Curses! Demons! Destruction! Horn, Phosphor Games' upcoming iPad and iPhone title, has a new trailer. It's something of a "sneak peek," giving gamers a glimpse of the world that the game is based in, as well its various fantasy bad guys. If you pay attention, you'll catch that Horn's action mechanics appear to resemble Infinity Blade's, which, you know, is pretty cool. We hear Infinity Blade really clicked with people.

Interestingly, Horn is being positioned not so much as a serious fantasy game, but more of a light-hearted adventure. For instance, in the game, Horn carries around the head of a "loud-mouthed" creature that is also described as a "grudgingly helpful sidekick." Other monsters are said to be humorous, too, which is cool.

In fact, we hope we'll hear or see a lot more of these kinds of ... features moving forward. Fantasy can be more than just serious dudes with serious swords and serious shields, you know? The more separation Horn has, the better.

Horn doesn't have a specific release date yet aside from a nebulous "soon" and "August".

  • Timothy Polumbo

    totally stoked!  

  • CrazyQuest

    This makes me horny...

    • tim240

      I was gonna post this!

      • Matt Curtis

        Late erections plague a lot of guys, unfortunately.

  • Himmat Singh

    "Horn doesn't have a release date yet aside from a nebulous "soon"."

    Well, if you even cared to watch the video you posted, you'd have realised that it says "coming in August 2012 on mobile platforms".

    • Eli Hodapp

      Seems awfully pedantic to call us out on this. Typically speaking a release date is exactly that, a release DATE.

      • Himmat Singh

         Well take it however you like, but I think if the video already says it's coming out in August, mentioning the release date as a "nebulous soon" is a tad off track as "soon" could mean next week, maybe even next more or beyond (depending on how you view "soon" as). Sorry if I said it a little rudely though. My bad there.

      • Googlyhead

        Hour, minute, second?

      • HelperMonkey

        As the word nebulous means vague or unspecific, it seems like a fine term for this release announcement.

        You yourself said: "'Soon' could be next week, maybe even next more [month?] or beyond."
        So it seems to me that you are agreeing that "soon" or even "August" really are rather 'nebulous' descriptions of the release date.

  • ManuD

    Coming in August. Wow amazing. Can't wait to play.
    About game, one word : Beautiful

  • Rainier

    August! Hey, that's now!

    I wasn't expecting that part with Zynga though.

  • Vince

    This mixture of ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and Infinity Blade looks pretty awesome.

    • Jaime Coston

      That was a first impression I got as soon as I saw the still frame of the character video before even pressing play!

  • Michael Collins

    Holy crap! This looks amazing! I would say one more nail in the coffin for 3DS and PSVITA. I own both of those systems and nothing that looks that good has been shown to me yet. 

    • Vince

      Time to learn Japanese! The fact is that lots of awesome Japanese titles for vita just aren't going to be localized...well at least you have gravity rush for now =/

      • Jaime Coston

        Sorry, but I have to agree with Micheal Collins here on this. are you honestly suggesting that it is better for him to pay a slightly inflated price on an already expensively priced hand held game, on top of shipping charges, on top of a language barrier, all for the presumed assumption that a person may even like said games to begin with, or download a game that will be readily available to purchase, meagerly priced and appears within the conventions to satisfy ones gaming whims? Or if it is even worth the trouble, especially when you know the platform is flailing?

        I used to be a young gamer too once, importing games for dying platforms and such in my late teens and twenties... The problem here with promoting that mentality is that importing is not a common gamer trend even for a lot of "hardcore" gamers, and while they may believe their numbers are huge, in relation to the overall gamer community they are a vast minority; a niche group. I used to be part of that group but I don't import anymore and I've actually lived in Japan for 6 1/2 years and speak and read several dialects of it; the language barrier is not an issue for me but rather the presumed sense of higher quality!

        I enjoyed the games I did import (before living in Japan) and bought while in Japan, but at some point I came to realize that part of my personal sense of its "quality" (as I interestingly find with most importers) is based on the fact that it was not readily available, not necessarily because it was a truly "great" game! Living in Japan and having any game readily available to me made me come to that realization... A game when imported should be special, and sadly as interesting and "awesome" as some may claim most of those games are, most games just are not "awesome" or special; they just happen to be different is all. There are a few genuine "should import" games, but the truth here is that Japan makes just as many crappy games as we here in the States or European developers seem to make (and having lived in Japan I will say that the crappy game heap is even moreso on their grounds, most living outside just never see or hear of them!). Even the ones that folks go through the trouble to import aren't in any way stellar, so much as they are "odd", "unique" or over stylized but average.

        As for the PS Vita: The sad truth is that the only place the PS Vita is thriving is Japan. Sony just put out their Q2 report and it was bad in general and terrible specifically in their games division with loses in Hardware and game sales on, and for the first time ever they reported the PS3 & PS2 sales and the PSP & PS Vita sales as lump figures, both of which were still not good even when lumped in. There projections for the rest of the year are not looking good either with an outlook of "flat" sales for the rest of the year projected. Unfortunately, I think that at some point importing may be the only thing that will be left to getting those supposedly good PS Vita games, much less any PS Vita game here in the States if the horrible sales continue.

        I am not saying there aren't reasons to support a platform if it brings you enjoyment then by all means do what you have to to get games you like! I am just saying that suggesting importing so readily as if it were common place, for a system that all but early adapters and loyalists see as dead in the water, well... It is not for most people!

        Sorry for the long post and no offense is meant in any of it toward you!

    • Mark

      You should probably actually buy some games for your Vita then.

    • Boospengi

       "one more nail in the coffin for 3DS and PSVITA." How many million times have I read that before? The 3DS had a horrendous launch but is the most popular handheld of all time, so there is absolutely no way it can die off at this point. And really? You think a game on the app store is going to hurt the 3DS? Eventually, it'll just be sitting at the bottom of the charts, and no one will even remember it's name.

  • palenoue

    I agree with Brad, fantasy games have taken themselves way too seriously.  I've tried many fantasy games but couldn't play them much because they were so depressingly serious.  The gaming industry needs their own version of Terry Pratchett, and a mythos like Discworld

    In closing I'd just like to ask: is there a law or something that demands every other game be fantasy?  Would people be thrown in jail if they came out with three non-fantasy games in a row?  Just saying, getting mighty sick and tired of fantasy.  Serious fantasy doubly so.

    • HelperMonkey

      Army of Darkness Defense. Not so serious.

  • Alexander Law

    This looks great, but knowing the abyss of fremium that their previous title dark meadow fell into, I will have to be weary. If they make the paid version just another freemium game with a booster pack, then that just kills it. Please don't screw this up phosphor.

    • InfectiousRed

      Yep, so many devs kill great games with consumable IAPs now. It sucks.

  • stryver12

    Epicness!! August? We'll see...

  • Relytgninroht

    Looks great! My only reservation is Zynga's involvement. Hopefully it isn't full of IAP- I don't mind there being some, but mandatory IAPs really tick me off. Also hope it isn't freemium...

    • gabriel_ca

      That was pretty much my first thought when I saw Zynga's logo pop up.  Game looks great, but I'm going to have to wait and see how this plays out, otherwise it would be an insta-buy.  Freemium is killing gaming as far as I'm concerned.