In late February, on Leap Day no less, developer Fluttermind released Incoboto [$3.99 (HD)] for the iPad. Fitting, too, as Incoboto is the type of experience that only comes around every so often. It's technically a platform-puzzler, but all the running, jumping, and puzzle solving you end up doing is just a means to experience the dark and moody story of a strange universe where the sun no longer shines. Incoboto is a visual treat and its story and characters are deep and interesting, something many games have trouble implementing on a mobile platform.

We really liked Incoboto in our review, but since it is so heavily reliant on its visuals and style it was one of those games that suffered when Apple released the new iPad a few weeks following the game's release. It has never looked bad, per se, but that high resolution screen was just screaming for support from a game like Incoboto. And over the weekend, that's what we got. A brand new update has added Retina Display support to the game, and it's straight up gorgeous.

Besides the fancy Retina Display support, this latest Incoboto update also incorporates a ton of bug fixes and there's a special surprise waiting for those who manage to collect all 50 of the game's star charts. If you like being transported to fantastic worlds in your video games, Incoboto is one to check out, especially if you're rocking a new iPad thanks to this new update.

  • Eric Bourdon

    A truly fantastic game.  I feel like this game never got the attention it deserved.

    • farnsworth_pro

       Probably because the vast majority of iOS users are not on iPad.

      If Fluttermind wants the cash the game (IMO very well) deserves, they need to hit the wider market. If they can cram it into iPhone/iPod form factor, they will see bigger numbers for sure.

      • GSJ1977

        Yeah, it's hard enough to justify shelling out for an iPhone, but an iPad? iPads are toys for people with lots of money to spend and not a lot to spend it on.

      • Pray For Death

        The 17 million people who bought iPads in the past quarter disagree with you.

      • GSJ1977

        The 6 billion who didn't disagree with you.

      • Ryan Bach

        iPhones cost more than iPads.  A new iPad with 4G is a bit cheaper than an iPhone 4S with 3G.  An iPhone 4 costs more than a wifi-only new iPad or a 3G-equipped iPad 2.  The only way you can get either iPhone for cheaper up front is by signing a contract agreeing to pay around $1500+ over two years for phone service.  As an iPad owner with a $25/month plan for my low-end phone, I beg to differ with your analysis.

      • GSJ1977

        But you can't fit it in your pocket, or make/receive calls, or send/receive texts, and it takes all day to charge. Oh, and it costs more than an Xbox 360 and a PS3 combined. It's an expensive and relatively useless toy. I'm actually quite curious to know why you bought one instead of an iPhone?

      • Ryan Bach

        I never said iPads were cheap, or not luxury items.  I said iPhones were *even more expensive* so your comment didn't make sense.

        I bought an iPad because I wanted an iOS device, and an iPhone would cost more for shittier hardware.  I already have an Android phone, with a rate plan that costs a tiny fraction what I would pay for iPhone service on a major carrier.  

        I don't see how an iPad is a 'useless toy'.  It can do virtually any productive task I would use any other digital device for.  It's a lot cheaper than the laptop I would use in its place as a portable machine.

      • SirGawaine

        I agree. It's too bad I won't be able to play it without an iPad. I absolutely love the graphics of this game!

      • Dene Carter

        You're absolutely correct - I'd get a lot more money selling Inco on the iPod/iPhone. Unfortunately, the main character is tiny on the iPad. Each time I've tried cramming it onto an iPod/iPhone screen I've seen Inco shrink to the size that... probably isn't acceptable. 

        Add to that the fact that the spaces between things in this universe are as important as the sizes of things, and you realise that there's a really nasty balancing act to be done (between zooming in and seeing the space around you) in order to not make the experience suck... thus damaging the brand, and raising the ire of the non-iPad crowd.

        That said - if I'm struck by a moment of genius, and can solve all this, I will still do it.

  • ImJPaul

    Thanks for the tip. Buying the new iPad on Friday. Will definitely be picking this one up.

  • mcorleonep

    I've been on the fence about this one since I got my new iPad on launch day (my first iPad) but hesitated since it didn't support retina display yet.  Now me thinks I'll be picking this one up.  :o)

  • Mr. Gamer

    This is truly my Alltime favorite game.