Game creator Retro Dreamer has flipped the sales switch on its radical vertical shooter Velocispider [$2.99] once again, though this time its in celebration of the scariest spider find ever recorded in history. In a cave in Oregon, scientists have discovered a raptor-like, sickle-handed spider -- a velociraptor spider, if you will.

It's such a unique spider, actually, that a new family of spider has been created. But more importantly, a video game is now two dollars cheaper starting today. Velocispider is one of our favorite shooters, so definitely give it a look. If anything, its action will help put you get your mind off of the pictures of the spider in this article.

Our dreams will forever be haunted by this, by the way. Thanks, science!

  • swarmster

    The thing that surprises me about all this is that there were still people out there that didn't _realize_ spiders were scary. I mean, they've long been known as a cure for phobias the world over: just look at a spider and you will no longer be afraid of anything else, ever.

    • Adams Immersive

      This is not so:

      As a child I was afraid of spiders. Then I met the American House Centipede. It’s like a Family Pack of spiders strung end to end! Thanks to this most vile abomination, spiders in comparison hardly bother me anymore.

      • Nycteris

        I agree although I cannot figure out why I am somewhat ok with spiders compared to those stupid house centipedes. The centipedes are so fast! Spiders at least, do not generally tear randomly toward you at full tilt.

  • MrAlbum

    The mind... it... it be BAMFLOGGLENOGGLED....

    Could this be an instance where a video game predicted reality?!

    I know it's just a coincidence, but wow, that is just... wow....

    (if anybody has a hard time figuring out, I'm being a little silly is all ^_^)

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    So did they ever add the endless/survival mode?

  • ducksFANjason

    I purchased in the name of science.

    Oh mighty Science! Hurt not humanity in the name of those who create fictional abominations against thy will! Condemn us not for our fictitious musings of the velocispider, the narwhal and the liger... And above all, oh mighty Science, spare us from finding the Sharktopus, now and forever, amen.

  • Firetruck94

    That spider is truly scary.

  • ImJPaul

    I will NOT look at the picture of the spider. I am going to bed and I do not wanna be picturing something explained as a raptor/spider hybrid crawling up my comforter. However, I am totally pumped about this being on sale and I'm sold. I'll d/l this on my iPad shortly.

    • Nycteris

      You'll like it! It's orange! Such a friendly color, like a warning label.


    I was reading this while laying down, and a spider crawled right up onto my hand. I just BLAGFEDKAJDKAVAKFMFJ

  • Michael Smith

    "If anything, its action will help put you get your mind off of the pictures of the spider in this article."

    Yeah... you know what it won't help?  Getting the images of the first related article linked at the end of that spider article out of my head... like ever...

    What was I thinking when I clicked that link?!...