In January of this year an unofficial iOS version of the popular physical card game Dominion hit the App Store. Dominion was originally created by Donald X. Vaccarino and released by Rio Grande Games in 2008, and its subsequent popularity and numerous awards sparked off a trend of similar deck-building card games.

When the unofficial version hit iOS in January, there was question whether it was something legit or just another cloning type scenario which unfortunately happens far too often on the App Store. As it turned out, Rio Grande actually allowed certain developers to make their own Dominion games with the caveat that if they were to release an official version at any time, then the unofficial one would be taken down from sale.

So it wasn’t as shady as it seemed, but it was strange since Rio Grande stated at the same time that they were releasing an official version for iOS, and that it was just “a few weeks” away. Well, those few weeks have turned into 8 months, but according to Pocket Tactics, who spoke with Rio Grande’s Jay Tummelson on the matter, the official Dominion iOS game is set to hit this Thursday.

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Other snippets of info about the game include an offline AI to play against, an online “Adventure Mode”, and unlimited free play of the base Dominion set with additional expansions available as IAP. Interestingly, the iOS version of Dominion is said to be just a front end for the HTML 5 game being developed by Goko.

It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out when Dominion comes later this week, and if you own the unofficial version you might want to back it up since it has been removed from the App Store.

[TUAW via Pocket Tactics]

  • AlecShobin

    Very cool. So, is this going to have asynchronous networked multiplayer? Can't wait to check that out.  This could actually replace the physical Dominion game if each player had an iPhone and the kingdom decks etc were displayed on an iPad in the center of the players... 

  • Taerdin

    Dominion is a game with a solid mechanic, but no heart or soul. It's just playing cards to get more cards until you cards the cards better than your opponent cardses his cards

    • Doug

      That's the most ridiculous statement I've heard about this game, or any game. You just described ALL games. I'm sorry, what's soul, exactly? 

      Dominion is easily my favorite board game of all time, and I've played hundreds of games of it. I have some fantastic memories and even some stories about it. Maybe you're the one without soul. 

      • Taerdin

        I didn't even say it's a bad game. If you can't handle even the slightest criticism of the things you enjoy then perhaps you better stay off the internet.

        Your hyperbole and fanboyism is really not helpful or useful in anyway.

      • Taerdin

         I shouldn't even need to point out that I didn't just describe all
        games. Many table top games have very weak themes like dominion, but not
        all of them do. Even in the deckbuilding genre there are games with
        stronger themes that make it feel like you're actually doing something
        rather than just collecting cards to collect more cards until the cards
        have been carded a certain way.

  • Jonathan

    Been waiting for this to happen. The unofficial one disappearing last week was all the confirmation I needed that the official version would be coming out shortly. The free to play choice is probably wise, in this case. I know I'll probably be buying a lot of the expansions, though, even though I generally hate IAP.

    • rodgerodger

      There's a big difference between consumable IAP found in most freemium games, and IAP that adds additional content like expansions to board games. The former everyone hates (or should hate), the later is perfectly fine. I enjoy the expansions games like Ascension get.

      • Jonathan

        Agreed. IAP of additional content isn't particularly troubling, except that when the app/game disappears from the App Store, so does your ability to use that IAP when you reinstall the app from iTunes. Definitely a fringe "issue", but an important one, to my mind. 

      • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

         Here here!  Well said.

  • Faeryan

    I can imagine me and missus buying this instead of having to whip up the Dominiin suitase. It's such a hassle with all the expansion cards and stuff.

  • Tim Harding

    When will we get Lost Cities?

    • Tim Harding

      Wow, just found out that indeed Lost Cities is coming, from Coding Monkeys, responsible for the awesome Carcassonne app!  Why haven't I heard about this on TA?

      • Eli Hodapp

        Story is coming this afternoon! The developers did this weird early Saturday morning press release thing, so it was thoroughly buried in our inbox. We're excited for it too. 🙂

      • SoyGreen

        OK - So I just saw that page - and now I see it as "available" on the site - but its not on my phone! Please clear things up for me! 🙂

      • Tim Harding

        Thanks Eli, wasn't implying that you were sleeping on the job, just used to getting the 'scoop' from you guys!  Looking forward to the article!

  • alialo

    I was going to buy the board game last week funnily enough - they didn't have it in stock. Will definitely give this a go.

  • Noah


  • Mark Wang

    Still not in the store?

  • Paul Beasi

    Seeing as the app was just submitted to the store on the 14th, I don't think we'll be seeing this any time soon.  Also, the "app" is a wrapper for the web app that (unsuccessfully) launched today at

  • qpcloudy

    Any updates on the rease?

  • medborgare1394

    So, where is it?

    • Paul Beasi

      See my comment above.  The app was only submitted to the store on the 14th, so there's no way it'll get approved until the end of the month (if it gets approved at all). The app will not be a stand-alone game playable offline.  Instead, it will be a portal to the new HTML5 web-based version of the game which is being run in a Zynga style free to play with in-app purchases and meta gaming aspect.  And as that company has snagged an exclusive license, this is all there will be until that license expires.  Dominion will be disappearing from BSW on the 24th as well.

      • qpcloudy

        It'll be really sad if there is no local play at all. I hate the games that require data access to play. I'll still play it, with it being free, but that's a disappointment.

      • akpak

        Do you have a credible source for any of that?

      • Paul Beasi

        You can find huge discussions of this on BoardGameGeek or DominionStrategy.

      • Paul Beasi

        Well I tried posting a link to BSW's forums where they made their announcement, but apparently it didn't fly with the moderators.  At any rate Wired UK posted an article about this massive disaster yesterday.