Well, this is cool. Super Stickman Golf 2 is a real thing, and it's coming "later this year" to iPhone and iPad, creator Noodlecake studios has revealed on our message board.

According to the post, Stickman Golf 2 will have "all the classic features and modes you know and love," as well as some pretty exciting additions. New maps, power-ups, hazards, and collectibles will be part of the package. A new puzzle mode will be introduced, too, ushering in some scenario-based content for advanced players. Oh -- and asynchronous play has been confirmed.

We've got some screens of the new game below this text stuff, so check them out. You can also check out the original Super Stickman Golf [Free], which is beloved by our community and staff, right now for the price of $0.

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    Super Stickman Golf is the best golf game ever, so this will be a day one purchase for sure. But I hope it still has the fun live, race to finish the hole, multiplayer too, not just async.

    • swarmster

      Fully agreed. Best golf game ever. Insta-buy.

    • Flare_TM

       Meh, golf should be about strategy and careful play, not a messy rush to the finish, so asynch news is brilliant

      • Lyndell

        It would be nice to have two modes. Because I love how they flipped the game play of golf to a "get it there the fastest" style, but it would be nice if I was playing with the fiancée to have a more relaxed game. But this is my favorite iOS multiplayer game.

  • http://twitter.com/NOVAinc Lucas

    There was a time where I used to play this all day long with a friend of mine... we eventually got bored of playing the same levels and deleted the game, they added new courses now but I have to play through the whole game to get those and I don't feel like doing it.. this will be my chance to get new levels as well as new features. Looking forward to it!

    • swarmster

      It sure would be nice to see iCloud support!

      (Which would have saved your progress indefinitely, besides just allowing progress syncing between devices.)

      • http://twitter.com/NOVAinc Lucas

        Well yeah, I now remember another issue I had with the game was that I needed to beat it both on my iPad and iPod touch in order to unlock the power ups and have fair multiplayer sessions

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    I see in the thread that yes it will still have the live multiplayer, and that improved. Yeah!

  • Birdie31

    I killed so much time playing Super stickman golf.. im sure I'll pick this one up as well.

  • menom

    Excellent - was wondering why no SSG 2

    The buy will be insta