The guys at Vivid Games just dispatched a raven in our direction to tell us about their upcoming boxing game, cleverly titled Real Boxing. The game is coming later this year, and while there aren't many specifics to speak of yet, the guys at Vivid are quick to boast about all the details of the game. Not only is it powered by the Unreal engine, but the game was built using state of the art motion capture technology featuring real Polish professional boxers and realistic physics to tie all their moves together.

There's a full career mode where you can build up the stats of your boxer, plenty of unlockables to work towards, and what sounds like tons of customization for your fighter including everything from shoes all the way to tattoos. Check out the teaser trailer:

They're not talking release dates yet aside from "Q4", but there is mention of the game being optimized for iOS 6, so we're likely at least looking at after that launches. Hopefully there's still time for the inclusion of Brad Nicholson, our resident sweaty muscular man, although I'm not sure if the Unreal engine can accurately render his hair. I've got my fingers crossed.

  • Deixa


  • Faeryan

    Wonder if this game has you tapping on the sweet spots and swiping with your finger like Infinity Blade or if it's actually using the accelerometer to measure the strength of your punches.
    They could even release a game accessory thing like the Wii nunchuk to keep track of both your hands.

    Not going to happen, but one can dream, eh? 😉

    • ImJPaul

      I understand the infinity blade controls because they're so good but how is buying an additional inconvenient accessory a dream?

      • Faeryan

        Actually I was thinking more along the lines of Wii boxing kinda thing to take gaming to the next level.
        Got a bit carried away there though, as having an iPhone as a controller and a screen wouldn't be too convenient.

        Basically what I'd like to see is a game tht shows you as a boxer and it would imitate your punches, dodges and blocks and also take into account the power you put behind the punches.

        I used to play a coin console back in the days where the machine had two handles you could move up nd down to hit low and high with each hand separately and it also checked the power you pushed them with.

      • gabriel_ca

        I think you want a boxing game that uses Kinect then.  Could have special gloves as an option with an accelerometer in them (for the extra data and closer to the real experience).  Wrist bands for bare knuckle if that's your thing.

        These motion fighting games though are always missing the main component though from the real thing.  The resistance from what you hit.  It's really a large part of it, and changes what you are doing drastically.  It's just a hollow experience for me without it.  

        For me gaming is a sitting experience, fighting is against a real physical object (training dummy, or a sparring partner).

  • regkilla

    Finally a new boxing game for iOS!

  • Texazzpete

    I wonder why the studio chose to pay the money for this CG trailer instead of just showing in-game fighting that would have done more to grip the target audience.

    We hear reports of many iOS games struggling to break even...this CG trailer just seems like a waste of money.

    • GSJ1977

      Mmyeah good point really.

    • David Sheldon Pritchett

       And if not a waste of money.. at least resources.

      • Niclas Johansson

        And how are those two not the same? Devs/designers are usually hourly paid employees, you know.

      • torrentprime

        Because spending money the company doesn't have in order to fail at attracting customers the company needs to stay in business is a mistake in priorities: they spent money on a (impeccably executed) commercial about the software they want to sell instead of showing THE SOFTWARE ITSELF. This was a chance to excite and attract future customers - a chance to create them - and they instead bought (very well-done, very clean) window dressing.

  • carl0990

    Wish it's good

  • Mhunt190

    Wow those the graphics... That looks like a console game. Field of depth and the character models look very detailed.

  • islesfan

    Good luck making something better than Fight Night!