Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I spent some time with the first episode of The Walking Dead: The Game. For those of you living under rocks, The Walking Dead: The Game is the first of five episodic adventure games set in Robert Kirkman's moody universe. You play as Lee. He's a man with a secret who finds himself struggling to survive as the initial zombie outbreak sweeps the lower US. As he travels, he is forced to work with people in order to live. Will Lee tell people what he did? Who will he save when it comes down to it? These are the puzzles The Walking Dead ask you to solve.

You can catch your first glimpse of the game just below. On a technical level, this thing operates like a dream on new iPad. Also, it's a pretty rad game as a whole. Give it a look if you're curious.

The game will hit the US at some point tonight at $4.99, by the way. Future games in the series can be purchased from within the the app at $4.99 a piece or you can pre-order them all for $14.99.

  • yocdub

    O h m y g o d

    • yocdub

      It's oh my god

    • undrscrl


  • http://twitter.com/kurosov Anthony Marsh

    So is the game the same version that's available for desktop? i was going to pick it up on steam the other day but it might be more fun to play on iPad.

    • Words of Ivory

      Yes, it's exactly the same game.

  • zergslayer69

    Definitely get it for iPad. Point and click games are meant to be played on the iPad. The way it's meant to be played! (not endorsed by nvidia)

  • wesley baron

    Played the XBLA game three times-- there really is an illusion of choice. I tried to be super evil/jerky in one and super nice in another and made all the choices I hadnt made in the first two playthroughs and very little actually changed.

    Spoiler: I loved the feeling of desperation by trying to keep Herschel happy, but the story moved on despite every decision. Ultimately the only thing that changed in episode 1 was one of two tertiary players died. Thats it.Β 

    • Noah

      Spoiler. WTF?!

    • xXHardKoreXx

      There's not much impact in the first episode alone but your choices in episode one affect episodes 2-5...that's when it gets tricky.

  • tim240

    Controls look better in the IOS devices IMO. Tapping instead of mashing a button seems much more fun.

  • Andy Tashiro

    Why is this version visibly MUCH WORSE and performing slower than the preview build seen here, being played 2 months ago?


    You can tell straight from the start just by looking at the lack of ANY of the roadside trees, and detail in the surrounds.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Honza-Marek/1488198118 Honza Marek

    Best game for iOS :)))))))))) I love that game

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000550362553 Klas Segeljakt

    This game has more depth than Skyrim.

    • RunnyGnome

      This was already said above, but I'll say it again down here. The choices are an illusion. It may look deep, but really its about as deep as a kiddy pool. Maybe the choices will mean something in later episodes but with the first two the only choices that effect the game the the ones involving "Who ya gonna save?" moments.

      • speeed

        Stop ruining
        The spoilers for everyone else

      • RunnyGnome

        Uh... Was there a spoiler in my comment? I didn't see one.

      • Blammo72

        Maybe your attitude is more of a problem than the Spoilers πŸ˜‰ I keed, I keed

      • Noah

        The last sentence. I have to choose to save someone? Awesome. Thanks for ruining the build up for me. Seriously. F. You.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000144975002 Rafael Palma

        Just chill dude

      • RunnyGnome

        Noah, this is a telltale game set in a zombie universe. Of course there would be something like that in it. I mean, thats like saying "You just spoiled Call of Duty for me by telling me that I'm going to be shooting at stuff in it".

  • KoRoV

    Any one stuck at part when zombies atack drugs store, and girl gives you a stick for blocking the doors, and Lee should take it, but you keep clicking on stick, and nothing happens? Im on iphone 4.

    • KoRoV

      Lol if i turn my device on the other side then it works, but again if you wona save one person it dont register my touch, and if you save second person it works, but after thats zombi grabes the girl and you have to kick him and AGAIN game dont register my touch, and girl dies and then its game over :/ but till that part game worked perfectly :/ must be some bug or something :/

    • DecafTable

      More spoilers, thanks...

  • agentblank

    How long is this?

  • Fawks

    I now this is going to crash a ton on iPod 4g, but honestly... I can't resist.

  • Ryan Gill

    Maybe don't read the comments on the impressions post if you're looking to avoid spoilers? I suppose people could be typing "spoilers!" first, but we're all (I assume) adults here. You click on a comments section like this, you know the risk.