than I'm paying over two years, simply so you can surf the web and play games (on an inferior platform). Wise up.

      • Nicole Hunter

        You're kind of an idiot aren't you?  You can also make calls and text.  I mean it's a phone.  So it's a device I make calls, schedule appointments, play  games, surf the internet and I got my iphone 4S when my contract expired so I got mine as an upgrade for $100.  And the more than obvious reason why I am not including the price of my service plan is that unless you live in the stone age you probably have  a mobile phone which you would be paying for anyway iphone or not.  You're a tool and obviously you're the one who should wise up.  Sorry I don't have money to spend on something that does less than my phone.  It's not inferior as a device it's inferior as a gaming device and if you are looking at iphones as simply a gaming device then you're more of an idiot than I thought.
        Sorry, guys that was disrespectful, but this guy pissed me off.

      • Jay

        Screw off, Nicole - you're the one missing the point. I'll spell it out real slow, with small words so it sinks in:

        1. The iPad is less expensive than an iPhone.

        2. The iPad is a superior platform for games and Internet.

      • Nicole Hunter

        Muffin, sorry did I make you mad?
         1. Not really if you look realistically and understand that the cost you were talking about is the cost of a phone which you'll probably have anyway.   The price is included.

        2. I concede this point, but you don't have to be an asshole about it.  The point is it's expensive for someone who doesn't have the budget to go beyond a phone.  

        PS numbering it doesn't make it less idiotic.  Since you seem to think it is, I hope this visual aid helps you understand the point.  

        There is no reason to tell me to screw off just because you don't understand why people who can't just get daddy to buy us a new ipad would find your comments annoying.

      • Skuddmuffin

        Ladies, ladies, can't we all just get along?

  • John Francis

    Looks absolutely amazing. I'm impressed they are starting with the iPad but hope they are planning to expand to the iPhone.

  • ImJPaul

    Machinirium meets sword and sorcery. Looks awesome. Day 1 purchase. Will look great on my 3rd gen iPad.

    • ImJPaul


    • GSJ1977

      The two most overrated games in the app store.

      • Mike

        GSJ1977 is the most overrated commenter on this website.

      • REkzkaRZ

        GSJ1977 had a valid point, I thought. At least, ironically speaking.

        Although I think 90% of the TD games and the free with IAP 'arena fighter' games somehow sporting 4+ stars and all the reviews say "This game is GREAT!  Add me code LMFAO1234" are more overrated.

        (And I do dream of an app store that lets people *BLOCK* games that suck -- how hard would that be, really?  
        And being able to permanently block reviewers and add our own ratings? Also seems do-able.)

  • 1Fcm

    Looks like it's shaping up to be a really cool experience. The art style is certainly headed in a nice direction, but I really hope the lighting improves. Right now there seems to be plenty of baked shadows but there doesn't seem to be a true light source or any real-time shadowing, which is really important if your trying to sell the idea of depth with a pop-up book. Regardless, really looking forward to this!

    • John Francis

      I could be wrong but I think realtime lighting is still being avoided because it can't work on lower end devices and like you said, it can have a profound effect on the look of a game. With such a difference it can basically feel like art directing two different games, which is a lot of overhead for small app developers.

  • drlemon

    Although that does look beautiful, I did notice one thing that took me out of the experience. That part where he's standing on a tower, and a triangular floor, so to speak, passes down through the tower, and intersects with a couple objects. I cannot express to you how much that pissed me off. 😛

  • Gemutlichkeit

    Very cool idea and game mechanic.