Robot Entertainment has released some hip new images of Hero Academy's newest army, the Team Fortress 2 "heroic" team. The game's blog breaks down specifically what they can do, but we're guessing that you probably already have a decent idea. Word is, Team Fortress 2 is kind of a popular video game.

If you're not in the loop, this is a PC-exclusive army that will launch alongside the game's upcoming release on that platform. If you get the PC version, however, you will be able to use these guys on iPad and iPhone. Also, anything you purchased on iPhone or iPad will automatically be unlocked on your PC version of the game.

Today's release of images also comes with a cool announcement: a new playing field will be introduced to the PC version of the game. It's called "Well," and yep, it's inspired by Team Fortress 2 as well. A screen of this level is available below.

Also of note: buying Hero Academy armies in the PC version will unlock cosmetic stuff in your copy of Team Fortress 2.

Hero Academy on PC launches this August 8. The Universal version of the game for mobile launched in January this year. People still love it, and we dug it, too.

  • SomeRandomJerk

    From now on, every time someone announces TF2 stuff, Im just going to go to their studio and commit arson. Every press release will start with them typing "We are happy to announce......" followed by screams and panicked cries for help. So dont do it people, dont do it!

    • Lord Venom

      Oh great, not another one of those things where someone talks about something and it's actually happening somewhere else at the same time...

      "If some announces TF2 stuff"
      Valve announced Meet The Pyro vid

      "I will go to their studio and commit arson
      The M.T.P. vid is the pyro going into an enemy base and burning it to the ground

      "following by screams and cries for help"
      While the Pyro's rampage, the enemy is on fire and screaming, The Sniper falls out of a window and asks "his teammate" for help, only to scream when his face meets fire, because it was the Pyro

      You sound like you actually play TF2, cos you basically said what the Pyro does by accident

  • Mark Perkins


  • Michael Smith

    I've never played team fortress, nor do I care about it, but if the PC version is decently priced, I might pick it up just to get the new team unlocked for play on my iPad. Hero Academy is great fun, definitely my favorite asynchronous multiplayer game, so a new team is always welcome. I couldn't care less if it's based on some franchise that I... well... couldn't care less about. heh.

    • countermind

      Yeah, that seems to be the common consensus with everyone I've chatted with in game as well.

  • Noah

    I can't wait to give them more money!!

  • jibbyjackjoe

    I'm happy more people are going to be exposed to Hero Academy. I too couldn't care less about TF2 nor this new team. The map will be fun. If its less than $5, I will get it.

  • Akiratech

    Really feel like if there isn't a Mac version gtho my two ¢

  • bleeps

    The cross platform DLC access is a big deal, no? Does any other game currently do this?

    • Flare_TM

       Great Big War Game

  • 0xFADE

    I do love the content sharing that valve does with other games.