One of my favorite things about the App Store is that unlike the console release cycle which always seems loaded towards the holiday season, you can have totally awesome and highly anticipated sequels hit just on a random Wednesday. Or at least, that's certainly the case with Fieldrunners 2. All of these games should be available at 11:00 PM Eastern, or potentially much earlier if you're in a region that is east of North America.

Fieldrunners 2, $2.99 - Forum Thread - The original Fieldrunners was awesome, we've only had a brief amount of time with the sequel, but we really like what we see so far.

Fishing Superstars, Free - Forum Thread - Do you like Gamevil-style sports games? Do you also love... Fishing? If so, this is the game for you.

Jelly Jumpers, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Another one of those spinning platform single button jumping games, this time, from Chillingo.

Mad Cows, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Multiplayer Angry Birds, eh? Seems like an interesting idea.

Pocket Army, Free - Forum Thread - An online multiplayer side scrolling army battle game, looks pretty cool.

Pocket Minions, 99¢ - Forum Thread - We've had our hands all over this game at various events, and finally this slick tower builder is here.

Sly Fox, 99¢ - Forum Thread - A physics puzzler from Chillingo starring a hungry fox that's equipped with a propeller hat, granting him the ability to fly.

Splash!!!, 99¢ - Forum Thread - Check out the trailer, I'm not sure how to explain the mechanic but it involves a panda, a bubble, and some water. Either way, seems interesting.

Synesthetic, $1.99 - Forum Thread - An incredibly colorful game that uses your own music to generate levels, like an interactive visualizer.

Tentacle Wars, 99¢ - Forum Thread - If you've been waiting for this game on your iPhone since the iPad release and our review, here it is.

Traintiles, 99¢ - Forum Thread - These train track turning puzzle games aren't a new thing on the App Store, but they sure do seem to work well on touch screens.

  • Tyler Piderit

    Pocket Minions looks pretty jawsome! Definitely buying Fieldrunners 2 for sure. Good day to own an iPhone!

    • 1@N


    • Mewoko

      Glance at my review for Pocket Minions down below.

  • 1@N

    Fieldrunners 2!!!!! Pocket minions looks interesting...

  • ManuD

    Isn't Chillingo throwing out at least a game each week ? Is it just me who has noticed this trend !!!

  • ImJPaul

    Yay! More clones of other games, cutsie physics puzzlers and old games that came out on iPad forever ago. <--sarcasm.....fieldrunners 2 looks good. I'll get that. But seriously. iOS needs some more innovative developers. I'm sick of this. And I'll say it for the 20th time if infinity blade dungeons doesn't pop up on this list VERY soon something bad is going to happen on a global level. I'm that serious about my dungeon crawlers.

    • Alex Dantis

      Might I direct your attention towards Synesthetic?

  • regkilla

    Fieldrunners 2 plays so smooth on my iPhone 4. Great game!

  • Deixa

    Same old, same old. Nothing new!

  • Jeff

    Still bummed Fieldrunners 2 isn't universal. 🙁

  •!/Retronaut42 Retronaut42

    Jelly Jumpers kind of seems like a rip of Jump O'Clock.

  • Flan

    Great big war game is coming out tonight too isn't it? Don't think I saw it mentioned

    • 1Fcm

      Its already out. You can buy it now.

  • 1Fcm

    What about 'Shellrazer' and 'Mutant Roadkill'? Really looking forward to those two games.

  • Paul Hopper

    field runners 2 non universal? really guys? welcome to two years ago already.

  • JesusBro

    when the fück is street fighter x tekken coming out!!!!...?
    i alread have my 15 itunes card ready

    • ttocs

      Jesus cusses like a sailor...

      • Akiratech

        And apparently he cüsses in a hybrid German English lol

  • pedroukukuk

    Jelly Jumpers is FREE

  • Mewoko

    I own a few hundred iPhone games and used to be a professional game reviewer and yet I have never taken the time to write a review before. I just wanted to let people know: do NOT buy this game. It costs a dollar to buy it and then still needs more money to buy the in-game Currency that is needed unless you enjoy waiting 30 mins for every action you take after the tutorial. It acts like it is a "freemium" game and yet you also have to buy it.
    This game is absolutely terrible. Read on...

    The controls are messed up and I keep dragging characters instead of selecting them, which does what? Oh, it kills them. Why would they even put that option into the game?

    And you have to wait forever between each action.

    And the tutorial is therefore about half an hour long and painful.

    Also, it appears that there's essentially only one right way to make a tower, because every three floors, certain items need to be built. In other words: No strategy involved. As a side note, the music is also two minutes on a loop.

    The only thing good that can be said about this game is its graphics. Do not waste your money on this attempt at a paid "freemium" game.

    • Mewoko

      (I pasted my review for Pocket Minions)

    • Tyler Piderit

      Thanks for the heads up on this one. The 2 minute loop of music is what kills it for me. Not that I can't turn music off or not, but I shouldn't have to.

  • Optic-9

    Fieldrunners 2 looks really nice and polished, I'm sure it's worth the price but I'm feeling burnt out on the TD genre =/