Earlier this morning, Eli and I buckled up and spent some time with Racing Legends [$0.99], a new racing game from Ikaro Racing dev NuOxygen. To be more specific, it's an over-the-top F-1 game with an ambitious campaign that spans five decades of racing, from the 1960s all the way to the 2000s. On-screen controls keep the action simple, while sketchy AI and physics ensure you're rarely out of the lead.

It's hard to take Racing Legends historical accuracy seriously, since there's not much that separates its "modern" racing from its take on the past. Literally, the only spot of difference we're finding are in the colors and size of the cars through the years. That's weird considering how this game is being positioned.

But while that and its AI are a wash, we're thinking the game does having something to offer fans of the genre. Namely, fast things that go fast. Check it out for yourself:

  • taylorbarclay

    Why hasn't TA played "Sunshine" yet?


  • http://www.facebook.com/nikus2k Nuno Lourenço

    if drops to 0.99$ i will buy

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.boulnois Brian Boulnois

    thought that maybe a port of the pc game racing legends....... 

  • JesusBro

    am I the only one here who is still waiting for street fighter x tekken to come out for iPhone?
    anyone? no? ok...

  • http://www.facebook.com/nikus2k Nuno Lourenço

    I will not buy this game. The Reckless 2 just get to 0.79 euros and already bought.

  • http://twitter.com/Punchstarter Punchstarter

    Top down, not "over the top".

    • robman84

      Or, more realistically, an "over top" racer :o)

  • witedahlia

    JesusBro heck no you are not I am DYING for street fighter x Tekken

  • ConceptNormal

    This game looks excitingly stimulating (Pause) no...

  • blackharon

    I want that Powerglove with an iPhone dock. Someone make it now!