If you can't tell by now, we've been really excited for Subatomic Studios' Fieldrunners 2 [$2.99] for quite a long time now. This morning, Brad and I took a quick look at it, but we've been following it for a long time, even talking to the developers about the game.

It's finally out now for the iPhone and iPod touch, an iPad version is scheduled for a future release. People in our forums are having a great time with the game, but if you want to hold on for our full review, that's cool. It'll be coming very soon.

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  • Joltrabbit

    I liked the original (played on a PSP), but I faded on it after a month. This is a buy, but I may wait for reviews to get it this week.

  • AlecShobin

    I'm unsuccessfully looking for an awwwyeaaah.jpg where I've photoshopped my own face into the image. One day I will find that, share it here, and you will all know how excited I am to finally see our game out in the App Store!

  • AlecShobin

    The team is thrilled to finally see this out in the App Store 🙂 Big thanks for all your support! If you guys have any questions about the game, I'll answer them as best I can. 

    • Sojourn

      I know a number of people have been asking whether the iPad version will be Universal, and when we can expect to see it. I know I'm hesitant to purchase it on iPhone, because I really just want to play it on iPad. It almost feels like staying spoiler-free if I wait for the iPad version. 🙂

      • Sojourn

        I just saw your comment in the forum thread, which addressed a lot of what I asked here (not planned to be Universal, not sure if it will include the same or new content, not sure on a price or release date yet).

        I appreciate your involvement in the community here, and the answers you're providing for all of us! This particular set of answers, however, made it sound as though the iPad Version still has a long way to go before completion. My understanding from TouchArcade's original coverage of the game was that the iPhone version would be quickly followed by the iPad version, but it sounds like you guys still aren't quite sure what the iPad version is going to be -- not that you just need another week or two to polish up the game. Would you mind providing some clarity around that?

      • AlecShobin

        That's pretty much correct. A lot of what we do with the iPad version will be determined by fan feedback from the iPhone version.  If people want a direct port, that won't take as long as if people want 50% more maps, a bunch of new weapons, and/or the addition of other new content.  Fieldrunners for iPad came out a year after Fieldrunners for iPhone, and by that time, we had 4 more levels and local multiplayer ready to go. We don't want to wait a year to release Fieldrunners 2 for iPad, of course, but it seems prudent to get some fan feedback before announcing a launch date. 

        Does that answer your question?  

      • Ivan Ivanov

        That's not an answer at all. Just say the truth - you want to make more money by selling iphone version for ipad users... and after several months - selling an ipad version. Iphone and Ipad screen resolution do not differ that much to be the problem. Updates and iaps could help to add more content in time. You don't respect ipad owners, so at least - be honest and stop that nonsense about feedback and all.

      • Ryan Smith

        Who would give feedback after playing the iphone version saying they want a direct port? Of course they would say more maps, etc

      • Ryan Bach

        As an iPad owner who bought the iPhone version: if you do a simple port with larger resolution and expect us to pay for a separate app, expect a very negative response.  Either patch in Universal support to the current app for a quick iPad-native fix, or wait until you have substantial new content on offer to sell a separate HD edition.

    • drwifflesniffle

      Awesome game.

  • Spudboy

    Thank God the TA app let me know the second it was available to buy.

  • pedroukukuk

    Have you a release date for this on Android as I just got myself the Nexus 7, fantastic piece of kit 🙂

    • drwifflesniffle

      I think Touch Arcade is an iOS gaming site, so I think there are other websites that show the Android release.

  • benjitek

    iPhone & iPad versions should've been launched simultaneously...  If not, then it should be a Universal App... 🙁

    • AlecShobin

      There's been a lot of debate over this issue.  The reason we delayed the iPad version was because we wanted each version of the game to be perfectly customized for each device. This means rerendering artwork and other efforts to make it perfect on the iPad retina display. We could've held the iPhone version back to make a simultaneous launch, but it seemed like we might as well launch each version as it was completed.  Let me know if you have any other questions - happy to share more insights 🙂 Hope you enjoy the game!

      • benjitek

        The differences could've been handled in future updates, but whichever version was ready should've been held for release until the other was complete.  Users should've had the option as to which to purchase at launch, if not, it should've been a universal app.

    • Hamses

      I love that a one-word post elicited such a detailed response. I chuckled.

      • Hamses

        My mistake, the comment is cut off at the ampersand when viewed on the iPhone toucharcade app, so it just reads 'iPhone'. Nevermind!

  • RickyBrooke

    Woke up at 3am to buy this! A must have game for Tower Defense fans.....first impressions are it looks and plays amazing!!!!

    • AlecShobin

      Thank you!

  • Dogs in hats

    Loved the first one, this should be good.

  • HampusOlsson

    I was so looking forward to this game! It's really sad it's only for iPhone, I guess me and a lot of other people just have to wait even longer, if we don't want a crappy resolution app to play with..

    • AlecShobin

      We should have an iPad version done soon. Sorry for the delay! This has been a big sticking point with many iPad owners, but we want to make sure that the game is absolutely perfect for the iPad retina display.  We'll also be incorporating fan feedback on the iPhone version into the iPad version so that's as incredible as can be.  Hope you get a chance to check it out.

      • HampusOlsson

        Good to hear, looking forward to the release! 🙂

      • Maniacfive

        Make that iPad version the best damn iPad version you can, and I shall be happy to wait.

        I suppose I shall just have to suppress my sense of entitlement and stop yelling 'BUT I WANT MY IPAD VERSION NOOOOOOOOOW! At the top of my lungs.

        I'm still totally gonna hold my breath till you release it though.

  • zebedee

    No universal. No iPad. No buy.


    • swarmster

      I have to agree, actually.

      Rather than try to decide whether I want to play on my iPhone or who-knows-when on my iPad (and it's definitely either-or since there's no iCloud support), I'm more likely to just forget about this and play something else. Missed opportunity.

      • AlecShobin

        Actually, we are adding cross platform iCloud support so you can transfer game saves from iPhone to iPad. It may not be universal, but it'll definitely make the experience very good. Thanks for your feedback! We want to make everyone happy, and we'll incorporate suggestions into our future games launches.

    • jetsnguns

      Playing on iPad 3 and not suffering at all from x2 mode which still displays stuning graphisms. I would personnaly prefer new additions to current iPhone game (new levels, new towers) since i don't really see any reason for a dedicated iPad release. As i said, the game does not suffer at all from x2. So why bother ? This new chapter is pure gold 🙂

    • http://profiles.google.com/fleshman1992 Laszlo Tuss

      I just write something like that to Tiny Wings, and anyone freaked out how poor i am or sthg like that.

  • pedroukukuk

    When is this coming to Android..... Pretty please......

    • AlecShobin

      Looking for experienced Android devs to help us with the port now. If you know anyone interested in doing this for us, send them our way 🙂

  • jetsnguns

    Is a psvita version something which is likely to hit pstore ? Psvita lacks good games and fieldrunners 2 could be good addition 🙂

    • AlecShobin

      We're considering it. We will have more info about non-iOS platforms after those versions are out. Thanks for your input! The more people that ask for ports, the more likely they will be to happen.

  • JollyPostman

    No iPad version? Money grabbers. Of course the original game came out on iPad a year after release, the frickin iPad came out a year and a half after the original games release? Very disappointed, I will not be buying this game out of principle. How dare you treat your customers like this when we have backed you! Only made an account on here because I am so frustrated.

    • AlecShobin

      Sorry to hear you feel that way, I apologize for the inconvenience. We're working on getting the iPad version out as soon as possible, but up rezzing assets (they are all 2D) and adding new features will take some time.  The good news is that both versions will have iCloud support, so you can transfer your data across the two different platforms.

      Again, we really didn't mean to upset folks. Once the iPhone version was complete, it seemed silly to hold back until the iPad version was also ready - maybe that was a mistake. Regardless, we're taking all feedback into account and will make the necessary improvements in the future. Thanks for sharing!

      • Ryan Bach

        People aren't angry because of the delay.  They're angry because the delay, coupled with the fact that it will be two separate paid apps and not a single universal app, means us iPad owners feel coerced into paying for the game twice if we want to be part of the game's launch.  I'll withhold my judgment until you announce specific plans for the iPad version, but if you expect me to pay you again for the same game with higher resolution art assets, you will never have my business again.

    • Augustus A

      This post comes across as satirical. It hits all the right notes of the classic  underage self righteous, self entitled gamer. I think the TouchArcade comments needs a 'bury' button more than it needs a 'like' button.

      • JollyPostman

        What are you talking about? I am a consumer, I pay for apps. it is more beneficial for me to say what myself and others are feeling and explain it then to argue with people's opinions and suggest that they are wrong.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Glidewell/100000212448298 James Glidewell

        Well, I feel the same way. I have spent several hundred dollars on apps over the past few years. I bought FR for my iPod touch, liked it, but never bought the iPad version. I generally don't buy games anymore unless they are universal, so I guess Subatomic won't see any more of my money. Their choice. I do view all the posturing about dealing with offering a universal app to be a smokescreen - as it see it, the primary reason is to make people pay twice for the same app.

  • maxb1122

    Why don't you du a fu©k!ng universal app. We don't want to pay two time for the same things. It's like if I had to buy a Bluray for each screens I want to play it on. It's just dumb and unrespectful for your clients. We pay for the content, not the container. Won't buy unless you specify that it will be universal.

    • AlecShobin

      I'm sorry you feel that way, but I honestly appreciate your feedback. We didn't anticipate any issues with launching this way - our thoughts were that we've got a small team and we wanted to make the game absolutely perfect for each device, so we decided to launch one device at a time.  If people feel this is disrespectful, we apologize.  We will incorporate your feedback into our future releases to make sure we deliver exactly what you're looking for. Regardless, Fieldrunnres 2 is a very fun game and I hope you take the time to play it 🙂

  • Clyndon

    Well, I'm disappointed too, because of the lack of a universal release or an iPad version at launch. But come on people, no one is forcing you to buy the game right now and again when it's ready for iPad. As far as I know we all share one thing: a free will. So yah, sucks big time but I can wait.

    • maxb1122

      I don't care waiting a bit longer for the game to be released for iPad. But I don't want to pay two times for the same thing. It feels obvious for me that if I buy a song, I can listen to it on my iPhone and iPad without any other fees. Why can't it be the same for a game?

      In addition, i'm sure that the iPad version, when released, will be about 3x more expensive, because, I don't know, they want more money or something. It's the same game. If they are serious about making games, they designed it for the larger screens anyway. There shouldn't be a lot of difference between the two of them.

      A universal app would be the best scenario. It's OK if we have to wait for it. I'd be OK to pay a bit more for a universal app. But paying a lot more for an ipad version, plus the price for the iPhone version (and not being sure if they would be any kind of communication between the two) just made me plain angry. I'm not feeling respected. My cash is being milked straight out of my wallet.

      I just won't buy it, hoping it will have any impact on them and make them see the light, but I'm pretty sure they simply don't care.

      • Tuzzo

        I am no programmer so I could be totally wrong, but universal app doesn't mean they only have to make assets one time and the scaling between iPhone and iPad will be automagically made by the device. The universal app means the assets for BOTH the iPhone and the iPad are in the very same app.

        To make a universal app or two distinct apps is a choice, but the developer has to create the assets for BOTH the platform, they aren't just the same! Otherwise there would be no difference between an iPad app and an iPhone app running in 2x on the iPad.

        Many developers chose to make a universal app, which also means working on 1 and a half game and getting paid for just one. Other developers walk the way of separate apps and usually put some extras in the iPad version so that the customers don't feel they are paying more or twice for the SAME app.
        It's not the same anyway, because assets have been worked on for the iPad version. The cost of an app is also meant to repay the publisher for their work and there's work involved in creating, up rezzing or modifying assets for the iPad.
        That's what Alec's been trying to explain here.
        They don't want to get paid twice for the same piece of work; making the assets for the iPad REQUIRES some work, but they also want to give us something to compensate for the delay and the "extra" cost.

        The people who still insist on "I pay the content not the media", you guys are OT, unless we want to discuss why I have to pay for both the DVD and the BluRay version of a movie; the movie is the same, the BD is just at a higher resolution so why pay twice?
        Or why do I have to pay twice if I buy 2 copies of the same album?

        You pay THAT SPECIFIC SINGLE version of the content.

        Don't like this system? Ok, find a way to throw down the way content rights and media distribution are handled on the planet and instate yours. If you come up with a brilliant idea, you might even win a Nobel prize...

        Alex and his team are WORKING. It's just ethical that we pay for their work if we youse their product.
        Not happy with this? Move along.

    • Hamses

      It's possible that these marketing tactics will backfire by encouraging iPad users to seek out and install a pirated copy of the iphone version of the game and play that until they are able to purchase and play a legitimate copy of the iPad version of the game, justifying the behavior as fair given they will be paying for the same game later.

      • Maniacfive

        Or perhaps iPad owners will, you know, wait.

        People are so impatient these days!

  • Paps Shenanigan

    I am shocked how much bitching is going on over a $3 game. It's $3. For the time these Devs put into crafting a great game, you want to bitch about $3. Then maybe another $3 or $4 for the iPad version. Just shut up and don't buy it if you can't afford the gratification you can show these Devs for their hard work. No universal? So what, their choice. Pay for it or don't, but don't assume they're money grubbers or lazy or whatever reason they decided not to please you. At least they have the concern of what people think and will adapt to that - but for now, shut up and stop complaining.

    Great game by the way.

    • AlecShobin

      Thank you 🙂 Glad you liked it!

      We're doing our best to please everyone, and even though some suggestions here disapprove of our approach, we'll incorporate all feedback into future titles so that we can give all our fans the best experience possible!

    • inteliboy

      Seriously. Are people really bitching about $3? It's a real shame, especially that the developer is here to chat to and answer questions - though instead is presented with a wall of whining self-entitled tossers. Pretty disrespectful and the kind of nonsense that turns game makers away form getting involved with the game community.

      Believe it or not it does take extra time to create a version for iPad, and plus the bigger screen gives the option of a more intricate UI and detailed gameplay - which is what it sounds like they're are aiming for. Even if it is a revenue strategy, who cares, they do this for a living, to you know, earn money and pay the bills.

    • Ivan Ivanov

      You are presenting this upside down.
      It's not about money. It's about absolute absense of Ipad version. And about all that nonsense excuses like "time to resize assets" or "feedback". The last - most ridiculous one.

      • Hamses

        Definitely not the best idea for the publisher/dev to come in and parade about the toucharcade article comments with these flimsy excuses/reasons.

      • Paps Shenanigan

        I see it more as he is taking concern in what people think of his game, and is welcoming discussion on things what people see in HIS game. Do you ever see Gameloft or Zynga take the time to see what people think? You should welcome it, even if his responses are somewhat generalized. He still makes sure everybody's comment is appreciated.

      • Hamses

        Fair enough, I appreciate the outreach. What was a bad idea, thought, was to have done that without having a better answer to why they didnt release a universal version than 'waiting for feedback' and 'to make more maps'. He had to have known those questions were coming.

      • Paps Shenanigan


  • JollyPostman

    Paps is getting angry. I'm most annoyed that they are making silly excuses. If they said "look guys it cost us a lot of time and money to develop it so we are releasing the app at a later date to raise more funds" then fair enough but they are not answering questions and making excuses like "the original game came out for iPad a year after initial release" when the iPad came out a year and a half after the initial release. I do have free will and that is why I'm writing this on here and not buying the game! Simple. It's good to question things and not just accept poor customer service.

    • Playpunk

      Well, I'm glad yr having a good time bitching, I, meanwhile, am having a blast playing fieldrunners 2 on my ipad2 at 2x the resolution and you know what? It's twice as good as the original and worth every penny! That's my 2 cents!

  • drloony

    I'm also upset. I have no problem buying 2 versions of a game for iPhone and iPad when they are released simultaneously. I feel the the choice is mine and I'm supporting devs who make good games. By staggering the release of this game for different platforms just seems wrong to me, this game went from must have for me to must not.

  • arnoldc

    I am not a fan of Universal app anymore as it makes the game so much bigger, especially with iPad3 new retina display. As a mobile gaming player, I am happy with that.

  • Jerrycube

    I personally hate buying the same app for the iPad and iPhone, well to be honest I won't actually buy both. I tend to game much more on the iPad than the iPhone and the iPhone gets used when I'm out and about like in a waiting room or somewhere else where you might be sitting around and waiting. I don't mind paying a little more for a universal however. If the universal app costs a little more but gives the option of playing it on both the iPad and iPhone that's OK in my book and a reasonable compromise which beats paying twice for the same game. The iPhone app could remain the way it stands now but have the option for a universal that costs a little more that people could play on both if they want. Also I don't really care to have the iPad version with extra bells and whistles, having bumped up assets is all I want to exploit the eyecandy.

  • jetsnguns

    I can't believe so many people are complaining about no iPad version yet. x2 mode is simply very nice even on my iPad 3. It's only 3 bucks for a very polished and addictive game with lots of content. And x2 does not disturb the gameplay at all. Any new platform, even if same os requieres additional work, whether you like it or not.

    This is a game for which i would pay 30 bucks if it came to psvita. Again, congrats for this amazing sequel !!!!

    • Ryan Bach

      I agree, for the most part.  If this were designed as an iPhone game, and was never getting an iPad version, it'd be a good game for the price on my iPad anyway.  So, I went ahead and bought the iPhone release.  If the iPad version costs more and doesn't add a lot of substantial content in addition to the higher resolution, then I won't buy it and I'll be annoyed with the developer, but if they take the time to produce substantial new content and use the iPad release as 'Fieldrunners 2.5' or something, I won't have a problem with it.  If they don't want to create new content to go with the iPad version, then they should patch the existing game into a universal app, give existing owners the iPad art assets for free, and use it as a chance to market the game a second time and hype the retina art assets.

    • http://twitter.com/Taruga Taruga

      on iPad 3 it´s ok, but on iPad 2 it's horrible !!!!

  • agentblank

    Everybody calm down because it may only be for iPhone/iPod now, but it can't be too long to wait and besides, this game is amazing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/James-Glidewell/100000212448298 James Glidewell

      I encourage everyone to wait for the iPad version. It will no doubt be amazing - why settle for 2nd best... ( or skip it entirely as I plan to...)

  • Mdouble98

    Looks like the universal app/pricing horse has officially been beaten to death so for the people who care and still plan to buy FR 2 for iPad, let's give the devs feedback they can actually use for future gameplay and maps:

    1, Keep building the large maps w/multiple defense strategies like Mudslide from FR 1. That's where the replay value really comes in since I was able to beat it on Hard using two completely different tower layouts, not to mention Endless mode kept pushing me to "build a better mousetrap". These types of maps are what really shine about this game compared to others.

    2. Great job on the FR 2 maps adding the trenches (w/out making it just another fixed path TD), although I really like ones where the trench ends halfway through the map and then you can filter them into your maze strategy like Ring of Fire (fav map so far). 

    3. Love the new towers, keep new ones coming and throw us another tower slot or two. Good move letting us select the towers for each map rather than being locked in. Really adds to replay since I continually question my tower choices and if there's better ones to select for Endless.

    4. More built-in defenses like the fire plates which also factor into the decision making process on whether or not to try to steer enemies towards them or stick w/your own towers.

    Thanks for caring about the feedback from the users...and putting up w/people crying over 3 bucks.  This is still my favorite TD game and v2 didn't disappoint.  Can't wait for iPad version, I will definitely buy, just like the majority of the people on here threatening to boycott.  A good game is worth the money considering how much garbage is in the app store today and they're charging a lot more $$$.

  • joe lopez

    Please hurry up and port to android this is the first and only tower defense game I can get into