Late this afternoon, Eli and I gave Plight of the Zombies [$0.99 / Free] a spin. It's a light strategy cross puzzle game that puts you in the shoes of a zombie in search of warm bodies. Most of the game seems to revolve around a simple goal: turn every NPC into a zombie. You do this by making contact with anyone you see with the help of a hip line-drawing mechanic.

For the most part, the strategy is all about stealth. Most NPCs are carrying around guns and so you need to figure out ways to get around their FOV cones. As the game progresses you'll unlock zombies with special abilities that twist the formula. For instance, in a DLC chapter, you'll gain control of a "heavy" zombie that can eat a lot of lead, making a frontal assault possible.

One of this game's most noteworthy aspects is that, mechanically, the game isn't so much about preserving everything you acquire. In fact, the strategy actually encourages you to essentially throw bodies at bodies in order to acquire new zombies. That's a neat touch, we think.

  • Micah Peterson

    "Can a child talk at 6?"

    Thank you for that, it made my day!

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    • MrAlbum

      My niece started talking around four years old and hasn't stopped yet XD (she's six now, and she IS both clear in speech and subject matter)

      • abodi

        4?? My daughter us 2 1/2 and talks like a champ.

  • Scott Broughton

    Loving these regular TA Plays videos. They provide a nice, quick insight into how the game actually plays. 

    Good work!

    • Micah Peterson

      Agreed.  The Jurassic Park video reminded me of Mystery Science Theater a bit, those guys were on a roll.