Earlier this morning, Eli and I spent some time with Infinite Warrior. It's an endless stabber that tasks you, as a beautifully muscled barbarian, with stabbing tons of bad dudes across a four Middle Ages-inspired levels. Bad guys' shields telegraph which direction you need to swipe in order to stab them best. Miss and you'll die, kinda like how you'd die in an endless runner if you smacked into a wall.

For whatever reason, when you stab dudes, you get gold. This, in turn, can be used to buy new weapons and armor that modify the amount of currency you earn and pump up your character's fury meter. Fury is a berserk mode of sorts, FYI.

You almost have to see this one to get a real feel for it, which is convenient since we've posted a video for you below. Infinite Warrior is as close to the ultimate Brad Nicholson Experience that you'll get on the App Store, so give it a look:

Infinite Warrior is slated for release across iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch this September for $2.99.

  • http://www.preview.in.th/ Game News

    The game does not miss it and very cheap price.

  • Skuddmuffin

    Bring on the hair! πŸ˜€

  • GSJ1977

    That looks super boring. A shame, as there's some talent and effort gone into it.

  • grits

    Looks terrible.

  • http://www.handsometrustworthy.com/ Armaan Khan

    Well I like it. It could do with a bit more flair (and hair!), but the underlying concept is pretty neat.

  • asolja

    Looks ok but where do those red neck farm boyz with the retarded comments come from DEWD,OMG so dumb sounding.

  • ImJPaul

    Dumb. Shame. People are gonna see screens and think this is gonna be like GOTY material but if they only knew its basically tap tap revenge on easy with gore OVER and OVER!!!!!!!!

  • epikninja

    "wet and greasy and in my mouth"

    -Brad Nicholson

    The game looks good

  • DecafTable

    Would it be so bad if I wanted this game just to stab people after work to feel better?

    Honestly though this game looks awesome. A lot of effort went forth into the motion capture for the attack animations which look smooth and varied.

    Did anyone else pick out the movie 300 reference after the arrow scene when he used his sword to slice the arrows off his shield? Sick man, love this game already!

    Please tell me this is optimized for the iPad's retina display...

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/42YS2N67LP6IDUKBZUUCMSZW7M Pray For Death

    This doesn't look like a $2.99 game if what we saw in the video is all it has to offer. It's a neat concept, but it needs more fleshing out.

  • grid

    I want to know if this was a created in the IGDA Game Jam. The logo uses this year's theme. ("Ouroboros" courtesy of wikipedia.)

  • mekman96

    This game makes me smile. It's an honest throw back to games like Altered Beast, and China Warrior and other large sprite side scrollers.

  • farnsworth_pro

    I'm just glad some devs are stepping up the animation a bit πŸ™‚Β